Effective drugs in the treatment of brain concussion in men and women

August 24, 2017 23:00 | Secondary Headaches

1 Medical indications

Before treating brain concussion in adults and children, it is necessary to find out the cause of the development of a severe condition:

  • domestic trauma;
  • accident.

It is difficult to tolerate this disease in the elderly, as the following complications may occur:

  • dementia;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • amnesia.

Since the brain consists of soft tissues and membranes, a sharp movement or stroke changes the structure of the GM.This causes a hematoma, blood vessels burst, normal blood supply stops.

Child neurologists identify the following factors that contribute to brain concussion in children:

  • an undeveloped sense of danger in a particular situation;
  • no fear;
  • imperfection of motility.

The older the child, the better parents can recognize the signs of the disease.Infants may have the following symptoms:

  • loss of consciousness;
  • refusal of food;
  • constant crying;
  • high body temperature;
  • vomiting.

With concussion in adults, the following symptoms appear:

  • vision impaired;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • coordination problem.

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If after the trauma of the skull the above symptoms have appeared, then it is recommended to seek help from a neurologist or traumatologist.To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor examines the patient using the following techniques:

  • CT;
  • MRI;
  • ultrasound;
  • electroencephalogram;
  • radiography.

2 Treatment methods

Treatment is prescribed by a physician taking into account the severity of a skull injury:

  1. Light degree - pathological signs are observed within 15-20 minutes after injury.Consciousness is not violated.Treatment is not prescribed, but the doctor must examine the patient.
  2. Medium degree - the symptoms of disorientation after a trauma to the skull are observed for 20 minutes.Consciousness is not violated.
  3. Severe degree - the consciousness is disturbed, pathological symptoms appear within a few days after trauma, amnesia is observed.

Treatment of concussion of the GM is aimed at normalization of brain functions, removal of pain syndrome, recovery of sleep.Therapy in children includes:

  • treatment of wounds on the head surgically( if any);
  • adherence to a special mode;
  • oxygen therapy;
  • drug therapy( diuretics, nootropic tablets, vitamins);
  • symptomatic treatment( analgesic tablets, preparations for vomiting).

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Therapy for trauma to the skull includes the following drugs:

  • analgesics;
  • hypnotics;
  • sedative tablets.

If a headache strongly affects the brain, then they appoint Baralgin, Sedalgin, Maxigan.At dizziness it is recommended to drink Betaserk, Belloid.What to do if the head is dizzy and vomiting, the treating doctor will tell.

Before treating a concussion at home using Papaverine injection, you should consult your doctor.Dosage is selected in each case individually.Of the sedatives are shown Corvalol, Valocordinum, Leonurus.

With shaking, GM is taking tranquilizers( Nozepam, Sibazon, Rudotel).From insomnia appoint Phenobarbital or Reladorm.Often to normalize sleep take diphenhydramine.Symptomatic treatment is performed in combination with metabolic and vascular therapy.

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3 Additional therapeutic actions

To quickly restore the functions of GM nootropic( Aminalon, Encephabol) combined with vasotropic drugs( Cavinton, Sermion).In case of trauma to the skull, the following treatment regimen is used:

  • Cavinton;
  • Nootropil or Stugeron;
  • Encephalbol.

The course of treatment lasts 1-2 months.To eliminate asthenic manifestations after a trauma to the skull, they take orally Coguitum, Pantogam, Vasobrail, multivitamins( Centrum, Vitrum).To increase the tone take the infusion of eleutherococcus, decoction of ginseng root, the fruit of magnolia vine.

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In the treatment of concussion of the brain, elderly people are prescribed anti-sclerotic tablets.If there is no epileptic seizure in the patient's history, and convulsive readiness is not manifested( taking into account the EEG indices), then anticonvulsant therapy is not applied.


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Non-compliance with the recommendations of the attending physician may increase the recovery period of the GM functions.If the patient is abusing alcohol, then epileptic seizures may occur.With severe concussion of the patient's brain, he is hospitalized for 2 weeks( taking into account the severity of the injury).Then treatment continues at home.In the first days the patient is forbidden to read, listen to music, watch TV.In this period, the minimal nervous system load should be minimal.

For the stimulation of metabolism in the nervous tissue is shown the use of vasotron drugs, the action of which is aimed at the rapid restoration of impaired functions.Patients suffering from vascular diseases should take Sermion after consultation with the attending physician.

The treatment of severe brain trauma shows the intake of antioxidants, microelements and B vitamins. Patients prone to epilepsy should take anticonvulsants.After discharge from the hospital, the patient must comply with the regime of the day, eat right, give up loads on the nervous system.

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With a positive course of illness, the child is discharged from the hospital on day 10.Over the next 14 days, outpatient treatment and a protective regime at home are indicated.Within 3 months the child is forbidden to engage in physical education.After discharge, children are put on dispensary records.

4 Consequences and complications of injury

Often, the symptoms of concussion of the GM manifest themselves 1-2 months after the injury.

To prevent possible deviations from the norm( after the course of therapy), it is recommended to be examined during a year from a neurologist.Untimely treatment or failure to comply with the curative and protective regimen can provoke a post-comon syndrome, the signs of which appear after 6-36 months after the trauma.

The patient complains of low concentration of attention.

Untimely treatment of such a complication can lead to disability.Rarely after an acute stage of concussion of the GM, functional memory impairment is observed, frustration of concentration, disturbing headaches, nausea.The above signs disappear within 3-12 months.To determine the period of temporary incapacity for work of the patient, a medical and labor examination is carried out.