Scabies of "cleanliness": causes, complications, symptoms, folk methods of treatment

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Skin Parasites

Scabies of "cleanliness", which has another name - "incognito" - is one of the forms of scabious dermatitis, the development of which provokes a subcutaneous parasite Sarcoptes scabies - arachnid female of itch itching.

Today we will tell you about the symptoms and complications of scabies of cleanliness( incognito), the first signs in children and adults, we will look at the photos of the disease, we will also tell how the diagnosis and treatment of such scabies occur.

Features of the ailment

Pathology is symptomatic as a typical form, but all signs are less pronounced.The number of tick-borne channels is minimal, the degree of manifestation of rashes, scratching is not high, the intensity of the itching is not too strong.
The main difference from other types of pathology is that the latent form is found in the following conditions:

  • in people clean, respecting hygiene standards, but with weak immune protection;
  • in patients with high immunity resistance to the invasion of foreign microorganisms
    and increased cleanliness( as an additional factor).

Scabies "incognito" or scabies "clean"( photo)

Scabies incognito photos


The stage of primary infection lasts from 2 to 14 days, but the latent course of scabies often lasts several months with regular andRepeated rinsing of mites and frequent change of linen.

The person removes a part of parasites by itching soap, gels, water and a washcloth, while other ticks involuntarily cause them to penetrate deeper into the skin, hiding in the itch channels under the stratum corneum.In this case, the pathology does not pass, but periodically resumes in the form of relapses.

Causes of scabies of "clean"

Scabies "incognito" arise:

  • in case of an error in the diagnosis and long use of cutaneous hormonal ointments that mask external manifestations and soften itching;
  • with constant removal of mites from the skin and a high protective reaction of the organism to the pathogen, which is why the allergic reaction in the form of itching to tick-borne toxins( saliva, excrement, oral and glandular secret) does not appear;
  • with weakened immune defense against antibiotic therapy, long psychological stress and regular washout of parasites from the skin.Adult patients often belong to people who often take a shower as needed - because of the requirements of the profession( car mechanics, athletes, casting workers, welding, forging shops, active manual workers).
  • Scabies "incognito" can affect children, when parents carefully monitor the child, often bathe him and do not notice some scratching and itching, writing off these symptoms for skin allergies.

When thoroughly washed with a washcloth, many ticks and larvae are removed together with water.This limits the development of scabies and the formation of new tick movements.For this reason, a person infected with a mite for a long time does not react to skin changes, taking them for mosquito bites, allergies or irritation from chemicals.In such a situation, the patient is an involuntary source of the spread of the scabies epidemics in the transmission of the pathogen in the following cases:

  • with bodily contacts, handshakes;
  • when wearing someone else's clothes, while taking care of a sick person;
  • for the transfer of books, toys, use of general linen, towels.

New cases of infection are observed, as a rule, in workers, educational and sports collectives, in families.Especially often this happens in people associated with intimate affinity, or when parents take children to bed( and the itch mite is activated at night).

How to begin with children and how it appears and looks like scabies of cleanliness in an adult, we'll tell you below.


Baseline Symptoms

Scabies incognito The underlying signs of latent scabies in patients are expressed minimally.

  • faint skin itch, developing at night , when the female zudna is particularly active.Larvae and eggs, lying in the tick travel, need oxygen.Eggs produce a special toxin that causes severe itching, because of which a person itches, tearing off the skin and thus opening up oxygen to the tick-duct.
  • single unobtrusive itch moves - whitish and gray, similar to dirty scratches up to 20 mm in length, sinuous or straight, slightly protruding under the skin.Tick ​​channels, which gnaw through the female zudna, are not always found, but their detection is a reliable sign of scabies.
  • follicular papules ( nodules in hair bulbs), a small amount of small bloody crusts on the abdomen around the navel, chest;
  • inflammation in the area of ​​single scratching is irritated, but skin lesions are poorly expressed;
  • because of frequent hand washing extremely rare lesion of the skin mite between the fingers and the side of the palms, which, first of all, is noticeable in the usual scabies;
  • skin manifestations look similar to the symptoms of dermatitis, hives.

Exterior features are notable for their variety.

These can be pustules( pustules), papules( dense red nodules), vesicles( vesicles with exudate), scratching.In the place of the itch channel, cracks, crusts, and lesions are formed.

The highest prevalence of

The highest prevalence over a long period is revealed:

  • in the wrist area;
  • in the intervals between the fingers, on their lateral surfaces and on the edges of the palms( but unlike other kinds of scabies - lastly - because of washing hands);
  • on the skin of genitalia, buttocks and anal region;
  • in the area between the shoulder blades and around the navel;
  • around the nipples of the mammary glands, in the armpits;
  • in the folds of the hands, popliteal cavities, on the inner surface of the thigh, at the sides of the feet.

