Lokobase Ripeda: composition, instructions for use, reviews, analogues

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Medicinal Products

As an excellent and highly effective cosmetic for skin regeneration, Lokobase Ripella cream is recommended for use in atopic and irritable skin, as well as with a decrease in the overall tone of the upper layer of the epidermis.Possessing a multitude of positive characteristics, which are especially important for any cream for weakened skin after skin diseases( for example, after eczema, any kind of lichen), this product has a minimal amount of side effects, it is not addictive, since it has a predominantly natural composition.

The area of ​​application of the drug for the weakened skin of Lokobase Ripeda is quite wide, which is due to the predominance of plant components in it.The possibility of using both for adults and children, excellent results after a short time from the time of application, are additional advantages of the drug under consideration.Simple application and rapid absorption into the upper layer of the skin with a pronounced effect, a beneficial effect on the over-dried, wrinkle-prone

skin, excellent reviews - these are just a few of the characteristics that distinguish Lokobaze Ripea cream among the analogues on the market.

Features of the preparation

The specific properties of the preparation for the dry and weakened skin of Locobase Ripa include the well-thought-outness of its composition.After all, it is the active components that are the most important indicator of the efficacy of any cosmetic product, their effect should stimulate the manifestation of only positive dynamics in the treatment of the skin after the skin lesions suffered.

Quickly soaking and leaving no residue on the skin and clothing, Lokobase Ripeda cream can be used both as a daytime remedy and for overnight application. The absence of excessive fat content ensures the preservation of the purity of the skin, prevents the formation of acne and boils on it.Soothing irritated and overly sensitive skin, this drug quickly copes even with neglected conditions, greatly improving the appearance of even mature skin, which is becoming more thin and prone to wrinkles.

Dosage forms

On sale this treatment is presented in the form of a cream( also called ointment), which is used only for external use.The area of ​​his appointment is quite broad, which is due to a balanced and thoughtful composition, the absence of harm to health and a lot of positive manifestations when applied.

The cream is offered on sale in a variety of tubes.Its composition is the same everywhere, the volume is different: 30, 50 and 150 g.

Composition Lokobase Ripeda

Lokobase Ripea has a completely natural composition that ensures the preservation of skin health, prevents the risk of possible side effects with frequent useCream.

The complex of active substances is represented by the following composition:

  • liquid and solid paraffins, in composition as close as possible to human skin, which ensures their best absorption and absorption.With the help of liquid paraffins, a protective coating( the thinnest film) is created on the skin, which does not allow it to be affected by negative environmental factors.Also, it does not allow the moisture to evaporate from the surface of the skin.Solid paraffins cope with the task of matting the skin, transferring excess lipids from its surface to the deeper layers of the skin;
  • soft white paraffin;
  • glycerin, stimulating the entry into the upper layer of the epidermis of moisture, restoring the structure of the skin and making it softer;
  • cholesterol, which is an important component of any skin softening cream.Its composition allows you to quickly absorb into the upper layer of the epidermis, eliminating signs of dryness and skin irritation.This fatty alcohol copes with excessive drying of the skin by preventing excessive evaporation from its upper layers of moisture;
  • ceramides, which play the role of a natural barrier on the skin.Providing for an early improvement of the appearance of the skin, they perfectly cope with the function of restoring the normal water balance;
  • palmitic and oleic acids, which are fatty natural acids, increase the elasticity of the skin, nourishing it and giving it a more youthful and healthy appearance.

This video will tell you about the features of the drug Lokobase Ripeda:


The cost of the drug Lokobase Ridea is relatively low, which allows you to buy a cream for anyone who has problems with the skin condition.The price may range from 280 to 340 rubles per tube of cream( weight 30 g).

In this case, it should be noted the increased cost-effectiveness in the consumption of the drug, which also speaks in favor of the cream in comparison with similar preparations for the skin on sale.

Pharmacological action

Influencing the upper layer of the epidermis, the drug Lokobase Ripeda stimulates regeneration processes that will eliminate as soon as possible unpleasant manifestations such as excessive dryness of the skin, a tendency to wrinkles, excessive exposure to environmental factors.

Thanks to the regular use of the agent in question, it is possible to quickly improve microcirculation in the upper layer of the epidermis of the skin, which will ensure better nutrition to the skin with necessary substances and oxygen, removing slags from its surface.


Penetration into the deep layers of the active components of the preparation is provided by a specially selected composition.Its balance is manifested in a well thought-out formula, on which the degree of the impact of the means depends. By controlling and regulating the water balance, providing an optimum pH level, Lokobase Ripeda cope even with chronic dryness of the skin, increasing its resistance to external influences.

And the absence of harmful to the health in general and the health of the skin in particular components makes the drug especially popular even for those people who have a skin with increased sensitivity, dry and thin, prone to rapid wrinkle formation.


