Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis at home - fast ways

August 28, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis at home

About 80% of the population have back problems.The most common diagnosis among diseases that are associated with the spine is cervical osteochondrosis.Of course, after the diagnosis is made by specialists, treatment is prescribed.But, the therapy prescribed by the doctor does not exclude the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis at home.

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often doctors themselves approve of the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease at home, because it is not only effective, but also helps to avoidMore serious complications.Also this is a good prevention of the disease.Talking about the benefits of home treatment, it should be noted that procedures at

home help ease the periods of chronic exacerbations.

Before talking about the methods of rapid treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to indicate how this disease manifests itself and what is dangerous for the organism.

Important! In case of pain that is localized in the neck, do not ignore them.Especially if you are not already young.Be sure to consult a doctor with complaints and try to quickly find out the cause of the pain.

What is cervical osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the spine, which is accompanied by severe pain, affects the cervical region.The design of the human neck consists of seven vertebrae, as well as a number of nerves and vessels in the cervical region.Therefore, with the slightest displacement of one of the cervical vertebrae, a spasm of the vertebral artery may occur.

Cervical osteochondrosis what is it

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Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis:

  • permanent headache;
  • dizziness;
  • increased pressure;
  • "flies" before the eyes;
  • insomnia;
  • unstable gait:
  • numbness of the upper extremities.

If one or more symptoms of osteochondrosis are detected, you should immediately consult a doctor who will help diagnose the disease.

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Treatments at home

Of course, osteochondrosis is a disease that requires immediate treatment after diagnosis.The neurologist will prescribe treatment with various medications and physiotherapy.Successfully it is possible to combine and treatment at home by folk remedies.They pursue the same goal - to ease the pain syndrome, get rid of it as quickly as possible, so that a person can return to a comfortable lifestyle.
Methods of treatment with folk remedies

Exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis

If there is an exacerbation of the disease, doctors prescribe to take at home anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics( most often containing ibuprofen).It is recommended to use various gels( Dolobien, Fitobene).Recommendations of traditional healers:

  • mix in the same proportions the grated potatoes and honey, compress on the neck;
  • leaves horseradish to attach to a sore spot and wrapped in a scarf overnight.

For women

For the purpose of adequate treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, women will have to undergo a neurological examination and find out the beginning of the process of destruction.Then chondroprotectors, muscle relaxants, vasodilators and sedatives are prescribed.Good recommendations received:

  • physiotherapy procedures;
  • massage and electrophoresis;
  • mud and hydrogen sulphide baths;Acupuncture and Acupuncture
  • .

In the first and second stages of the disease, manual therapy will be effective.In addition to all this, you should follow a diet, lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

General recommendations

What does the treatment mean:

  • Elimination of pain;
  • improvement of metabolic processes in the neck;
  • restoration of the normal process of blood supply to the brain;
  • strengthening of the cervical and brachial muscles;
  • recovery of sleep.

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Recommendations for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

Of course, this can be achieved by applying various procedures at home.Among the fastest ways to treat cervical osteochondrosis at home, the following practices are most popular:

  • self-massage;
  • exercise therapy;
  • compresses by folk recipes and other methods.

Let's consider some of the ways of treating cervical osteochondrosis at home separately.

Please note! Compresses must be made from as many ingredients as specified in the recipe.Traditional medicine is extremely capricious and often unauthorized recipe changes can lead to sad consequences.

By the method of Bubnovsky

The treatment of cervical osteochondrosis using the Bubnovsky method is based on a set of exercises:

  • to make 20-40 head nods( up and down);
  • slow head inclinations 20-40 times( left-right);
  • circular rotation, changing sides alternately 45 times;
  • lower head to allow the chin to touch the chest;
  • lift shoulders up for 10 seconds;
  • pull the chin forward and draw back with the help of head movements;
  • sit on the floor, bend your knees, touch your forehead and stay in that position for 50 seconds.


It's not at all difficult to master massage.The most important thing to adhere to the instructions, then self-massage will help get rid of the headache and improve blood circulation, help relieve tension from the cervical region, and relax the muscles.

Instruction for self-massage:

  • massage is done only with fingers;
  • movement should be directed from the center to the periphery;
  • massaging movements should be smooth and soft.

