Hepatitis C: symptoms and treatment

August 26, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

Get rid of hepatitis C at home

Previously, all types of hepatitis had one name - jaundice( Botkin's disease).Then the virus was typed.And now, for each has a specific letter - from A to F. The most common and dangerous form of the disease is hepatitis C.

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Hepatitis C - it

Hepatitis C relates to infectious diseases of the liver.The virus can enter the body of every person.The number of cases increases annually, mostly affecting young people.The peculiarity of this virus is the ability to mutate and genetically change.

Currently, there are 6 main genotypes of the virus.But in the human body, they begin to change, which leads to the formation of numerous subspecies.It is this activity of the virus that makes it difficult to diagnose and treat hepatitis

C. While protective functions of the body produce one body, new subspecies with other properties appear.

Hepatitis C is on the list of socially significant, chronic infectious diseases.The ailment reduces the working capacity of people.The disease can not be controlled, since there is no effective vaccine.Chronic hepatitis C is the leader among indications for liver transplantation.

Important! Disease can only be determined by clinical and instrumental examination.

Symptoms and signs

disease Hepatitis C is damaged not only the liver, but also to many other internal organs( kidney, bladder), the metabolism, there are failures in the immune system.Often patients who complain of general weakness, malaise do not connect these complaints with liver disease.

Treating Hepatitis C at Home

Among the clinical manifestations of hepatitis C can be noted:

  • patient becomes less active, constantly has a feeling of weakness and lethargy;
  • appetite decreases, may start an aversion to food;
  • in the right hypochondrium feels discomfort and a feeling of bursting.The doctor reveals an enlarged spleen and liver when palpating;The
  • patient can constantly fever.

This type of hepatitis also has extrahepatic symptoms, which are manifested by rheumatoid inflammations.Also, patients complain of visual impairment.Often externally hepatitis manifests itself in the form of a red flat lichen.These signs are not determinative.But further examination confirms the relationship of these symptoms and the destruction of the liver.

The disease occurs without any symptoms.Such patients are reservoirs for the virus, carriers of the disease.Hepatitis C is the same in men and women.The consequences of the disease may not appear immediately, but only after a long period of time.

Important! Jaundice coloration of the covers is almost uncommon for hepatitis C. Sometimes it can appear for a short period of time.

Causes Hepatitis

main cause of the disease - a negligent attitude to their own health and the failure to comply with sanitary norms in medical institutions.

  1. The greatest risk of infection in people who use injecting drugs.And also those who were given blood transfusion before 1987
  2. Sexually transmitted infections can be extremely rare.But with the constant change of partners and illegible sexual relations, the risk of contracting hepatitis C increases several times.
  3. In negligent mothers, the virus can be transmitted to the child during pregnancy.When observing the rules and recommendations of the doctor, the child is born healthy.

We treat hepatitis C at home

Unfortunately, infection often occurs in dental offices and hospitals.In this case, a healthy person contacts infected biological material.

Pathways of infection:

  • different kinds of injections;
  • blood transfusion;
  • dental treatment;
  • hemodialysis.

How many live with hepatitis C

Timely diagnosis and taking prescribed medications increases the chance of recovery.Modern medications can completely remove from the body the antibodies of the virus within a few years.

The chronic stage of the disease lasts from 10 to 30 years.After that, the liver starts irreversible destructive processes, the result of which is cirrhosis.This development of the disease is typical in every 5 cases.

Important! The average age of patients is 30 years.Fatal changes occur in the body in 40-60 years.

The number of recovered patients is approximately 15%.At the same time, immunity is not produced, the probability of repeated infection remains rather high.

Pharmacists make comforting predictions of the soon emergence of drugs that can help almost every patient with hepatitis C. Some drugs will be registered with the state in the near future.

Can hepatitis C be cured?With acute form of hepatitis, a 6-patient chance of complete cure is present.In other cases, the asymptomatic chronic stage begins to develop.Cirrhosis and liver cancer develop.

Methods of treatment of hepatitis C

As passed

The virus enters the bloodstream, then into the liver bypassing the digestive tract.The main way of infection is an intravenous injection, made with a dirty syringe.Therefore, this disease is very common among drug addicts.Virtually 90% of people who are addicted to heroin are potential spreaders of the virus.Also many patients with hepatitis among prisoners.

  1. The next way of infection is sexual intercourse without means of protection.But the probability of getting hepatitis in this case is no more than 3%.
  2. In addition to dirty needles, you can get infected in beauty salons and medical institutions when using dirty tools.

Important! The hepatitis C virus is not transmitted by airborne droplets.Handshakes.Implications with the patient are absolutely safe.

Many people ask the doctor, how can you get hepatitis C?A small chance of infection exists when performing a piercing or tattoo.There is a risk of infection during medical manipulations, if sanitary norms are not observed.

Medical personnel are at risk - they can get infected by contact with an infected patient.But this is possible only if the medic has open scratches or skin lesions.

The number of cases of hepatitis after the blood transfusion now does not exceed 4%.Previously, this figure was significantly higher, because the blood was not purified so thoroughly.

Important! The hepatitis C virus is very resistant.It retains its activity on any surface for about four days.

Hepatitis C in children, symptoms and treatment

Children can become infected with hepatitis in the womb.In adolescence, the cause of the disease can be contact with infected blood, various medical and surgical injections.The duration of the incubation period is 7-8 weeks.

