Features of the course and treatment of otitis in pregnancy

August 16, 2017 23:00 | Secondary Headaches

1 General information

Pathology is an inflammatory process of the outer, middle and inner ear.The disease develops as a complication after a cold, but in rare cases, the cause may be an infection that has got into the ear.

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When a pregnant woman begins to worry about pain in her ear, you need to see a doctor immediately.It is forbidden to apply heat to the ear without the appointment of a specialist, it is very dangerous if an inflammatory process starts in the ear.When there is no possibility for a couple of hours to visit a doctor, at home you can drip drops in your ear to reduce pain, which are allowed for use during pregnancy.

2 The inherent symptoms of

The disease has several types.With external otitis pathology develops after a nasal or sinusitis.The infection enters the ear canal and in

flammation begins in it.There are several symptoms that are typical for all types of the disease:

  • The auditory meatus becomes narrower;Skin blushes and swells;
  • ;
  • Pain appears;
  • Ear congestion;
  • Temperature increases;
  • General malaise is felt.

Otitis in pregnancy proceeds according to the classical scheme and requires careful and professional treatment.

3 Possible consequences of

If, at time of not contacting an otolaryngologist, the disease can lead to serious complications.Disease can lead to hearing loss.Do not need to deal with the causes of the disease yourself, especially to perform warming compresses.Also, inflammation in the ear can go into a chronic form and periodically inflame and cause pain and discomfort.

If the first symptoms of otitis media immediately go to a specialist and start treatment, the disease will not harm the fetus.The main thing is to prevent the spread of infection throughout the body.Running otitis is fraught with dangerous consequences for the child's future.Intoxication in the body of a pregnant woman in the early stages will lead to fetal death and miscarriage.Therefore, you need to immediately begin the treatment process and prevent the infection from moving to other organs and systems.

4 Treatment of otitis in pregnancy

When a fetus is born, it becomes difficult to treat the disease.The list of drugs necessary for this reduces to almost zero.Otolaryngologists for women in an interesting position prescribe funds only on a plant basis.

Antibiotics are used only in exceptional cases when they exceed the mother's need for the fetus.During pregnancy, doctors try not to prescribe drops with vasoconstrictive effect.These drugs have a negative effect on the placental flow.

If a pregnant woman will follow all the recommendations of a specialist, then after 7 days, all the symptoms of otitis stop, and recovery will come.But to cancel self-treatment is impossible, the disappearance of the pain syndrome does not mean that the patient is completely healthy.

Several types of otitis can be observed in women during gestation.In most cases, there is an acute inflammatory process of the middle ear.The cause of its development is reduced immunity.Treatment of otitis during pregnancy is a very important step, requiring high professionalism.

5 Early life disorder

In the early stages of gestation, when all organs and systems are formed, taking any medication can lead to miscarriage and death of the embryo.If there is no damage to the tympanic membrane, then otitis at this stage can be treated only with natural and herbal preparations, as well as with Otipax drops.

6 Purulent otitis

This stage of otitis is treated only with antibiotics.Pregnant women should prescribe this group of drugs with great care.Only in the presence of pus in the auricle, high temperature shows the use of antibiotic therapy.After examining the ENT - the doctor will be able to select a remedy, with a minimum risk for the fetus.Also, recipes of folk medicine and drops in the ear are additionally applied.


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7 Chronic course of the disease

In pregnant women, the chronic inflammatory process in the ear is exacerbated for two reasons:

  1. Insufficiently well-treated otitis media;Relapse associated with pregnancy.

Treatment of a chronic disease in pregnancy is recommended to lead recipes of traditional medicine.In general, the symptoms in a chronic process are not as bright as in the acute stage.Sometimes, minor pain in the head, ear and slight malaise can be disturbed.

8 How can I treat a disease?

A pregnant woman should know that not only the health of the unborn child but also his life depends on the state of her health.Therefore, if otitis occurs, it is not recommended to be treated independently.The following factors should be avoided during the treatment process:

  • Use of ear and eye drops without doctor's prescription;
  • Use of funds to reduce temperature and antibacterial drugs without the need;
  • Place dry heat on the ear area;
  • Go outside without a hat;
  • In case of purulent inflammation, it is wrong to clean your ears.
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  • During the period of treatment you need to keep calm and bed rest.It is recommended to be observed in the hospital.