A typical scabies with no lesions of hands, in fact, does not occur.This is possible with hidden scabies, if the patient often washes his hands with soap during the day, and the itching has not yet reached the subcutaneous canals to the fingers( especially when sexually transmitted infection).

The danger of a latent form of the disease is that a correct diagnosis is rarely made in the first months because of the slow development of scabies( when itching is not yet observed on the fingers). In this case, combs on the legs, the body is taken for allergies and insect bites.The true cause of pruritus is often established after repeated complaints of the patient, when the mite affects most of the typical sites.

Next, the diagnosis of scabies in the home and laboratory.

In all details about the symptoms of scabies will tell this video:


Basic methods

Timely diagnosis depends on the professional ability of the dermatologist to detect tick-borne canals.
Diagnosis of scabies "cleanliness" is based:

  • on the data of the examination of the patient and family members living with him;
  • on the results of laboratory studies.

Important signs for diagnosis:

  • appearance of itching, aggravating by night;
  • is a specific skin rash in a variety of forms;
  • combing;
  • Detection of itching rashes from several people living together in the family or people who often communicate in a close collective.

If a suspected scabies is suspected in a child against a background of good care and frequent bathing, the following should be considered:

  • atypical mite lesions specific for children - face, neck, scalp, back, feet, marigold;
  • rapid destruction of tick-borne canals when babies itch;
  • presence of additional rashes, red spots, scratching for allergies, eczema, children's diathesis, which mask the rash from scabies.

When examining children of school age, they reveal:

  • is a Gorchakov-Ardi symptom that manifests itself in a bubble red rash on elbows covered with crusts from combs;
  • symptom Michaelis, wherein the observed ulcers, crusts with dried blood in the field of deep scratching, coarse crust covered with pus in the sacrum and at the crease between the buttocks, sacrum;
  • Symptom Cesary, manifested in the palpation of tick-borne channels in the form of light elevations when carrying along the lines of moves with your finger.

Laboratory Techniques

Scabies incognito photos To identify promotion channels mites used:

  1. method of staining - rubbing the skin in suspicious places iodine blue methylene, ink, which are stronger than paint over inflammation and loosening the fabric along the stroke than healthy skin;
  2. The thin sections method is a very thin section of the skin under the microscope, which allows to examine the contents of the tick-duct: itch, eggs, larvae, egg shells, pelts after molting.
  3. Scraping of skin scraping : any lactic acid, softening the stratum corneum and not irritating the skin is applied to any suspicious element - nodule, combs, tick-duct.After 4 - 5 minutes a piece of skin is scraped off and scanned at 600 times magnification.
  4. Extraction of the tick from the medical needle from the vesicle at the end of the itch channel.

For traditional and folk ways of treating scabies of cleanliness read below.


scabies any kind is directed to:

  • Eradication of mature parasites, larvae and eggs via acaricide( antiscabietic) means;
  • prevention of repeated tick infection and the spread of the epidemic of scabies.

General rules

Regardless of the choice of antiskabioznogo( protivokleschevye) of the drug, there are some general rules for the treatment of scabies:

  • therapy begins to conduct before bedtime, because of nocturnal activity parasite, leaving the tick moves to the skin surface;
  • , the treatment of infected people in close association is carried out simultaneously to prevent the re-transmission of itching pruritus;
  • The skin of children under 3 - 5 years old is treated with anti-scab agents all over the body, including the face and head;
  • rubbing of funds is carried out for a long time - up to 5 minutes, and - unprotected palms, which is associated with a large number of tick-borne channels on the fingers and hands;
  • regardless of domestic dermatologists recommend a drug used to carry out two-time medical treatment - in 1 and 4 days, due to the appearance on the 4th day of the new parasite eggs, which are not acting acaricide( although foreign medicines instructions claim otherwise).This scheme of therapy is the most reliable;
  • bathing in the shower with a washcloth is performed before the treatment, then after 6 or 12 hours of the drug on the patient's skin( depending on the agent used), and after the therapy is over.Any anti-scratch drug should cover the skin all night;
  • underwear is changed in the middle of the course of therapy( after 6, 12 hours) and after completion;
  • treatment of complications - pustular infections( pyoderma) postskabioznaya dermatitis associated with themselves scabicide agents limfoplazii scabious( complicated scabies) is carried out simultaneously with protivokleschevoy therapy;
  • allergic pruritus after treatment is not a reason for an additional course of therapy, since it arises as a reaction of the body to toxins already eliminated by the itch.

