Treatment of gastritis with folk remedies at home

August 27, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

Treating gastritis at home

Gastritis is a disease characterized by damage to the gastric mucosa, which protects it from acid and other effects.As a result of this process, inflammation of the stomach wall develops, accompanied by painful sensations.Depending on the type of disease, its course and symptoms are different.You can treat gastritis with folk remedies, the most effective recipes we'll tell you.

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Acute gastritis appears suddenly, the symptoms are very pronounced inflammation lasts about 3-4Days.Chronic gastritis is a permanent disease, which alternates with exacerbations and relapses.During it, the wall of the stomach is severely damaged.Symptoms o

f gastritis reflux also differ slightly from the main ones: there is a feeling of pain in the chest, a spasm of muscles in the chest, a return of food into the mouth in the form of a lump, belching.

Main symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • pain and discomfort in the abdomen;Temperature increase( rarely);
  • ;
  • headache;
  • heartburn;Sour belch;
  • ;
  • pains on an empty stomach.

Despite the severity of the disease, it is easily amenable to home treatment.However, often this disease occurs due to external causes, so for effective treatment, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the negative factors that triggered the disease.

Quickly treat gastritis


  • improper power supply;
  • taking certain medications;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • infection;
  • disease of the digestive tract;
  • stresses( more often in children);
  • diabetes mellitus.

Important! For severe pain and severe symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible.


The main negative factors contributing to the emergence or exacerbation of gastritis is all that a person "misses" through his stomach, so treatment of the disease must begin with a strict diet.


During the diet from the diet it is necessary to exclude:

  • alcohol, coffee, carbonated water, non-natural juices;
  • very salty, spicy, sour, smoked and pickled;
  • food containing preservatives, dyes and fragrances;
  • fried food;
  • fatty meat;
  • mushrooms;
  • beans;
  • some raw vegetables( cabbage, onions, cucumbers);
  • raw fruits and berries;
  • nicotine;
  • very hot or cold food;
  • sweet pastries and buns;
  • fresh bread( there is a better "yesterday").

The use of water for gastritis

It is recommended to start a diet with a short starvation( about 2 days), during which only water is consumed.After fasting, a gradual rehabilitation period is carried out.During this period, the diet includes porridge and low-fat soups, diluted juices, herbal decoctions.Bread can only be eaten by wheat.All food, including soups, should be wiped and not hot.

What you can eat:

  • lean poultry meat;
  • eggs soft-boiled or in the form of an omelette;
  • milk( excluding spicy or salty cheeses, cottage cheese with additives, yoghurts);
  • boiled vegetables;
  • porridge on water or milk( excluding wheat, pearl, barley);
  • fruit jelly;

Fruit jelly with gastritis

Food should be taken in small portions 5-6 times a day.You can not tell.

With high acidity

Treatment of gastritis with high acidity can be carried out with folk remedies: herbal tinctures, decoctions.The most effective way is to treat potato juice.Every morning on an empty stomach, drink half a glass of freshly squeezed potato juice, then rest for half an hour and you can have breakfast.The course of such treatment should last 10 days, then as much as make a break and resume treatment.In the same way, hypertrophic gastritis with increased acidity is treated.

With reduced acidity

This kind of excellent treatment with carrots, preferably variety Karotel.Freshly prepared juice from carrots to drink in the morning on an empty stomach on a half-glass, in an hour you need to eat.The duration of the course is 10 days, after the interval( week), continue treatment.

Atrophic gastritis symptoms and treatment with folk remedies

This species is a type of chronic disease.Therefore, its symptoms:

  • stomach pain;
  • heartburn;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • feeling of heaviness after eating;
  • diarrhea or constipation.

Important! You can find out more about what an atrophic gastritis is in our article.

Treatment can be carried out with the help of flax seeds.Fiber, containing in seeds of flax, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract as a whole and envelops the walls of the stomach, protecting them from irritation.Flax seeds can be added to food or taken as separate decoctions.

Attention! Fiber, when ingested, absorbs water, therefore, when taking flax seeds, you should include more liquid in the diet.

Flax seeds with gastritis

To prepare the decoction of flax seeds, pour boiling water in the evening and let it brew until morning.The broth is taken on a glass a day: 1/3 cup is drunk before the first meal, the remaining parts - before the subsequent techniques.The course of treatment is 3 months.

Caution! Flax seeds can cause flatulence and bloating.

Treatment of atrophic hyperplastic gastritis with folk remedies is carried out with the help of green apples and pumpkin.Take 200 g of apples, mix with a grated pumpkin - 500 g, and add 50 g of lemon juice and 1 tsp.Honey.All thoroughly mix and use 1 tbsp.L.before eating.

Superficial gastritis treatment

For treatment with folk remedies, take 1 tsp.Dried and chopped mug, fill it with half a liter of water, and insist 12 hours.Decoction takes half a cup before meals, ie 3-4 times a day.You can add a little bit of natural honey for taste.

Important! More information about the superficial gastritis can be found here.

Folicular gastritis

Symptoms are very similar to superficial, but they are treated with chicken stomachs.They contain a large number of "useful substances": folic acid, vitamins, iron, which are used to treat various diseases of the stomach.Therefore, this type of disease can be treated with such a remedy.

You will need:

  • chicken stomach;
  • honey.

Chicken stomachs from gastritis


Fresh chicken stomachs should be peeled and rinsed under water, dried.Then grind and mix with honey.Let the mixture infuse for about 3 days.Eat a teaspoon before each meal for a month.

Mixed species

A rather effective method is treatment of mixed gastritis with natural juices.If the acidity of the stomach is increased, it is recommended to drink sweet juices: pineapple, raspberry, currant, if lowered - acid: apple, lemon, grapefruit, orange, cabbage, carrot, aloe.

Juices are best diluted with water and drink warm, you can add honey to them.Take before meals for a week, then take a break and repeat the course again.

Catarrhal gastritis

Vegetable oils are widely used in the treatment of catarrhal gastritis folk remedies, thanks to their enveloping, soothing, antibacterial and healing properties.

Vegetable oils from gastritis

The oils are best suited:

  1. Linen.
  2. Olive.
  3. Sea-buckthorn.

Oils can be taken in both "pure form", and adding to salads, porridges.In pure form, the oils are used 2 times a day in a teaspoon before eating.

Children's gastritis

Treatment of gastritis in children with folk remedies is primarily aimed at replenishing the body with vitamins.In this case, the rose hip will perfectly help - a popular medicinal plant rich in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and iron.Medicinal decoctions and tinctures are prepared as medicine from rose hips.

To prepare the decoction you will need:

  • fresh rose hips;
  • water.

Rosehip from gastritis

Fruit the ground, place in an enamel pan and pour water.After boiling, simmer for 5 minutes.Ready-mixed broth is poured into a jar, it should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days.Take 1 glass 3 times a day.It is recommended to add 1 tsp.Natural honey.

Erosive antral gastritis - treatment

Treatment with folk remedies for erosive antral gastritis is effective with the help of aloe.The plant stimulates the production of gastric juice, so it is recommended to use the disease with a low acidity.Honey in this recipe is used as a sweetener, because the juice of aloe in its pure form has an unpleasant bitter taste.In the same way, you can treat hemorrhagic gastritis, because it is a kind of erosive.

Aloe with gastritis

Preparation of

Fresh aloe leaves should be placed in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks to enhance the drug effect.If the aggravation has come suddenly, you can do without this procedure.From the leaves squeeze the juice and finish it to honey to taste.Take a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Aloe + honey + wine

Aloe juice and honey mixed with wine, insist for two weeks.Take 1 teaspoon a day before the first meal.

Subatrophic gastritis treatment with folk remedies

Propolis is a wonderful medicine for any kind of disease, including subatrophic, because it has healing, antispasmodic and analgesic properties.Also, propolis is recommended for gastritis with increased acidity of the stomach.

Propolis with gastritis

It is best to prepare a water tincture from propolis.To do this, propolis should be placed for a while in the freezer, and after extraction - grind.The ground mixture is poured in water and kept in a water bath for about an hour.Keep the tincture for not more than a week.Take half a cup once a day.

You can also prepare alcoholic tincture from propolis, for this water in the recipe is replaced with alcohol.After preparation alcohol solution is infused for about 3 days.Tincture is taken on 20 drops before meals for 14 days.

Erosive form

For the treatment of gastritis of gastritis folk remedies can use natural May honey.One of the main advantages of honey - with gastritis it can be used regardless of the acidity of the stomach.It is taken in a pure form, and in combination with tea, herbal tinctures or milk.To add honey it is necessary only in warm water therefore as in hot it loses the useful properties, and in cold irritates walls of an intestine.

Honey from gastritis

Attention! Before taking honey, make sure that you do not have allergies to it.

Garlic and ginger

It is recommended to include garlic in the diet during gastritis.This wonderful vegetable has an antiseptic effect, and also stimulates the production of bile.Garlic can be consumed in its pure form or added to soups, cereals, etc.

Garlic from gastritis

Ginger tea can remove inflammation in the stomach.Tea can be drunk almost unlimited quantities, most importantly, that it is not strong.

Ginger from gastritis

Focal atrophic gastritis treatment

This type of disease is treated with herbs, their infusions and decoctions.Herbal infusions have many useful properties: they relieve stomach spasms, improve the intestinal microflora, accelerate metabolism, have an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.

Which herbs to apply:

  • chamomile;
  • plantain;
  • yarrow;
  • St. John's wort;
  • nettle;
  • calendula;
  • celandine.

Chamomile from gastritis

From herbs are prepared tinctures and decoctions.They can be prepared both from one herb and from combined charges.You can add honey, milk or cream to tinctures.Take them recommended at least 1 glass a day, before meals.

Caution! You should not take a plantain with increased acidity of the stomach.


With gastritis of the stomach, in combination with folk remedies, medicines are used.With an easy form of gastritis or at an initial stage, you can use neutralizing agents:

  • Maalox;
  • Rennie;
  • Vikair;
  • Ranitidir et al

In more complex forms, the doctor can prescribe: Smecta, Almagel, Espumizan, Ganaton, Mezim, as well as antibiotics Ampicilin or Pylobakt-neo.

Important! About what doctor treats gastritis, we already wrote earlier.

Remember that it is not recommended to engage in self-medication, but only after consulting a doctor and with strict adherence to dosages.