Tea Mushroom - photo

August 12, 2017 15:32 | Healing Herbs

Tea mushroom

A tea mushroom is an amazing gift of nature that has many useful properties for the body.It has been used for many years, it quickly adapts to a variety of conditions and is not whimsical.However, when starting this miracle, it is necessary to remember that for a person it must become a "friend", who needs proper care.The article will describe in detail the tea mushroom, the photos will clearly show how it looks and in what conditions it must be maintained.

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Medusomycet that this

The jellyfish, Japanese or tea mushroom, all these namesmeduzomitsetu belong.His body looks like a convex film, consisting of several layers of the mucous body.It has a round shape, its edges slightly exfoliated and they evenly hang.It consists of y

east and vinegar bacteria, which help the fungus to successfully develop and reproduce.Thanks to these amazing substances, he acquires useful components that are necessary for the human body.

Medusomycete has a pleasant taste, which combines several interesting notes.It has a sweet and sour taste, and is slightly aerated.A unique taste is obtained due to yeast bacteria that enter into an active reaction with sugar.Thus, carbonic microorganisms change the formed alcohol to vinegar.A photo of a healthy fungus is located below.

The tea jellyfish floats on the surface of the liquid.She feels great in a solution made on the basis of tea and sugar.In the process of its life, a unique organism fills the tea infusion with useful ingredients.Among the effective substances, there are:

  • enzymes;
  • vitamins;
  • alcohol;
  • organic acids;
  • caffeine.

Thanks to its useful ingredients, the Japanese fungus is widely used in alternative medicine.


Tea mushroom pictures

Photo of a tea mushroom

Preparing the jellyfish at home

As the mushroom grows, the fungus forms several layers or "children".Once a month, they need to be separated from each other, so it multiplies rapidly.His "baby" can be taken from people involved in their breeding.To grow a jellyfish, you will need:

  • glass container( 3 l);
  • fresh water;
  • tea leaves;
  • granulated sugar;
  • "baby".

How to fill a tea mushroom?Initially, you need to make tea.To do this, take the tea leaves and pour it with boiling water, keeping the proportion of 3 tbsp.Tablespoons / 1 liter.In brewed hot tea, dissolve 100 g of sugar and allow time to cool down.At this time, you need to make glassware.The jar is thoroughly washed, preferably without detergent, and dried.

Cold tea is poured into a 3 liter jar, leaving 1/6 of the free space.Such actions will protect the jellyfish from damage.Medusomycete is thoroughly washed under cool running water and placed in a container.If necessary, carefully add tea, but not up to the top.Photo of a tea mushroom in a can, can be seen in the article.

Important! The tea mushroom must grow and develop only in glassware.So he will be completely healthy and will keep all the medicinal components.

The Japanese mushroom is a living thing, therefore it needs a regular influx of fresh air.The bottle should not be covered with a plastic lid.The dish should be covered with clean gauze.It effectively protects the healing drink from insects and dust.

Store the infusion in a dark place where a stable temperature is maintained.In summer, the healing drink will be ready, in 3 days.In winter, you have to wait 5 days.A tea drink is placed in the refrigerator.

Preparation of tea jellyfish at home

Care rules

How does the fungus grow?To jellyfish retain its properties for a long time, it needs proper care.After getting ready kvass, the mushroom needs to be thoroughly washed and cooked with fresh sweet tea.Without regular feeding, it quickly loses useful properties and eventually die.The solution is poured into the jar and the mushroom is placed there.The bottle must be stored at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° C, but not lower than + 17 ° C.

Important! The healing properties of the tea fungus will increase if it is filled with green tea.In the infusion, you can add leaves of nettle, raspberry, cowberry or black currant.Having put in a brew several fruits of a dogrose, the drink will get additional useful substances.

Diseases of the tea fungus

The tea jellyfish has an effective self-defense system, as it generates antibiotics in the process of vital activity.Also has a high level of acidity( pH), which protects it from harmful microorganisms.Unfortunately, not the right care leads to a variety of diseases.How does a sick mushroom look, you can see in the photos.Among the main ailments there are:

  • mechanical damages( tears, incisions, punctures, through holes).Such a state of his is not critical.The fungus must be placed in a saturated tea solution, so that it only covers the liquid.Over time, a new young layer will appear on the damaged site;
  • infection with mold.The disease is rare, but with improper care, everything can happen.To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to wash hands before using the mushroom procedures and apply clean dishes.The bottle must be protected from dust and insects, the poet puts a gauze on her neck.It is important to comply with the temperature regime.If the infection does happen, then the mushroom should be rinsed and the top layer removed from it.The container is thoroughly washed and boiled.After that, fresh tea is prepared and the jellyfish is placed there;
  • formation of gray-green microorganisms.Such a disease signals a violation of the technological process.Usually appears due to the penetration of direct sun rays or a lowered temperature;
  • presence of insects.Especially dangerous are the midges, since they are attracted by the smell and beneficial substances of the fungus.To avoid their penetration, the container must be tightly closed with a breathable cloth;
  • burn on the surface of the mucous membrane, may appear due to poorly dissolved sugar crystals.

Proper care will ensure the long existence of the Japanese fungus.However, if it is in solution, then its surface will begin to darken, which symbolizes the disease.If the jellyfish stops eating regularly, the liquid turns into acetic acid, which gradually erodes the mucous surface.The tea mushroom floats sideways, this is the last stage of his disease, after which he sinks to the bottom and dies.

Photo of a sick medusomician

Photo of a sick medusomician

Useful properties and contraindications to the Japanese fungus

With proper care, the medusomycete retains useful properties that restore health.In the course of careful research it turned out that it effectively helps with such ailments:

  • restores the digestive system;
  • eliminates infectious diseases( sore throat, ARI, stomatitis);
  • effectively removes excess weight, so it is included in diets;
  • normalizes the blood pressure level;
  • therapy of atherosclerosis and anemia;
  • strengthens the hair;
  • promotes healthy sleep;
  • cures alcoholism;
  • is used in cosmetology( skin care for hands and feet, and also relieves acne and acne on the face).

Tea fungus has long been widely used in folk medicine, in the countries of the East.Today, this miraculous organism spread in our country.It is important to use it regularly for the prevention and treatment of diseases.Qualitative results will not be long in coming.

The tea jellyfish has a rich chemical composition, so it has practically no contraindications.However, it is important to drink with caution to those who suffer from such diseases:

  • stomach and duodenal ulcer;
  • gastritis, with high acidity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • is a chronic fungal disease.

Such kvass should be drunk with caution to those who have allergies to any of its components.Drink is necessary in acceptable standards, as its acidic environment destroys the tooth enamel.