Characteristics and signs of mastoiditis of the ear

August 24, 2017 23:00 | Secondary Headaches

1 Causes of ailment and classification of forms

This ear problem can be caused by the most simple infection. Microorganisms, when they fall into the optimal environment for themselves, begin to multiply actively. By the way, the disease can be transmitted through the blood.In this case, the disease is considered hematogenous.This is how the infection gets inside the growths.For example, this occurs with tuberculosis, syphilis, sepsis, etc. Mastoiditis of the primary type occurs after the processes are damaged.This can happen because of a stroke or head injury.Blood cells enter the cells of formation, which creates favorable conditions for the development of the colony of microorganisms.

The characteristic of mastoidite will be ambiguous.This is due to the fact that the symptoms and general course of the disease in different people can vary significantly.First of all, the chronic form of the disease is singled out as a separate category.Usually, the high risk of developing this type of disease in t

hose people who have already experienced an acute stage.The cause may be a remote infectious focus.The affected area could be improperly excised during surgery.In childhood, chronic mastoiditis can develop due to diseases like rickets, diathesis, tuberculosis.With a chronic form of the disease, the patient will always be in poor health.A person experiences headaches, especially in the ear.Appetite disappears, the patient begins to lose weight.There are purulent discharge and an unpleasant smell.

The acute form of mastoiditis is considered to be complicated by an inflammatory process that develops in the middle ear area.The disease progresses gradually.And you can notice seals on the mucous membranes of the organ.

The bilateral type of pathology has even more complications.Painful sensations and inflammatory processes will be observed not only on one side, but also on the second ear.The patient's condition begins to deteriorate sharply.As soon as the first symptoms appear, you need to urgently go to the hospital.

One-sided form of the disease can be both right-handed and left-sided.The diagnosis will be the same, but the therapy depends on the stage of the disease and the degree of tissue damage, so that many methods of treatment have now been developed.

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Atypical mastoiditis has an unusual leakage.Painful sensations may not appear.By the way, the patient's condition can be quite normal, at first glance, the patient even looks good.However, it will be possible to notice symptoms that are typical for intoxication.

Exudative mastoiditis is a very persistent disease, and it is rapidly developing.To quickly get rid of the problem, you need to conduct a comprehensive treatment.All types of pathology require surgical intervention of various types.

2 Symptoms of pathology

Symptoms of mastoiditis can be detected independently.Allocate common and local signs.The first is an increase in body temperature.The composition of the blood changes, so the tests will show it.The patient complains of poor health.Out of the locals there are strong headaches.In addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that the patient constantly feels severe pain in the hearing organ.

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So is defined mastoiditis, although it can be confused with other diseases, so do not engage in self-medication.The general symptoms in general do not differ from the acute manifestation of otitis with secretions of pus.However, sometimes mastoiditis does not appear after, but in parallel with the indicated ailment.Body temperature, of course, rises, but the changes are minor, so they can not be immediately noticed.As for the composition of the blood, leukocytosis is observed, the index of ESR gradually increases.The patient's appetite worsens.


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If we consider pain, then mastoiditis has some differences.

The pain is felt in the ear, but it is localized in the mastoid processes.

Some patients complain that half of the head hurts from the side where there is inflammation.And these unpleasant sensations constantly amplify.

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Mastoiditis can be defined in a different way.Soreness is observed if you click on some areas.Also, the disease is confirmed by percussion of the shoot.In addition, the patient complains of constant noise and ringing in the ears, which sometimes intensify.In the head there may be turbidity.Another characteristic characteristic of mastoiditis is that the posterior upper wall hangs over the ear canal.This is due to the fact that gradually develops periostitis and creates pressure of the contents on the walls.Sometimes fistulas appear.

3 Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Prognosis for mastoiditis is not always favorable.This disease causes some serious complications.When cells become inflamed, sigmoid sinus lesions occur.In the future, thrombophlebitis and phlebitis develop.If purulent masses fall into certain places on the neck, then this provokes a purulent form of mastoiditis.The process is developing quite rapidly.This provokes other complications of intracranial type.For example, there is a risk of encephalitis, abscess, and meningitis.Other pathologies appear in children.If you follow all the measures, the disease can be eliminated and the development of complications prevented.

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To do this, it is necessary to detect the disease in time.The otolaryngologist is engaged in it.But there are cases when the situation is very complicated and it is difficult to identify the disease, especially if it is an atypical form.It is necessary to conduct audiometry, otoscopy, to study the BTE.So you can identify inflammatory processes.If an opening is found in the eardrum, then this may be the cause of bleeding.Audiometry makes it possible to identify deafness.In addition, it is necessary to do rengtenography of the skull, computed tomography, MRI, and so on.

First of all conservative treatment is used.The patient must necessarily adhere to bed rest.It is necessary to provide for him peace.If there are ear problems, then preparations with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are prescribed.Treatment should help to eliminate all the symptoms that causes ear inflammation.Intensive therapy with medicines is prescribed.It is required to ensure the outflow of purulent masses from the middle part of the ear.This option helps in the early stages of the disease.If you do not start treatment on time, then you can not do without surgical intervention.

Mastoidite removal is required.The operation is called anthotomy.First, anesthesia( local type) should be performed.Then the surgeon makes an incision of the skin and soft tissues.After this, it is necessary to separate the periosteum from the bone substance.For this, a rasper is used.Then you need to open the appendage and remove the plate.Then you need to rinse the cavity and make a dressing.

Mastoiditis is a disease in which the processes on the temporal bone, hollow inside, become infected, which leads to the development of the disease.To reveal this pathology is simple enough, except for cases when the patient develops an atypical form.Forecasts will not always be favorable, becauseThe disease can cause inflammation in the brain.