Acute cholecystitis: symptoms, treatment and types

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Acute cholecystitis treatment

In acute cholecystitis, the body tries to remove the destroyed cells and pathogens from the gallbladder.This disease speaks about the immune reaction of the body.Evidence of infection of the gallbladder and the presence of stones in this organ.

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Symptoms of cholecystitis

symptoms of cholecystitis may resemble pancreatitis, appendicitis, cystitis or pyelonephritis.Men and children rarely get sick.The disease often affects middle-aged women.The acute stage of the disease is characterized by a strong and sharp attack of pain in the subcostal area on the right side.Discomfort can be felt in the collarbone or scapula.

Other manifestations of the disease include:

  • belching, bloating, nausea and
    frequent vomiting;
  • fever, chills;
  • the patient has no appetite;
  • on the tongue appears a light coating, the mucous membranes of the mouth are parched;
  • pressure is high, the pulse is rapid.

Acute cholecystitis symptoms

Important! Vomit is a bitter colorless or dark green substance with a lot of bile.

Causes of

The main cause of acute cholecystitis is bacterial infections.Blood flow can transfer into the gallbladder disease-causing organisms from any internal organ.Which provokes a strong inflammation.

Disturbances in the drainage system of the organ lead to stagnation of bile.Destructive processes begin, foci arise inflammation in the walls of the gallbladder.

Excessive consumption of harmful food and alcohol, a deficiency of fiber in the diet - all this can provoke congestion of bile and acute cholecystitis.

Female causes of the disease:

  • sudden changes in body weight - diet, a constant desire to lose weight, overweight;
  • pregnancy - any woman who was in an interesting situation at least once, falls into a risk group;
  • oral contraceptives and prolonged estrogen therapy.

Diabetics and people with gastrointestinal problems are prone to biliary disc disease.Therefore, it is necessary to undergo regular diagnostics for the detection of stones in the biliary tract.

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Acute calculous

Calculous is called a special form of cholecystitis, which is characterized by the presence of stones in the bladder and bile ducts.Acute cystic cholecystitis is considered to be the most common abdominal ailment.Often accompanied by complications and concomitant ailments.

There is a disease due to a penetrated infection and a violation of the process of outflow of bile.Also, the disease can be caused by atherosclerosis, changes in the vessels of the gallbladder, damage to the mucous membrane.

Acute calculous

  1. The sharp form is characterized by a sharp pain that increases with physical activity.
  2. Vomiting reflex, repeated, persistent nausea.
  3. In acute form, the disease lasts several weeks.Then it goes into a chronic stage.

Acute phlegmonous

The phlegmonous form is the logical continuation of catarrhal cholecystitis.The inflammatory process begins in all layers of the bladder, pus is formed.

  1. Pain is intense, constant, intensified during breathing and body position changes.
  2. All signs of intoxication are sharply expressed.

Important! This type of disease requires urgent surgical intervention.

Acute tubeless

A characteristic feature is the absence of stones in the biliary tract.The disease is only infectious.It differs in the nature of pain.The pain is constant, drawing, poorly expressed.It is accompanied by a burning sensation in the right hypochondrium.

Sometimes the pain syndrome manifests itself differently.Attacks of pain are short-lived and very intense.

Important! Any form of cholecystitis is accompanied by leukocytosis and elevated ESR.A clinical blood test is required.

Complications of the disease

Acute form can cause the following concomitant diseases:

  • strong inflammatory processes - a large amount of pus accumulates in the bladder cavity, the patient constantly fever, the pain is strong and constant;
  • organ perforation - often accompanies acute calculous cholecystitis.Begins necrosis of the walls of the bladder, spikes are formed;
  • abscess - suppuration occurs in the gallbladder and surrounding tissues;
  • purulent peritonitis - pus breaks into the abdominal cavity;
  • pancreatitis - inflammation from the bladder passes to the pancreas;
  • jaundice - appears due to blockage of the bile duct and stagnation of bile.Blood raises bilirubin, the skin and mucous membranes acquire icteric color, there is a strong itch.

Complications of the disease

Extreme, but extremely rare stage of cholecystitis is gangrene.

Acute cholecystitis in children

Cholecystitis in children is caused by pathogens - cocci, E. coli, proteas.The disease develops against a background of giardiasis of the biliary tract and helminthic invasion.Previously transferred angina, appendicitis, influenza, scarlet fever can provoke the appearance of acute cholecystitis.

Non-compliance with diet, carbohydrate and fatty foods, deficit of vegetables negatively affects the health of the child.What also can lead to the occurrence of cholecystitis.

When a disease occurs, children complain of bitterness in the mouth, they lose their appetite, the stool becomes unstable.But the main sign is pain under the ribs on the right side, nausea and vomiting.

Antibiotics( penicillin, levomycetin, erythromycin) are used for treatment.

In pregnant women

Acute cholecystitis is diagnosed in every third pregnant woman.Uterus, increasing in size, presses internal organs.Bile stagnation begins, stones are formed.Another cause is a bacterial infection that enters the bile ducts.

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Cholecystitis can appear in any trimester of pregnancy.Circumstances provoking the appearance of the disease:

  • poor appetite, overeating;
  • no physical activity;
  • weak immunity;
  • foci of infection( dysbiosis, hepatitis);
  • stresses and depressive states.

A pregnant woman suffering from cholecystitis must adhere to the strictest diet.Also, the doctor prescribes the administration of choleretic preparations( xylitol, sorbitol).These drugs also help to avoid constipation.

Acute cholecystitis in pregnant women

Important! During pregnancy, cholecystitis may have a not very pronounced pain syndrome.Therefore, with the slightest discomfort on the right side, you should consult your doctor.

How to provide first aid for acute cholecystitis?

  1. Ensure patient peace.
  2. Completely eliminate food intake.
  3. Apply cold to the area of ​​the right hypochondrium.
  4. Call a physician.

Treatment at home

In addition to adherence to diet and medication at home, you can do tjubazh.

For this, it is necessary to slightly warm a glass of mineral water without gas, add 15 g of xylitol( sorbitol, magnesia).Lie on a warm hot water bottle on your right side.Duration of the procedure is 1,5-2 hours.Do tjubazh need in the morning on an empty stomach, every 3 days.The course consists of 10 procedures.

When approaching pain, you can take a coniferous non-hot bath.Stay in the water should not be more than a quarter of an hour.

Important! Do not forget to move any more - it helps a normal outflow of bile.Jogging, slopes, bar exercises are indicated for cholecystitis.

Medical treatment

Medical treatment necessarily includes the use of antibiotics.Antibiotics are prescribed from the group of cephalosporins( cefixime, ceftibutene) and fluoroquinolones( moxifloxacin).

Important! Reception of antibiotics can not stop the destructive process in the walls of the gallbladder.Since the acute form of cholecystitis blood supply to the body is violated.Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose the disease in time.

Other groups of medications:

  • antispasmodics - no-spa, papaverine( better in the form of candles);
  • for the stimulation of bile outflow - hofitol, cholagol;
  • normalizing peristalsis - cerucal;
  • enzymes - mezim, festal.

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What folk remedies can be used to treat

Taking natural remedies helps prevent stagnation of bile in the bladder.

Salt with lemon juice

  1. Take 1 lemon, squeeze out the juice.
  2. Add 15 g of large salt.
  3. Mix ingredients with 1 liter of warm water.

Drink before breakfast.

Salt with lemon juice from cholecystitis

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With calculous cholecystitis, it is necessary to drink 110 ml of pickled cabbage brine before each meal.Duration of treatment - 2 months.

Honey and lemon


  • honey natural - 1 l;
  • olive oil - 200 ml;
  • lemon - 4 pcs.

Cleaned lemons with a blender.Mix all the ingredients.Take 40 ml of medication three times a day for half an hour before meals.


Phytotherapy ranks first among traditional medicine.

The most effective herb is calendula - it is used in many medicinal preparations.To prepare the broth, 15 grams of grass should be poured into 210 ml of boiling water.The therapeutic drug must be drunk daily in 3 divided doses.

Decoction of calendula from acute cholecystitis

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Similarly, you can prepare a medicine from a simpleton.

Treatment charge:

  • Dill seeds - 15 g;
  • peppermint leaves - 15 g;
  • hawthorn berries - 10 g;
  • chamomile - 5 g.

All components are mixed, pour 270 ml of water.Hold the broth on a water bath for half an hour.Eat 65 ml twice a day.

Diabetes Disease

During the exacerbation, the patient is shown hunger and drinking warm or curative mineral water.In the future, it is necessary to adhere to a fractional diet, arrange unloading days( milk, fruit, rice).Drink broth of dogrose before breakfast.

What you can eat:

  • dried bread;
  • light soups;
  • lean meat and fish - it is better to boil them or bake them in one piece;
  • vegetable fats;
  • omelette egg yolks( raw or cooked soft-boiled);
  • products with high content of magnesium salts - buckwheat groats, vegetables.

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What is not allowed - smoked and fatty foods, very cold food, sour berries, vegetables and fruits, beans, by-products.Completely eliminate alcohol.

Doctors knowingly devote so much time to proper nutrition.Healthy food allows you to avoid health problems and surgical intervention.Useful habits are much cheaper than any treatment.