Pain in the coccyx by sitting

August 15, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

Coccyx is the lowest part of the spine that does not perform any important function, however, when it is damaged, there is often a strong pain syndrome and a number of other symptoms.Moreover, in a number of diseases, pain from other organs gives to this section of the spine, which makes it difficult to diagnose them.Pain in the coccyx is most common when sitting, it is worth considering the main factors of its occurrence and ways to ease discomfort.

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Basovert causes of pain in the coccyx

The causes of pain and discomfort can be set on the appearance of pain can influence pelvic disease, spinal cord, gastrointestinal tract, injury and damage to the coccyx.Sometimes the cause is determined only after a full survey.

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There are several main reasons that cause pain in the lower back when sitting and getting up.When you have these pains, you should think about them first.

  1. Various bruises, bumps, coccyx traumas.Sometimes there are fractures and dislocations, which proceed quite painfully.In most cases, with severe serious injuries, the motor function is disrupted, the sensitivity in the lower back and skin of the legs is lost if the nerve endings are jammed.Pain occurs mainly when sitting and walking.
  2. Degenerative diseases of the spine, they include the appearance of hernias, protrusions, osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine.In this case, pain will be given to the coccyx region, although the lower spine itself is not directly affected.
  3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.With frequent constipation, increased gas formation, painful sensations arise in the coccyx and pelvis as a whole.Such pain can occur with diseases of the genitourinary system, especially inflammatory.
  4. Avitaminosis and lack of necessary minerals for the body.When there is a lack of useful trace elements, painful sensations may appear in the lower part of the spine, in this case a dull pain in the coccyx occurs when sitting.It takes place when replenishing the necessary substances.

These are the main causes leading to discomfort in the coccyx.To accurately determine the diagnosis, you should consult a doctor and undergo the necessary examination.Also in this case it is important to pay attention to the accompanying symptoms, they are more likely to point to the exact cause of pain.

Important! Pain after injury may not appear immediately, sometimes before the onset of pain, it takes a long time, up to several years.

Pain in sitting in the coccyx in women

Women are quite prone to pain in the lower part of the spine, there are several reasons.Some of them are justified by physiology and are not dangerous to health, some require immediate treatment.

  1. Pain in menstruation.Many women can note the occurrence of pain during menstruation.In this case, it's not the tailbone itself that hurts, the pain from the pelvic organs radiates to the area of ​​the lower spine.If pain occurs during menstruation, do not worry, but if they are extremely strong, painkillers help with difficulty, should consult a doctor, it can talk about the development of the disease.
  2. Painful sensations during pregnancy.During the gestation of the child, the woman's pelvis is prepared for the birth process, the bones literally move apart because of the increasing weight and size of the fruit, which, in addition, can compress the nerve endings in the lower back.All this leads to a pain syndrome in the coccyx.
  3. Diseases of the reproductive organs.In this case, pain is given to the coccyx region, they occur against the background of menstrual cycle disorders and various hormonal disorders.With such symptoms, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, they can talk about the development of serious diseases.

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These are the main reasons for the appearance of pain in the coccyx region in women.In any case, with severe, intense pain, you should consult a doctor and begin the necessary treatment.

Pain in the coccyx when seated in men

In men, the pain syndrome in the lower back can be caused by a disease of the reproductive system, often the cause of stiffening aching pain is prostatitis.Therefore, if the pain syndrome occurs with violations of urination, potency, you should see a doctor - a urologist.

The launched diseases of the male reproductive system can lead to extremely serious health consequences, they should not be ignored.The sooner the treatment is started, the better.

Important! It is also believed that the cartilaginous tissue of the spine in men is weaker than in women, therefore, various degenerative diseases of the spine, which can cause pain in the coccyx, are more common in males.

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Treatment of pain in the coccyx depends on the disease that caused them.Therefore, before the beginning of therapy it is necessary to consult with a specialist, if the cause of discomfort is unknown, it is recommended to contact a neurologist who in the process will redirect to the right specialist if such a need arises.

Treatment in women, if the pain syndrome is closely associated with diseases of the female reproductive system or with pregnancy, should be under control - the gynecologist's doctor.Treatment depends on the specific disease, during pregnancy they just try to ease the load with the help of various methods.

Treatment in men with diseases of the male reproductive system should be performed by a urologist.In other cases, with injuries and degenerative diseases of the spinal column, a surgeon or orthopedic surgeon is required.

Treatment at home

At home, you can cope with the pain syndrome.However, it should be borne in mind that without a subsequent call to a doctor and identifying the exact cause of pain, treatment, pain can return.This is especially dangerous in case of trauma, when the pain syndrome manifests itself only after some time.Usually the following tools are used to relieve pain:

  1. Medicines.Use anesthetic anti-inflammatory drugs, usually non-hormonal series.Most of the time, the drugs based on ibuprofen, nimesulide, diclofenac, and their analogues are suitable.In the future, depending on the disease, blockages of local action, usually on the basis of novocain and its analogues, can be prescribed.
  2. Pillow for sitting in pain in the coccyx.A special orthopedic sitting circle is usually used for injuries of the lower spine, its device allows to relieve the load from the coccyx, the pain gradually recedes.It should be borne in mind that this circle or pillow of another design will relieve pain only with diseases of the spine, if the pain sensations are given from other organs, it is unlikely to help.
  3. Cold compresses.In inflammatory processes and traumas of the lower spine, cold compresses based on ice can be used.To do this, wrap in a soft cloth a few pieces of ice and attach to a sore spot.Lying should be on the stomach, it is desirable to walk less and move in general.

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In any case, do not delay the referral to the doctor, even if these methods helped.Without full-fledged therapy, such symptoms and pain syndrome will return constantly.

Folk remedies

Treatment of pain in the coccyx with the help of folk remedies is usually used in pregnancy, as during the carrying out of a child it is often limited to taking painkillers and other medications.

The main thing is not to heat up.If there is inflammation to the coccyx, you can apply a compress on the basis of Vishnevsky ointment.Compress should be left overnight, tightly fixing the band-aid.In a few days there will be an improvement.

If the pain in the coccyx was caused by a lack of calcium, it is not necessary to buy expensive mineral complexes, you can try to receive the eggshell.If it is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder, mix one teaspoon with a couple drops of lemon juice, take it once a day, washing down with water.

When combining folk remedies and conservative treatment, the effect will be most pronounced.If the condition worsens, do not tighten, you should immediately consult a doctor.