We treat hepatitis C in children


  • pain syndrome with abdominal and joint localization;
  • prolonged temperature increase within 37-38 degrees;
  • change of color of urine - it foams, it becomes dark;
  • feces becomes almost colorless;
  • shows signs of intoxication - vomiting, nausea.

Important! Cirrhosis, bleeding, hepatic and renal insufficiency develops in children more often than in adults.

  1. Treatment is performed using antiviral drugs and immunomodulators( urosan).
  2. To prevent the development of the chronic stage, interferon derivatives - viferon, ribavirin - are assigned.
  3. Children older than three years are shown taking recombinant tterferon-alpha.Children under 2 years of age are not eligible for antiviral therapy.

The duration of therapy is 6-12 months.

Hepatitis in pregnant women

Acute phase of the disease occurs without any symptoms.It is possible to detect hepatitis C during pregnancy only clinically.For this, several times you will have to take a blood test.

With this form of hepatitis, intrauterine infection is not typical.A child from an infected mother can be born absolutely healthy.

The acute stage of the disease is a contraindication for the artificial termination of pregnancy.When a threat of miscarriage, doctors make every effort to preserve the fetus.

We treat hepatitis C in pregnancy

  1. Treatment with antiviral drugs( interreon, ribavirin) during pregnancy is prohibited.These drugs negatively affect the development of the child.
  2. Pregnant women can be shown safe hepatoprotectors( hofitol, karsil).The main attention is paid to diet compliance.

Important! It is possible to identify the virus using a blood test within a week after the possible infection.

Treatment with medicines

Treating hepatitis is long, difficult and expensive.Even diagnosing a disease is sometimes difficult.In the blood, only traces of the virus can be detected, and the pathogen itself can not be detected, it is in an inactive stage.

The basis of treatment is a combination of two antiviral drugs - interferon-alpha and ribavirin.With contraindications, one of the drugs may be prescribed, but treatment will become less effective.

Drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C

Drugs that are capable of restoring liver cells( hepatoprotectors) - fandetoks, karsil, Essentiale forte - are mandatory.

Drugs based on ursodeoxycholic acid( urosan, lividakes) are not toxic, they can increase the patient's endurance, relieve him of weakness and irritability.

Urosan with hepatitis C

Among new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C, mention may be made of sophosbuvir and daklatasfir.Clinical trials were conducted in America, showed high efficacy and a small number of side effects( 98% of patients recovered).But treatment with these drugs is very expensive.

Treatment with folk remedies


The best natural remedy for treating hepatitis is honey water.

  1. For its preparation it is necessary to dissolve 15 ml of honey in a glass of warm water.
  2. The medicine is drunk at a volley 2.5 hours before meals.

Honey with hepatitis C

Good for chronic hepatitis.Treatment should be done 2 times a year for 60 days.


This plant is one of the most effective for the treatment of hepatitis.From the seeds you can prepare a decoction.

  1. Raw materials to grind in a coffee grinder.
  2. Take 45 g of powder, pour 500 ml of boiling water.
  3. Keep in a water bath, the liquid should evaporate halfway.Pass
  4. through a fine sieve.

Milk thistle from hepatitis C

The broth is taken after a meal of 15 ml three times a day.Treatment should be continued for 30 to 60 days.

Siberian medicine

Black radish grate, squeeze out the juice.Mix 1 liter of the resulting juice with 500 ml of natural honey.Take 3 times a day for 30 ml.

Similarly, a medicine is prepared from cranberries.

Black radish with hepatitis C


  1. Restores liver tissue, saturates them with oxygen.
  2. Boil and cool 3 liters of water.
  3. Add 3 g of mummy.
  4. Drink 220 ml three times a day for 10 days.

You need to use the medicine strictly 30 minutes before the start of the meal.

Mummy with hepatitis C

Diet for hepatitis C

For hepatitis, it is very important to follow a special diet that aims to reduce the load on the liver, getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from the food.

Under the ban, fried, sweet and heavy food, sauces and mayonnaise.Also, smoked and salted dishes, spinach, sorrel and beans should be excluded.Feeding should be frequent, fractional and regular.Fats must be of vegetable origin.

Diet for hepatitis C

Allowed products:

  • light vegetarian soups, buckwheat and oatmeal;
  • meat and fish dishes from low-fat varieties baked, steam;
  • dairy products with low fat content - cheese, not sour cottage cheese, kefir;
  • fried vegetables;
  • fruit and berry fruit drinks, compotes.

You can cook a variety of casseroles and puddings.And as a dessert, use dried fruits.

Important! A fresh and fresh carrot juice is a universal and affordable remedy for all liver diseases.

Prevention of disease

The virus becomes inactive after two minutes of boiling.Also, it is destroyed by direct irradiation with ultraviolet for at least 10 minutes.

Vaccination for hepatitis

Preventative measures of hepatitis are quite simple:

  • not to consume alcohol and drugs;
  • not to use other people's hygiene supplies, to instill this habit to children;
  • undergo hepatitis B vaccination;
  • do not hesitate to ask to conduct all dangerous medical manipulations with only one-time instruments;
  • visit only proven beauty salons.

Hepatitis C often results in death.While medicine does not have reliable preventive measures.But everyone can take care of their own health and safety.