In such cases, the dermatologist prescribes antiallergic drugs, glucocorticosteroid ointments and euphlin ointment 5-10%.Otherwise, unreasonable prolonged rubbing into the skin of ointments leads to a severe form of dermatitis.

Allergic dermatitis often develops as a result of treatment with folk remedies or inadequate ointments that irritate the skin without exerting any effect on the parasite.


Basic anti-scratch agents:

  1. Benzyl benzoate .A reliable, proven tool.It is used in two forms: ointment 10% and 20%( for adult patients - a high concentration, for babies from 2 months - small) and an emulsion of 20%.The first treatment of the skin is done at night, leaving the ointment for 12 hours.Take a shower, change clothes.The second treatment is for 4 days according to the same scheme.
  2. Serum ointment in concentration of 20 - 33% and 3 - 5%, which is used for children with 2 months of life.Safe and effective medicine.The skin is treated every evening for 5 to 7 days, no longer.
  3. French aerosol Spregal .Offers a good result and convenience in application.Vapors are dangerous when dispersing in the air - close your mouth and nose carefully.In pediatrics apply from 2 months.Spray the entire surface of the body( in children - including the face and the head), from a distance of 30 cm, carefully rubbing into the fingers, wrists, feet, elbows.When rashes on the face of the child, the treatment is carried out carefully - with a swab densely moistened with the drug.It is inadmissible to get drops on the mucous membrane of the mouth, eyes and respiratory tract.Contrary to the instructions, it is recommended that the skin be treated twice with aerosol( on days 1 and 4) in order to prevent secondary infection by young individuals from eggs.
  4. Permethrin is an effective acaricidal agent.Apply 3 - 4 days daily( at night) in the form of a cream, lotion, spray, ointment.Not used for babies under 12 months.
  5. Lotion Lindan .Apply with a swab soaked in lotion, flushing after not more than 6 hours.It is recommended to use twice - on days 1 and 4 of therapy.

The following measures are considered for the prevention of scabies.

More details on the treatment of scabies "incognito" will tell this video:

Prevention of the disease

To avoid infection with scabies "incognito", it is necessary: ​​

  • to be attentive to the slightest manifestations of itching and changes on the skin and to pass in timeDiagnostics to begin treatment;
  • to healthy people who live or work in groups where scabies are identified, or associated physical affinity, it is obligatory to conduct a single treatment with acaricidal means for prevention;
  • for suspected scabies or during treatment, it is imperative to carefully treat linens, pillows, blankets, clothes and shoes, household items, toys and books.

For this, those things that can be ironed are ironed with a hot iron( especially in the area of ​​folds, pockets, seams).The bedding is boiled for 5 minutes with any washing powder.Anything that can not be ironed or boiled is hung out outside the house( preferably under the sun) for 3 days or densely packed in plastic bags for the same period.All these measures are very reliable, since outside the human body the mite can live up to 2 days - no longer, and dies in boiling water and in the air.

  • is active in detecting infected children and adults through preventive examinations;
  • to conduct a full treatment of the patient - the source of infection.

For complications after scabies in an adult and a child, read below.


Scabies incognito Complications that develop with scabies of "cleanliness" often mask true symptoms.Without treatment, itchy pathologies pass from a form of external skin manifestations to a deeper one.The most common:

  • microbial eczema;
  • pyoderma( purulent skin infection);
  • urticaria;
  • dermatitis.

Hidden scabies in young children often last for months and even years, fading and exacerbating.In early childhood - due to the yet unformed immune defense, the delicacy of the skin and active combing of the itch elements - often there is an infection of skin erosions and the penetration of pyogenic bacteria into the dermis.In this case, scabies are complicated:

  • with furunculosis;
  • with abscesses;
  • with lymphadenitis;
  • is a rare lesion of the heart, kidneys, or blood infection.

Scabies often itchs, gnawing not only deep inside the skin, but also in the tissues of the organs.There the mites accumulate, forming seals.Women, in such cases, often find foci in the mammary glands, where tight knots are formed, surrounded by a connective tissue, and fibrotic mastopathy develops.

Around the tick formation, where the females lay, releasing toxins, the immune defense of cells weakens.In these areas, fungal growths and dense tumors occur.

About what scabies of clean people has a forecast, we will tell you further.


The practice of scabies treatment and ongoing studies prove that pathology is quickly cured if all the skin is treated, and not individual areas, the rules of therapy, the treatment regimen are observed and the duration of the course is not violated.

The video below gives useful advice to parents regarding scabies of "cleanliness" and its other types: