Complex of exercises for the eyes with astigmatism

August 24, 2017 23:00 | Secondary Headaches

1 General recommendations

Gymnastics for eyes with astigmatism requires compliance with certain rules, without which it can be, not only is not effective, but also dangerous for vision:

  • Regularity.In order for exercises to bring at least some result, you need to perform them regularly, and best of all throughout life.This method is not only the treatment of astigmatism, but also the prevention of many diseases.
  • Lighting.Performing eye exercises with astigmatism is not necessary in the dim light, but in a well-lit room, natural lighting is best.
  • Mode.Do exercises in the morning and evening, with the same number of approaches.In the first case, it will help the eyes to wake up and get ready for work, in the second - to relax and relieve tension for the day.
  • Break.Between the execution of individual elements, you must skip five seconds, blink and then continue.
  • Rule "8".Scientists have proved that it is necessary to perform one element exactly 8 times.For example, if the exercise sounds like "loo
    k up and then down", you need to look up 8 times and look down 8 times.It is this amount that is effective and at the same time prevents the eyes from overextending.
  • Do not move your head.Do not need to turn your head after the pupils, from such exercises it will not make sense.Rotations of the head or trunk should be done only if it is indicated in the instructions for the exercise.

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Picture 1

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So, before you start directly to perform the exercises, you need to prepare.To do this, you need to sit down, preferably on a chair or chair( something with a back).Then you need to take a few deep breaths and exhale, relax, squeeze your eyes tight and open your eyes.It is necessary to turn the head to the right, to the left, forward and back, to twist your head, thus stretching your neck.

Charge for the eyes should not take place on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal.It is best to do it two hours after the main meal or an hour after a snack.Before you start, you need to drink a glass of clean water.

When doing exercises in the morning, you should wash yourself, if gymnastics is in the evening - remove makeup and contact lenses.All exercises are done without glasses and without extraneous elements inside or near the eye.

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2 The essence of the activities

Gymnastics with astigmatism consists of two main parts: relaxing and firming.From the name it is clear that the relaxing part helps relieve the load, and the strengthening part is tonic and, in fact, corrects the vision.Exercises:

  1. View up and down without raising your head.Exercise should be done without straining the eyeball, continuing to move as if to the crown of the head or to the chin.The head should look straight, the back is straight.
  2. View to the right and to the left.The same exercise as the first, but in this case, the direction of the view to the right, as well as to the left ear, respectively.
  3. Rotate pupils in a circle in two approaches: first clockwise, then against.The head can not be tilted or lowered.Repeat 8 times per approach.This exercise is often called the "dial", because it is easier to perform if you represent the clock in front of you.You need to take as large a radius as possible, without straining your eyes.
  4. Perform the exercise "dial", lowering the eyelids.
  5. Exercise "inverted hourglass".The view is first to the upper right corner, down, then to the upper left corner then down again.Repeat 8 times in three sets with eyes open.As a result, you will get a figure that resembles an inverted hourglass or bow.
  6. Exercise "eight" is very popular.Such an exercise should be performed not only during charging for the eyes, but also simply if the tension in the eyeball is felt.You should make a movement in the form of a figure eight eight times in two approaches, and as many times in the form of a sign of infinity.Approaches differ from each other in the direction, first you need to do clockwise, then against.
  7. Look at the tip of the nose, then straight, marking the surroundings around him( objects, colors, movement), in the middle of the nose, straight again, and at the point between the eyebrows.


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3 Completion of the gym

In order for the gymnastics to be of use, you need to finish it correctly:

  1. Close your eyes and relax.Slowly open and blink.Repeat three times.
  2. Close your eyes with your hands, do not skip the light, blink, open your eyes.
  3. With your finger pads, massage your eyes.First clockwise, then against, down and up.
  4. With the same fingertips, gently tap on the eyes, creating a rain effect.
  5. Blink.
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