Treatment of a spinal hernia at home: without surgery

August 28, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

We treat a hernia of a backbone at home

Hernia of the spine is a disease that arises from the presence of osteochondrosis.If you do not heal for a long time, then as a result of the disease, the fibrous ring breaks down and the disc protrudes with a displacement of the nucleus.

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  • ASThe reason for the formation of a hernia is a prolonged wrong position of the back, a disruption of the diet or a permanent effect on the spine of strong physical exertion. D47ASD
    To treat this ailment can be a conservative way, and when it does not help, an operation is prescribed.In this material, we will consider options for treating a spinal hernia at home without surgery.

    How to approach treatment

    Only a doctor will be able t

    o deliver an accurate diagnosis to the patient, because there are different types of disease.And, you should immediately understand that treatment should be complex, only under the strict supervision of a doctor.Hernia is a serious complication, which often requires surgical intervention.Any treatment must be agreed with the doctor.

    Interesting! For details on which doctor treats a hernia, see our article.

    Recently, more and more doctors are offering various methods of home hernia treatment.This does not mean the advantages of folk methods over traditional ones.Simply, hospitalization is not required: medications can be taken at home, massage courses, treatment procedures.

    What will help to cure the intervertebral hernia without surgery:

    • complex of exercises and taking a number of medications.As a rule, such treatment is carried out in an acute period.The doctor at this stage puts the task of relief of pain, and not the primary cause of the disease.When normal motor activity returned, you can proceed to the second phase of treatment;
    • relapse prevention.The patient's condition improves, which means that it is necessary to fix a positive result.It is necessary to refuse heavy physical exertions, to carry out physiotherapeutic procedures, to pass a course of massage.

    Numbness of the leg with a hernia of the spine

    Conservative treatment includes a complex of drugs:

    • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( Movalis, Nimesil);
    • muscle relaxants( Sirdalud);
    • chondroprotectors( Don);
    • preparations for improvement of blood supply( Actovegin, Berlition).

    And also connect electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, mud therapy, massage and physical therapy.

    Get rid of a hernia of the spine

    What is included in the conservative treatment of

    After the doctor has performed the examination and makes an accurate diagnosis, he prescribes appropriate treatment.It is carried out far not only by drugs and at home.So, the whole responsibility for the result lies with the person.It will be necessary to direct efforts to create a strengthened muscle cross: then the chances of curing without surgery are significantly increased.For this purpose, massage is prescribed, special gymnastic exercises are performed.

    Massage as an important element of treatment

    Since the intervertebral hernia is a dangerous disease, it should be treated in a comprehensive manner.To increase the chances of treatment without surgery, we recommend that you enroll in a massage course.It will help to set the back the right shape and create an additional support for the spine.

    Once the pain appears again, you need to go through a massage again.This is an excellent option without surgical treatment, which often helps to eliminate the main symptoms of the disease.

    Compulsory gymnastics

    If every day to perform a set of elementary exercises at home, you can greatly ease your condition with a hernia.Exercises strengthen the tendons and the spine can be constantly in normal condition.

    It is important for not to have a strong physical load.At office work such gymnastics will be obligatory for treatment of an intervertebral hernia, and for the further its preventive maintenance.

    Treatment of a spinal hernia using the Bubnovsky method

    A huge amount of exercise in kinesitherapy with vertebral hernia has been developed.The main principle of which is not to harm your health.If pain occurs during exercise, it is necessary to finish it.

    1. Get up on all fours, take a deep breath, bend your back like a cat.Then exhale and gradually bend( 20 times).
    2. Lie on your back, pull your arms out, take a deep breath and lift the pelvis, so that your shoulders remain in contact with the floor, and on exhalation - lower your pelvis( 20 times).
    3. Lie down on the back, put your hands under your head with your elbows to the ceiling, press against your chest with your chin.Put your legs at right angles and connect your knees with elbows( perform until the time when there is no easy fatigue).

    Gymnastics from a hernia of the spine

    Folk methods of treatment

    Here we come to the question of how to treat a hernia of the spine.It is not self-medication, but movement together with the doctor in the right direction to recovery.Folk medicine will not relieve this serious illness, but many recipes will help to relieve pain, inflammation, cope with the temperature.

    What folk recipes will help:

    1. Kalanchoe.This home plant has amazing properties.It is necessary to break the leaf and remove the film from it.Attach the sheet to the location of the hernia, fix it with a patch and leave for 10-12 hours.
    2. Honey with added fir oil.With fir oil, you can safely do a therapeutic massage, and then on the heated muscles rub the ointment on the basis of natural honey, mummies and water.
    3. Horse fat.Eating horse fat will be difficult, but it's an effective ingredient.Fat should be finely chopped and put on food film.Apply to a sore spot, bandage with a bandage.Wear a compress a few days.

    Horse fat from hernia of the spine

    Treatment with caripazim

    A relatively new drug that has recently been widely used in various industries.For the treatment of the spine, a special technique has been developed for Naidin VP, thanks to this system:

    • softens the connective tissue responsible for supporting functions( cartilaginous);
    • eliminates infringement of nerve roots;
    • intervertebral discs acquire strength, elasticity;
    • is updated with a set of cells.

    The drug is contraindicated to use by oral route, in the form of injections, with inflammation of the skin, sequestration of the hernia.For use it is necessary to prepare a solution( 1 bottle per 10 ml of physiological solution, add 1 drop of Demixide).The electrode with the drug is applied to the neck and lower back.The course of treatment is 20-30 procedures.

    Remember that for different types of formations will have their own nuances of treatment.Hernia is serious and self-medication will not help you get well.Be sure to go to the doctor and all folk remedies, even to relieve pain, discuss additionally with a specialist.

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