Treatment of psoriasis at home - the best recipes

August 28, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

We treat psoriasis at home

Various folk remedies are used to treat psoriasis.The disease is long and, of course, many folk remedies will not be cured of it, but it will help to significantly weaken the symptoms.Moreover, official medicine positively refers to many options for treating psoriasis with folk remedies at home.

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PsThe causes of

There are several factors that can provoke the disease:

  • heredity( the genetic predisposition must have something to do with: chemicals, mechanical damage, fungal diseases, dermatitis, allergic reaction, chronic diseases, stresses, experiences, viral and bacterialInfection);
  • weakened immunity( which was destroyed due to malnutrition, hypothermia, bad habits, stress);
  • neurogenic cause of development( mental t
    rauma, emotional shock, psychoemotional stress);
  • metabolic disorders( increased cholesterol, lack of vitamin A and B, zinc, copper and iron);
    - a violation of the hormonal background( puberty, menopause, pregnancy).

Important! At the first signs of the onset of the disease, consult a doctor who treats psoriasis!

In children

Often in children, psoriasis is caused for genetic reasons.But this does not mean that if one of the relatives has had psoriasis, the child will also have to get sick.Certain reasons for today do not exist.But the influence of other factors on the appearance of the disease is also distinguished:

  • is infectious;
  • kidney disease;
  • impaired liver function;
  • mechanical skin damage.

Causes of psoriasis in children

Treatment of psoriasis for children is based on the following:

  • calcium gluconate solution 5% and calcium chloride 10%( 10-15 injections);
  • vitamins( ascorbic acid, pyridoxine solution, vitamin B12 and A);
  • pyrogenic preparations( Pyrogenal);
  • glucocorticoids in rare cases( Prednisolone).

For external use use:

  • if the palms and sole are affected - bandages with salicylic and sulfur-tar ointments;
  • on the affected areas of the hair - theopheline and papaverine ointment.

It is important to understand that among the set of folk recipes you should look for those that are suitable for a particular person.A certain herb, compress or ointment will have an amazing effect in one situation, and in another it may be completely inactive.

Important! The results of the course of treatment with folk methods can be seen not earlier than in two weeks( in the absence of another, specified in the prescription period).So, you need to complete the course, and not stop after three procedures.It is easier to cure psoriasis in the initial stage.

Treatment of psoriasis by various methods

Before starting treatment of the disease, it is necessary to find out whether or not psoriasis is contagious, read about this in detail in our article.

About home treatment and folk remedies

It is best to use several folk remedies for different purposes at once, so you can cure psoriasis forever at home.For example, along with infusions of herbs that are taken orally, apply some external ointments.Complex treatment, as with other diseases, will help to get positive results faster.


There are various ways in which soda is used for the treatment of psoriasis:

Baths with soda from psoriasis

  • bath( to collect a hot bath with a volume of approximately 30-40 liters and dilute in it 900 g of soda, immerse the whole body in it, take half an hour, thenDo not wipe yourself with a towel, get water wet.Take the procedure through the day for two weeks before going to bed);
  • treatment( 2 tsp soda dissolve in 200 ml of water, the solution obtained wipe the affected areas 3 times a day);
  • compresses( 2 tablespoons of soda fill with water until smooth, apply a tampon to the affected areas 2 times a day for two weeks);
  • hot compress( dissolve 3 tablespoons of soda in 500 ml of hot water, moisten the bandage in the mixture and apply to the sore spots, let it cool down, repeat the procedure for several weeks).


Baths with sea salt will have an effect after a few procedures.Treatment will not only be useful, but also enjoyable.If you need to get rid of psoriasis, it is advisable to use sea salt, but in the absence of psoriasis you can use the usual kitchen( the effect will be slightly weaker).

For the procedure it is necessary to collect a bathroom with warm water and pour out a pack of salt, lie down in it for 15 minutes.Then go out without rinsing, you do not need to wipe yourself, you just need to get a little soaked with a soft towel.Then you can make a salt compress on the affected areas and lubricate them with a therapeutic ointment or cream.

Psoriasis treatment with salt


Chloride iodine is used in psoriasis with small plaques formed.It is recommended to cover the entire surface of the affected area.It is worth considering that the procedure is painful.It is possible to adhere to the certain scheme or plan with use not only an iodine, but also other agents:

  • the first week - since morning to grease sore spots with iodine, in the evening - salty water;
  • second week - once a day to treat with a solidol.Approximate course of treatment for one and a half months.


Flax seeds and oil

Excellent for treating psoriasis are flax seeds.It is enough to take them in the amount of a tablespoon, pour a glass of boiling water.Infuse the night, use the solution inside in the morning, immediately after awakening.You can drink several tablets of activated charcoal before bedtime, for better assimilation of flax seeds.This method will help get rid of the numerous rashes that arise due to contamination of the body with toxins.

As for ordinary linseed oil, they can lubricate the affected parts several times a day.This is a popular folk remedy for the described disease, which will show the first results within a few weeks.

Flax seeds from psoriasis


Psoriasis refers to such diseases that can worsen against a background of stress.A person has severe eruptions, and coping with them quickly is extremely difficult.In this situation, the usual birch tar, which is sold in the pharmacy.They need to lubricate the problem areas and leave for an hour.Then rinse the affected area and lubricate with celandine infusion.Conduct 14 procedures.Remember, the minus of this folk way of treating psoriasis is the sharp and unpleasant smell of tar.

Ash with birch buds

If you want to cope more quickly with rashes, it is recommended to add additional ingredients to the tar.In particular, for 0.75 part of tar, take 0.15 part of birch ashes.Get an ointment, suitable for lubricating sores.As for the decoction of birch buds, it should be taken inside( a large spoonful of kidneys is poured into a glass of boiling water, in a water bath keep half an hour).Drink birch buds for 50 ml before each meal.The broth can be used for compresses.


You used to use celery only when preparing salads, it's time to change the scope of this root vegetable.It will help to cure psoriasis at home.We take the root part and grind it( mixer, small grater).Place the compresses on the affected areas of the body for two hours.Treatment is 60 days in a row.Also help to improve the effect of celery juice: it is enough to drink two tablespoons three times a day.

Celery from psoriasis


Use in the treatment of psoriasis requires dry flowers of clover.They are taken in the amount of several tablespoons, wrapped in gauze, and are covered with boiling water.Infuse the flowers for a few minutes, fry and attach to the rash for several hours.As for infusion, it can be drunk inside to cleanse the vessels.

Pickle of cabbage

Sick places for the night grease with cabbage brine.Allow the skin to dry itself and try, if possible, cabbage brine do not wash off for several days.At a minimum, seven such procedures should be carried out.

Egg yolks

For treatment it is recommended to use only domestic chicken eggs.You need to take a fertilized egg, boil it hard.Remove the yolk from the egg and crush it until a mushy condition is obtained.Then fry the gruel in a dry hot frying pan until a red oily liquid appears( it will take about an hour to fry).Put the gruel in gauze and squeeze out the oil through it.Lubricate the affected areas with oil.Remember, 100 ml of butter can be obtained from two dozen eggs.

Psoriasis treatment with egg yolks

Hydrogen Peroxide

Nothing is difficult in this method of treating psoriasis, no.Take the usual hydrogen peroxide, it wets the fleece.Lubricate affected areas of the skin three times a day.Peroxide does not need to be diluted.

Activated charcoal

Thanks to the adsorbent properties of activated charcoal, it is safely used at home.Crush the tablets( 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight) into powder, pour water, shake and drink at a time 2 hours before eating.For forty days of treatment, it is required to follow a diet, exclude fatty, salty, spicy, smoked food and spirits from the diet.


Of grated raw potatoes, which must be pinkish in color, you can make gruel and apply as a compress.It is important that the compress touches the affected area for at least two hours.

Treatment of psoriasis with potatoes


This drug can be used as the main medicine, and as a basis for various ointments.Often, instead of the oily base for ointments, in addition to the solidol, also use petroleum jelly.But in the treatment of psoriasis, it is the salt that has the maximum effect.Cooking ointment from the solidolone can be based on a half a kilogram of this product with the addition of several tablespoons of honey and half a tube of cream.A small rash grease twice a day, but for large lesions is enough and a one-time use during the day.


If you can find a small spoonful of gunpowder, then on its basis you can prepare an effective remedy.Gunpowder is diluted in 100 ml of Vaseline.Apply the mixture to affected areas every day for 6 months.

Milk scum

Milk, it is better to take a homemade product, you should boil it in enameled dishes.Then merge in another dish, and on the walls in the pan should remain white coating.They lubricate the affected areas of the body for ten days.


15 grams of propolis should be put in 100 grams of warm butter.Stir by adding three capsules of vitamin A. Apply to affected areas through gauze( simply soak gauze in this mixture).


Based on honey, ointments are often prepared for the treatment of psoriasis.If plaques appeared on the palms and soles recommended recipe honey-glycerin ointment - 2 tbsp.L.Glycerin mixed with 1 tbsp.L.Honey.This ointment helps to soften the skin.

Good results were shown by ointment based on honey, celandine and protein: mix 25 grams of flower honey, 50 g of egg white, 1.3 g of dry crushed celandine, 50 g of medical Vaseline, 10 g of baby cream.For 10 days, lubricate the affected areas 2 times a day.


Treatment using leeches is called hirudotherapy.Therapy is 7-10 sessions, it is recommended to go through a second course in a month.Hirudotherapy has no side effects.Treatment is contraindicated:

Leeches from psoriasis

  • for individual intolerance;
  • anemia;
  • hemophilia;
  • hypotension;
  • pregnancy.

What herbs will help to get rid of psoriasis

Black elderly

A large spoonful of elderberry leaves should be poured into two glasses of boiling water.Leave to persist for an hour, then drink after eating 100 ml three times for one day.Black elderberry from psoriasis

Purity of

Purity in psoriasis is used in several ways:

  • bath( 1 tablespoon plant leaves pour 4 liters of water and boil, cover and let stand for 1 hour, cooked infusion add to the bath with water);
  • infusion( mix celandine, chopped walnuts, mint and blackberry leaves in a ratio of 2: 1: 1: 3 tablespoons, pour 1.5 liters of boiling water, put for 1 hour brew, take 1 tablespoon 2 times inDay for one week);
  • pure juice( 1 drop of juice per 100 ml of water, daily increase by 1 drop until the twentieth day, take 1 time a day after eating);
  • Ointment( 2 tsp celandine, 100 g of solidol, 15 g of Flucinar ointment, mix well and cover for 3 days, rub the ointment on the affected areas 2 times a day for five days).

Field horsetail

In this folk prescription for psoriasis, you need to take two large spoons of chopped dry horsetail.Pour three cups of boiling water, boil the mixture for five minutes.Soak the towel in the decoction, which is put on the affected areas.You can take a bath once a week with this decoction.
Field horsetail from psoriasis

Japanese Sophora

It will be necessary to treat 50 grams of Sophora, it is quite difficult to get it, but if it works, you will have excellent prospects for treatment.Pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist for two weeks.If you take fresh fruit, then 100 grams of product pour 200 ml of vodka.By the way, this tincture already in ready-made form can be bought at the pharmacy.Take half a small spoon three times a day, dissolve in water.
Sophora Japanese from psoriasis

Birch mushroom chagu

It is necessary to find the mushroom in a clean place, with good ecology.Cut, wash and pour overnight with boiled water.Skip the mushroom through the meat grinder.The resulting mass to fill with water 50 degrees Celsius.Infuse for two days and take 100 ml of tincture before eating.
We treat psoriasis at home

Medical treatment

The medical treatment of psoriasis includes the intake of various drugs inside, the use of ointments and other products.Orally take:

  • antihistamines( Diazolin, Suprastin);
  • hepatoprotectors( Essentiale, Karsil);
  • enzymes( Creon, Festal);
  • enerrosorbents( Enterosgel, Polysorb);
  • antibiotics( a number of penicillins, macrolides and cephalosporins);
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( Nurofen, Nyz);
  • immunosuppressors;
  • Biopreparations( Alephaccept).

Hormonal drugs are used in complex stages of the disease.Use only as directed by a doctor.In other cases it is recommended to do without them.Since they are addictive, although they lead to a quick effect, but not for a long period.In addition, hormonal drugs have a lot of side effects.


This medication is prescribed for patients with moderate to severe disease.Indications:

  • the area of ​​the lesion is more than 20%;
  • pustular psoriasis;
  • psoriatic arthritis;
  • psoriatic erythroderma;
  • for complex forms of nail lesions;
  • atypical psoriasis.

Treatment with methotrexate


Ointments for the treatment of psoriasis are divided into two groups: hormonal and non-hormonal.Hormonal ointments lead to addiction and have a sufficient number of side effects.Non-hormonal drugs are safer for the patient, but less effective.The most common effective ointments for psoriasis:

  • solidolovye( Kartalin, Magnispor);
  • Naftalan Ointment, ointments with the addition of oil( Naftaderm, Losterin);
  • Celestoderm;
  • Sulfur;
  • Elokom;
  • Likan Shuangju;
  • Thai.

Ointments for external use:

  • corticosteroids( Triderm, Uniderm);
  • keratolics( based on lactic and salicylic acid);
  • incorporating synthetic analogues of vitamin D( Daivobet);
  • with a composition of wood and coal tar( Ditriol);
  • preparations of naphthalan;
  • hormonal ointments( Nizacort).

Ointments for psoriasis


Homeopathic remedies for psoriasis are prescribed individually, based on the symptoms and stage of the disease.Often write:

  • parallel reception and application Psorinochel and Psoriaten;
  • with exacerbation in cold weather recommend Acidum Formicicum;
  • from peeling suitable Arsenicum Album;
  • in elderly patients requires Arsenicum iodate;
  • in case of symptoms of exocrine exfoliation - Calcium carbonate;
  • peeling with redness - Hydrocolite;
  • for diseases of hands and nails - Petroleum;
  • if joints are affected - Manganum.


Vitamin D helps the treatment of psoriasis, which the patient with psoriasis receives when exposed to ultraviolet light.The second positive factor is the improvement of the nervous state, protection from depressions, which is also a virtue in the fight against the disease.The skin gets sunburn and the affected areas become less expressive.Ultraviolet has a negative effect on patients with dry skin and with individual intolerance.

Treatment of various forms of the disease

Vulgar psoriasis

On inpatient treatment vulgar psoriasis is treated:

  • administration of magnesium sulfate( at high pressure);
  • diuretics( with exudative form);
  • antihistamines( if the patient has a tendency to allergic reactions);
  • cytostatics and retinoids( in severe forms);
  • monoclonal antibodies;
  • hormonal ointments( for topical application).

If the patient is on an outpatient treatment, the following measures are attributed:

Baths with chamomile from psoriasis

  • warm baths with decoctions of herbs( chamomile, calendula);
  • compliance with the regime of the day( full sleep, more rest);
  • correction of nutrition( refusal from salty, acute, highly allergenic, fatty foods);
  • use of nonhormonal and hormonal drugs( depends on the stage of psoriasis).

Seborrheic psoriasis

Treatment of seborrheic psoriasis should be complex:

  • Ultraviolet irradiation;
  • intake of vitamin and drugs that boost the immune system;
  • sedatives;
  • laser therapy;
  • compliance with the diet;
  • monoclonal antibodies;
  • hormonal preparations( in difficult cases);
  • special skin care.

The dermatologist should be engaged in the allocation of certain funds in order not to aggravate the situation.

Guttate psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis is treated poorly, this takes a fairly long period of time, since the affected areas occupy a large area.Therapy is not enough to be performed with ointments, creams and lotions for external use, often prescribe phototherapy, plasmapheresis, immunomodulators.

Teardrop psoriasis

With exacerbation of

First of all, when the disease worsens, it is necessary: ​​

  • adhere to rational nutrition;
  • remove toxins( sorbent intake);
  • to restore intestinal microflora and liver function;
  • moisturize and nourish the skin in the morning and evening.

Ointments based on salicylic acid are prescribed to relieve external symptoms of the disease, corticosteroids are administered in advanced stages.Also, during an exacerbation, ultraviolet irradiation helps.In some cases, the use of antidepressants is required.It is necessary to reinforce the body with vitamins.

When Pregnant

In pregnancy, psoriasis is treated with emollient and moisturizing creams and oils, the use of cortisone, exfoliating agents based on salicylic acid.

Absolutely safe for expectant mothers is phototherapy.In individual cases, Cyclosporin is prescribed.It will not harm the fetus, but it can negatively affect the health of the pregnant woman.

Treatment of psoriasis in pregnancy

Treatment of psoriasis on the head

More effective drugs for the treatment of psoriasis are corticosteroids, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, ascorbic acid.Assign the use of shampoos, balms and sprays containing salicylic acid, tar, zinc, solidol, naphthalene.

Important! Read more about the symptoms and treatment of psoriasis on the head in our article.

Physiotherapy offers:

  • phototherapy;
  • laser irradiation;
  • ultraviolet irradiation.

An effective folk remedy: rub linseed oil in the scalp up to 5 times a day until a significant improvement.

Psoriasis of nails treatment at home

Treatment of psoriasis should be started independently with calcium intake.It can be purchased at a pharmacy, and do not forget about products containing calcium.If itching is troublesome, use antihistamines.Well-acting relaxing handbaths based on herbs.Take care of your hands, watch your hygiene.Before night sleep, cover the nail with olive, corn or sunflower oil.Enrich your body with vitamins A, B, C, E, R. Drugs( ointments, cream) should be used solely for the intended purpose.

Psoriasis on the elbows

Traditional medicine offers a comprehensive treatment of psoriasis on the elbows at home:

Treatment of psoriasis by hormonal means

  • by hormonal means( Advantan);
  • preparations for topical use containing activated zinc( Zinocap);
  • vitamin D, synthetic analogue( Calcipotriol);
  • ointments for external use( Ichthyol, Salicylic);
  • antihistamines( Suprastin, Tevigil);
  • sedatives( Persen, Phytosed);
  • immunostimulants and vitamins( Complivit).

It is recommended to use an effective ointment for non-traditional medicine:

  1. 50 g of copper sulfate, 50 g of sulfur, 25 g of crushed chistel and birch tar, and 150 g of pork fat mixed.
  2. Put on a water bath for 15 minutes, remove and periodically stir until the mixture cools.
  3. For three weeks, lubricate the diseased sections of the elbows before going to bed.

When treating psoriasis, you need to remember the right diet.People suffering from this disease, only eat vegetarian food, as well as dairy products.All products of animal origin, as well as sugar, flour and potatoes, try to minimize.