The composition balance determines the degree of skin digestibility of its components.Thus, the lipids that make up the drug are similar in composition to the fats of the skin, which guarantees their rapid penetration into the upper layers and even deeper layers of the epidermis.Glycerides also have a positive effect on the skin, ensuring its softness and maintaining the water balance in the skin.

Thanks to modern technologies, the paraffin nanoparticles included in the preparation contribute to deeper penetration of other active components of the agent into the deeper layers of the skin.


Indications for use of the Lokobeyse Ridea should be considered practical any changes in the skin that are manifested in its thinning, increased dryness, the appearance of premature wrinkles.Also, many skin lesions can be called an indication for the use of the drug.

So, the following situations are considered indications for the regular use of Lokobase Ripa:

  • after the transferred copies of a different character;
  • with atopic dermatitis with manifestations in the form of dryness, itching, flaking;
  • for regular use in dry and sensitive skin;
  • for protection against external adverse effects: high or low temperature, with its drops, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation;
  • for complex treatment in the treatment of atopic and flaccid skin, mature and senile skin.

The above recommendations for use make it possible to quickly and effectively get rid of negative manifestations in the presence of any skin lesions, accompanied by dryness of the epidermis, its peeling and inflammation.

Instruction for use

The use of this preparation is not difficult. Because it does not apply to medicines, its sale in pharmacies is not limited to the availability of a medical prescription. The instruction is simple, does not require special knowledge in medical practice.

To obtain a quick and pronounced effect, Lokobase Ripea cream is applied to cleansed skin without any debris of decorative cosmetics, the layer of application is as thin as possible.The cream does not require rubbing, as it has a high degree of absorption.Apply the cream once a day - this is enough to get the result after about 1-2 weeks from the time of its use.


This tool is not particularly difficult for adults to use.General provisions for use are given above.Restriction may be only increased sensitivity of the skin to a certain component of the cream.

For children

For use in children, especially under 2 years of age, some caution is required: sensitive skin may give off allergic reactions to ointment.In this case, carefully monitor the skin condition.

Frequency of application at the age of less than 2 years can be reduced: apply the drug once every two days, in the absence of negative manifestations can be increased up to 1 time per day.

In pregnancy and lactation

The period of gestation and subsequent lactation also require increased attention when using Lobobasepicea cream.

Absence of penetration of active components into the blood during pregnancy and breast milk excludes the possibility of getting them into the body of a newborn.However, caution should still be exercised when using this remedy during the period under review.


Contraindications include excessive sensitivity of the skin to the components of the product, the appearance on the skin with its use of rash, itching and burning.

Side effects of

When using the drug in case of increased propensity to allergic reactions, the occurrence of side effects is likely.These include:

  • appearance of rashes on the skin;
  • increased degree of peeling;
  • appearance of burning and itching in the areas of application.

Also, the appearance of redness on the skin, particularly sensitive areas, which are manifested by unpleasant sensations when touching them, can be attributed to the side manifestation.

Special instructions

Special instructions include the use of the drug in the presence of open ulcers and lesions in the acute stage on the skin.Then requires increased caution when applying the cream, it should be avoided on the affected areas of the skin.

Interactions with other medications

Lokobase Ripeda Cream has no pronounced interaction with other drugs.Its application in a complex effect on the skin can increase the effectiveness of the therapy, accelerate the manifestation of the therapeutic effect.


The drug Lokobase Ripeda, being one of the most frequently used in the treatment and recovery of the skin after the transfer of many skin diseases with pronounced manifestation of dryness and flaking, has a lot of positive feedback from those who have already applied it in treatment.Users noted a rapid absorption of the drug, the absence of greasy marks on the skin after its use, a minimal and extremely rare manifestation of adverse events, as well as a rapid manifestation of the positive dynamics of treatment.

Many wonder: Which drug is better - Lokobaze Ripeda or Lokobase Lipocream?Depending on the detected disease, as well as the stage of the pathological process in combination with the presence of positive dynamics by a dermatologist, one of these drugs is prescribed.With a relatively uninfected stage of skin lesion, the unaffected skin peeling is most effective, according to reviews, the drug Lokobase Lipocream is considered.However, advanced stages of the disease, which have a strong peeling and itching of the skin as a symptom, the appearance of swelling of the tissues and a large area of ​​affected areas, requires the use of the more effective Lokobeys Runea.

Often, this drug is recommended by the treating dermatologist for manifestations of increased dryness of the skin, with its excessive sensitivity.Also, the cream can be used for everyday use with dry skin, its early fading.


For preparations that have a similar effect on dry and flaky skin, the cream paraffin Arabia, which quickly penetrates into the upper layer of the epidermis and stimulates the normalization of processes in the skin, as well as the Atopra cream restoring the water balance in the skinBy supplying it with the necessary substances and reducing the excretory capacity.

In this video, the girl talks about her experience with the use of Lokobase Ripea ointments and similar preparations for dry skin: