Which doctor treats a diabetic foot?

August 27, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

  • is neuropathic, characterized by deformation of the foot, small ulcers and calluses;
  • is ischemic in which the supply of the foot is disturbed by blood, resulting in the development of gangrene;
  • is osteoarthropathic( or mixed) when signs of both forms manifest.

Treatment of the disease

Endocrinologist and podiatrist prescribe a comprehensive treatment of the disease, aimed at eliminating the causes and consequences of the disease, stabilizing the patient's condition, reducing the risk of exacerbation in the future.

  1. First of all, insulin therapy is prescribed.Often this method is the only thing that allows you to keep the limb from amputation.
  2. The doctor also prescribes a course of antibiotics that help cope with infected wounds and promote their rapid healing.
  3. In addition to internal treatment, local foot therapy is also prescribed with antiseptic and stretching ointments, antibiotics.
  4. Drug treatment is provided, with drugs that reduce blood clotting.
  5. Recommendations for foot care are sounded.

The most severe form of the disease is diabetic gangrene, in which the limb is amputated.The amputation is performed by a surgeon.

Recommendations for foot care

It is very important throughout the disease to carefully care for the feet, fix every damage and on time turn to a specialist for assistance.

Foot feet should be inspected every evening for the presence of wounds, cracks, cuts.Much attention should be paid to hard-to-reach places between the fingers.

It is necessary to strictly follow the rules of hygiene: often wash your feet with warm water with baby soap, change your socks every day, and keep the insoles clean.

Baths for treatment

For severe forms of the disease, patients should be given the least possible load on the foot, to lead a sedentary or recumbent lifestyle.

The foot skin should be treated daily with moisturizers so that it does not dry out or crack.Take care that the nails do not grow into the finger and there are suppuration, cut the nails should be very carefully, not under the root.To avoid the occurrence of additional mechanical effects on the foot, the shoes should be selected correctly.

You can not wear too tight or too loose shoes, you may have to exclude wearing sandals and sandals.In no case should you use patches and compresses.When reducing the sensitivity of the legs, it is not recommended to use heating pads and electric heaters.

All wounds and ulcers must be treated on time and regularly by means prescribed by the doctor.Thus, the diabetic foot syndrome requires complex treatment of the endocrinologist, the podiatrist, and in especially difficult situations and the surgeon.