Phimosis in boys: treatment at home

August 24, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

Often boys of the age of up to three to five years on routine preventive medical checkups are diagnosed as phimosis.Usually it does not mean anything terrible, this condition is the norm in newborn boys and passes with age without treatment.However, it is important to be able to distinguish a harmless growth feature from a pathology that can lead to serious consequences.

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Childishphimosis what is it

phimosis - a state of fusion of the foreskin to the glans adhesions, or - adhesions that prevent free exit of the head.Physiological phimosis in boys-infants is normal, only in a very small number of infants the head opens freely at once.There is an opinion that such a fusion at a small age is necessary to protect the body from harmful bact


Up to three years no conservative treatment or surgeries are performed, during this time the problem should be solved by itself.Further, medical intervention may be necessary, but not in all cases.If the fusion of the extremely flesh does not cause discomfort, does not interfere with urination, therapy can be delayed.

Pathological phimosis

Pathological phimosis is a condition where the fusion of the foreskin causes pain and prevents normal functioning.Pathological phimosis is divided into two groups:

  1. Cicatricial phimosis.This form is also called atrophic.With her the foreskin loses its elasticity due to the formation of scars.
  2. Hypertrophic phimosis.This form is characterized by an excess of tissues of the foreskin, which prevents the exit of the head.

Treatment of both forms of the disease is similar.The main indicators of the need for intervention are some of the symptoms.

Reasons for

There are a number of reasons why this disease develops.

  1. Congenital phimosis occurs with certain disorders in the formation of organs.This is the most common case of the disease.
  2. Injuries to the reproductive organ, the effects of poor healing after surgery.In this case, connective tissue forms scars, reducing the elasticity of the foreskin and causing its narrowing.
  3. Balanoposthitis.This inflammatory disease can be the cause and the consequence of phimosis.With extensive lesions, there is a possibility of narrowing of the foreskin.

Photo of phimosis in boys

In most cases, the appearance of this condition in very young children can not be affected, since it is normal at a certain stage.It is important to maintain hygiene so that complications do not arise.

Symptoms and signs

There are a number of symptoms that indicate that it is necessary to consult a doctor in a condition resembling phimosis.

  1. The difficulty of trying to open the head of the penis, the inability to do so is the main symptom, but not always an indication for urgent intervention.
  2. Violations, difficulty in urinating.It becomes painful, in some cases almost impossible.In young children, this is sometimes accompanied by increased nervousness and sleep disorders.
  3. Painful sensations in erections in older children.This symptom can go unnoticed if the relationship between children and parents is not sufficiently trustworthy.

Symptoms of phimosis in boys

Important! If you do not see a doctor if you have these symptoms, the likelihood of developing more unpleasant complications.

Than the disease

is dangerous

The greatest danger is the complications of this disease, it is much more unpleasant and harder to deal with their therapy.


Balanoposthitis is an inflammatory process in the foreskin and glans penis.It arises from the accumulation of smegma - a specific secretion, the remains of urine and other secretions, the reproduction of bacteria in them.Normally, with careful maintenance of hygiene, this problem does not arise, but with phimosis a full toilet can not be performed, which leads to inflammation.

For balanoposthitis the following symptoms are typical:

  • itching, painful sensations;
  • redness of the head and tissues around;
  • purulent discharge.

Look at what the balanoposthitis( photos) can lead to in boys.

Balanoposthitis symptoms

Balanoposthitis is the reason to call a doctor immediately.

Acute urinary retention

More common in very young children as a reaction to pain in phimosis.The child can not perform an act of urination, palpation of the lower abdomen feels a strained filled bladder.

Acute urinary retention is a dangerous condition that requires urgent care.Usually, they try to achieve urine withdrawal by local means, in some cases, a catheter is required.


Paraphimosis is the result of too gross, unsuccessful attempts to remove the glans penis from the foreskin.It arises from the constriction of the limb with the foreskin, which causes painful sensations.

Important! In no case should you try to separate the soldered skin on phimosis independently.

There is a squeezing of the blood vessels, the tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen.Therefore, without timely therapy for paraphimosis, gangrene or necrosis of the penis may begin.This can lead to removal of the organ.

Paraphimosis symptoms

The main signs of paraphimosis:

  • swelling of the glans penis;
  • severe pain.

It is also likely full fusion of the foreskin tissues, which makes access to the head impossible.In this case, surgical intervention is necessary.

How to treat

The tactics of treating phimosis depends on the shape and severity of the disease.There are conservative methods of therapy that do not require surgery, and surgical methods.They are used when local techniques become ineffective, usually surgery is avoided.

Home treatment without surgery

In the treatment of phimosis at home, various methods are used, sometimes they are combined.

  1. Mechanical extension of the foreskin with a light stretch on the glans penis.It is also used in young children with mild disease severity.Do this carefully, trying not to damage the organ and not cause pain.At occurrence of easy unpleasant sensations of exercise stop.It is better to do this after bathing, in warm water the tissues become more elastic.
  2. Hydrocortisone ointment.This remedy is used much less often, mainly in adults, because hormonal ointments have quite an aggressive effect and a lot of contraindications.Without the appointment of a doctor, it is not recommended to use it.
  3. Vaseline in phimosis can be used to soften the foreskin and carry out the stretching procedure.
  4. Solution of furacilin or manganese.Usually used when inflammation occurs.A careful washing of the foreskin is done, then stretching exercises are continued.

Treatment of phimosis at home

Important! Before treatment, consult a doctor.

Surgical intervention

Surgery is required if complications or ineffectiveness of conservative agents occur.

Usually do circumcision - circumcision of the foreskin.Sometimes this operation is done to prevent the development of phimosis and other inflammatory diseases of the penis.In the course of the operation, the extra foreskin is removed, the head is released.It is important to remember that after the intervention, it is even more necessary to carry out hygiene procedures until complete healing.

Treatment of phimosis by surgery

Traditional treatment

Folk remedies will help speed up the treatment process and can act as a local anesthetic, because most children can not take drugs.

  1. Chamomile.This plant has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.Based on the infusion of camomile can make baths and lotions.A spoonful of dried grass should be poured with a glass of boiling water and insisted for five hours.After you need to strain.
  2. Calendula.It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.You need to take a teaspoon of dried flowers of a plant, pour a glass of hot water, insist for about an hour.Then with the received solution to do or make trays.

Treatment of phimosis with chamomile

The main thing is to make sure that the baths are not too hot, it's better to cool the broths completely.The procedure should not last more than 15-20 minutes.After it, you should do exercises to stretch the foreskin.

Important! Allergies to medicinal plants may occur, in this case, people's means should be abandoned.


It is impossible to protect against the physiological form of the disease, this is normal for most young children.It is necessary to prevent the development of a pathological form and the appearance of inflammation, then the probability that the problem with age will be solved by itself is extremely high.

Keep the genitals of a young child clean at all times.After changing the diaper necessarily wash.It should be done from the front to the back, otherwise the likelihood of getting the infection rises.

Do not try to move the foreskin if it does not give way.This can cause pain and anxiety in the baby, in the worst case there is paraphimosis.

Subsequently, you need to teach your child to keep the body clean.It is worth remembering that the probability of developing pathological phimosis remains at any age, but the older a person is, the more it depends on his cleanliness and accuracy.

If you follow these simple rules, physiological phimosis will never go into a pathological form.