Only three rules for self-massage will help to cope with the disease in a short time.Plus mastering the technique of self-massage is that it can be performed at any convenient time or with severe pain.


Treatment by swimming in the pool should be supervised by an instructor who can monitor and distribute loads.Therapeutic exercises will help:

  • strengthen the muscular corset;
  • to stretch the spine in a natural way;
  • release the pinched nerves;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • to improve well-being.

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Compresses according to folk recipes

  1. Warm cottage cheese, pour a little vinegar, put on gauze and wrap around the neck, or put on your back.
  2. Potatoes on a small grater, add honey.Soak gauze with ointment and apply on neck.Such a compress should be done once a week.
  3. Mix a glass of vodka with a black radish( pre-grate on a fine grater).Add a glass of honey to the mixture.This remedy is used as a rubbing for the neck.
  4. 100 grams of horseradish finely grate, add vodka and one teaspoon of glycerin.Lubricate the neck with ointment for 7 days.
  5. To make a warming ointment, it is necessary to mix pork fat and one tablespoon of horseshoe cones.

Medical treatment

General principles of treatment of cervical osteochondrosis with medicines consists in the admission of the following medicines:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve pain( Diclofenac, Orthofen, Ketanov - injections, tablets, Diklak-gel, Fastum-gel - ointment);
  • muscle relaxants( Midokalm - facilitates the stage of infringement of rootlets);
  • chondroprotectors( Teraflex - capsules that improve and repair cartilaginous tissues);
  • vitamins of group B( Neurorubin, Neurovitan restore the process of metabolism of damaged roots);
  • vascular agents( Cinnarizine - dilates blood vessels improves blood circulation);
  • nootropic drugs( Thiocetam, Pyracetam - allow the neurocytes to "survive" oxygen starvation).

Cinnarizine treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

Features of treatment of consequences of cervical osteochondrosis


If hypertension is manifested against the background of osteochondrosis, then the treatment is aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease.Thanks to complex treatment, you can get rid of swelling, vasospasms and normalize blood pressure.A special scheme has been developed:

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids;
  • chondroprotectors;
  • vasodilator preparations;
  • massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • LFK.

Disturbance of cerebral circulation

If the timely treatment of cerebral circulation is not addressed, then the following consequences can be expected:

  • cardiovascular system problems;
  • impaired shoulder joint work;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • ischemic attacks.

Violated blood circulation

For treatment appoint medication, physiotherapy, manual therapy.

Spinal cord syndrome

  1. First of all, the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs that can remove puffiness( Meloxicam, Nimesulide, Celecoxib, Diosmin, Troxerutin).
  2. Agapurin, Vinpocetine, Cinnarizine, Nicergoline are often used to improve blood circulation.
  3. To restore the metabolism of neurons take Citicoline, Gliatilin, Cerebrolysin, Pyracetam.
  4. To improve metabolism of other organs, tissues, vessels and muscles, recommend Mildronate, Trimetazidine.
  5. For the relaxation of striated muscles - Midokalm, and smooth - No-shpa.
  6. If an attack occurs, it is necessary to take sumatriptan.
  7. Regularly, it is necessary to maintain cell nutrition with vitamin B( Milgamma, Neurobion).

Noise in the head

The appearance of noise in the head is influenced by such factors:

  • smoking, alcohol;
  • abuse of caffeinated beverages;
  • infections in the body, trauma;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cardiac and renal pathologies.In any case, it is recommended to undergo examination, perhaps, these are signs of diseases that do not belong to the vertebral column( head trauma, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension, inflammatory processes of the ear, fatigue, fatigue, atherosclerosis).

    Dizziness in cervical osteochondrosis, nausea

    Similar symptoms occur both in the morning and at night.They are divided into three types:

    • vestibular-stem syndrome;
    • cervical migraine;
    • diencephalic syndrome.

    To prevent yourself from unpleasant manifestations of the disease, it is necessary to treat the cervical osteochondrosis:

    • eat properly;
    • does not overload the spine;
    • to ventilate the room;
    • if you smoke - throw;
    • should not be supercooled.

    It should be remembered that no matter how effective treatment is at home, do not neglect the recommendations that the doctor prescribes, and also ignore physical therapy.All the procedures in the complex will help to overcome the disease, avoid complications and relapses.Be healthy!