Cream Sicacate: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, composition

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Medicinal Products

Production company Aven( it also created and antitizher), the cream can be rightly considered a medicinal pharmaceutical product due to a high degree of efficiency with external effects on the skin.Its balanced composition provides good recovery rates even in advanced stages of pathological processes.

Features of the preparation

Available in the form of a cream for external use, Sicalat is easy to use.The composition of the drug is balanced, the side effects are minimal.

Dosage Forms

Sicatal in the form of a cream for external use, which is packaged in polymeric convenient tubes and packaged in cardboard boxes.The volume of packaging means - 40 g, a convenient form of release allows you to fully use the cream.

Homogeneous consistency, quick absorption and soft skin are considered important advantages in the use of Sicalfate cream.The cream is easy to apply, is not too greasy, because it can be used immediately before bedtime without the fear of staining the bed and underwear.

Composition of Siccalate

The components of the cream have a restoring effect, moisturizing the skin and deeply cleansing it.The drying effect of zinc oxide makes it possible to exclude a negative reaction during long-term inflammation.

The preparation contains the following components:

  • zinc oxide;
  • copper sulfate;
  • thermal water;
  • beeswax;
  • glycerin.

The light aroma of medicinal plants makes the process of applying the product to the skin especially pleasant.

How this cream helps the sun, in this video the girl will tell from her own experience:


The price varies depending on the seller's company from 500 to 900 rubles per package.

Pharmacological action

Effects on the affected skin active components of the drug occurs at the time of application of the cream. Quickly absorbed, it begins to show its medicinal qualities, penetrating into the upper layer of the epidermis, stopping the process of inflammation and inhibiting the pathogenic microflora. The lightness of the consistency of the cream, the uniformity and the optimal composition provide good healing qualities in a variety of skin lesions.

Stimulating skin immunity, the preparation Sicalfat ensures the destruction of pathogenic microflora, from the inside moisturizing the skin, stopping the negative processes in it.The presence in the cream of components actively cleansing the epidermis from dead cells, allows you to quickly improve its condition.


With its high penetration ability in the upper layer of the epidermis, Sicalphate cream provides the fastest and most active regenerative effect of the skin.At the same time, a protective layer is created protecting the damaged skin from interaction with the environment, and it makes it possible to heal damage without scarring, which manifests itself as a pronounced cosmetic defect.

The modern formula with the latest advances in cosmetology and pharmaceutics is the basis for the high performance of the cream in relation to mechanical damage, small epidermal herbs, skin rashes and acne.


The process of drug exposure begins with the application of the cream, due to the rapid penetration of the active substance into the skin.Splitting it into constituent components creates a basis for rapidity of impact.The same mechanism is also observed in the removal of residual particles of the drug: the compound components are absorbed in the kidneys and excreted in the urine.

Accumulation of the active substance in the skin is not noted, therefore, it can be applied for a long time without fear of the appearance of negative reactions from the body.


Indications for the use of Sicalfate cream should be considered such lesions of the skin, which are accompanied by increased sensitivity and tenderness of the epidermis, the appearance on it of places with pronounced flushing, insect bites.Also, the cream showed excellent results in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • mechanical skin damage;
  • after surgical intervention, when it is required to accelerate the healing process;
  • in the formation of postoperative and keloid scars;
  • solar and thermal burns of low intensity;
  • cracks in the corners of the lips;
  • dermatitis - diaper and atopic.

With increased risk of infection in areas with a damaged dermis with rosacea, Sicalfate is also prescribed. Positive dynamics is noted already through the first 2-3 applications: the epidermis surface is leveled, cracks and damages are tightened, the entire healing process is as quick as possible.

Instruction for use

The use of the preparation is simple.Ointment when applied to the skin does not require rubbing, soaking up quickly and without visible traces, the preparation has a pronounced restorative effect even with considerable areas of damage.The application of fixative bandages, as well as dressings to increase the degree of absorbency, is not required.


The application of Siccalate cream is simple for adults.

  • On clean skin with damaged areas, use gentle movements and apply the product without rubbing it.
  • Leave for a few minutes until completely absorbed.

Dosage for adults is 3-5 times a day.The duration depends on the positive result obtained and is on average 1-4 weeks.

For children and newborns

In childhood, the use of the product requires increased caution: with increased susceptibility, the baby's skin, and especially during the newborn period, may exhibit allergic reactions.For children, the dosage of use is 1-3 applications during the day.Duration of application - from 1 to 3 weeks, during use, you should monitor the condition of the treated skin for allergic manifestations.

In pregnancy and lactation

Since the active substance of the cream does not penetrate the placental barrier and into breast milk, the use of Sicalfate cream during the period of bearing and breastfeeding is allowed.


  • Contraindications for the use of the drug include the increased sensitivity of the skin to any component of the cream, as well as the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  • In the presence of kidney or liver failure, or with deep extensive wounds and skin ulcers with profuse purulent exudate, you should consult a dermatologist first, who will recommend the optimal method of application of the drug.

Special instructions

  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water, avoiding irritation of the mucosa.
  • No cases of a cream overdose of Sicalphate have been reported.
  • The product must be stored away from exposure to sunlight, without access to children and animals.

Interaction with other medicines and alcohol

  • When used in other medicines for the treatment of skin, the effectiveness of the cream is not reduced.
  • Alcohol does not significantly affect the absorption of the active component of the cream into the skin, however, it is recommended that you do not consume it during the entire period of Sicalfate cream application.


Positive feedback from those who have already used this remedy for the treatment of skin lesions are based on a good dynamics of the treatment process in a short time since the beginning of its application.Buyers note the relatively low cost of the cream, if there are many positive qualities that can be considered one of the most frequently purchased products for external use.

With minimal amount of contraindications to use and side effects, and also due to ease of use, Sicalfate cream among analogues is in high demand among customers.


External preparations for the treatment of skin lesions include Bepanten ointment, Ambulance and Rescuer.Their cost is slightly lower than the price of the drug in question( 190-210 rubles per tube, 140-165 rubles and 85-110 rubles, respectively).

Your opinion about the use of such a tool as cream. Aven Sicalfate, restoring the integrity of the skin, gives the girl in the video below: