Condylomata in men: treatment

August 13, 2017 23:00 | Home Treatment

Condylomata in men

Condylomas are a small neoplasm on the skin, often called warts.However, this type of neoplasm usually appears in the genital area, the virus causing them is transmitted predominantly through sexual intercourse.This virus is a common infection, which can be very difficult to get infected, it is worth knowing about the treatment of genital warts in men.This disease can be dangerous, condylomas are not a simple cosmetic defect.

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    What causes condylomata

    The cause of this disease is the human papillomavirus, sexually transmitted.It is considered that it is quite difficult to protect against infection with condoms, because the virus can be transmitted at any contact with the skin and mucous of the sick person.Therefore, it can be passed through a kiss or a household way.

    People with a virus that is in an

    active stage should be careful when dealing with others.The incubation period of the disease is several weeks, sometimes months or even years.The rate of appearance of condyloma after infection depends on the state of human immunity.

    Infection with condylomatosis by household way

    Therefore, the question of whether condylomas are passed from woman to man can be answered positively.However, it should be borne in mind that in addition to sexual contacts there are domestic, so in everyday life you can get infected from a relative and strangers.

    The virus is more likely to attack people with reduced immunity, they also often have a much longer healing and recovery process.The immunity is affected by many factors, usually significantly reduce the resistance of the body are capable of the transferred systemic diseases, the lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, malnutrition and various bad habits.

    Important! There are more than a hundred varieties of the human papilloma virus, only a dozen strains affect the appearance of genital warts.

    Symptoms and signs

    You should know how to look like condylomas, in appearance they can be distinguished from rashes of a different nature.Genital warts look like warts - small neoplasms on the skin of a pale pink hue, usually grouped on mucous membranes.The leg of condyloma in diameter can reach half a centimeter, neoplasms rarely appear singly, they usually go in small groups of several.

    Most often there are condylomas on the head of the hollow penis, on the skin of the foreskin, next to the hole of the urethra.A little less common condylomas in the anus and on the skin next to the genitals.Depending on the level of human immunity, condylomas can go on their own, disappear or arise again.If the neoplasms are located in the folds of the skin, the places where they are rubbed with clothes, they begin to bleed.

    Symptoms of condylomatosis in men

    Neoplasms differ slightly in shape, genital warts are also found, it can sometimes be noticed that the warts merge into small bunches that resemble cauliflower.

    There are no other symptoms in this disease, so people often consider condylomas to be exclusively cosmetic defects.However, in fact, condylomatosis can be quite dangerous to health, if not start to treat it.

    Are condylomas dangerous in men?

    This disease can definitely be called dangerous, especially for people with an initially low immunity, and lead to negative consequences.There is always the possibility of turning a benign tumor into a malignant one, which sometimes happens with this disease.The probability of rebirth increases if the warts are damaged.

    In addition, rashes of wide condylomas in large quantities can talk about extremely depressed immunity, which in itself is not good for human health.With reduced immunity, the probability of other infectious diseases increases, the condition of the organism as a whole worsens.

    Are condylomas dangerous in men?

    Therefore, after the detection of the disease should be started as soon as possible, should not be delayed.As a result of competent therapy, to achieve a recurrence and to restore the normal level of immunity will not be difficult.

    Important! Completely get rid of the human papillomavirus virus is often impossible, you can only achieve a persistent relapse of the disease.

    How to treat condylomata in men

    Treatment of this disease should be comprehensive, it is important not only to remove new growths, it is necessary to improve immunity so that new ones do not appear.Treatment can begin only after examination of the doctor and identify the virus that caused the disease.

    Removing genital warts and other types of neoplasm

    The first thing to do is remove warts, there are several methods of removal.It is necessary to conduct the procedures under the supervision of a doctor, sometimes several sessions are required, rather large and extensive formations are very difficult to completely remove at a time.Usually, the following methods are used:

    1. Laser removal.Suitable for the treatment of extensive neoplasms, the condylomas are affected by a laser, which results in their destruction and reduction.Often, several procedures are required.
    2. Cryotherapy.In this case, the neoplasm is affected by cold, this procedure can be performed by a specialist.The opposite of the principle of exposure is electrocoagulation, the effect of high temperatures.
    3. Ozone therapy.It is also an effective technique for influencing condylomata and other neoplasms.

    Removal of genital warts in men

    Similar methods are usually used in the late stages of the disease, when it is impossible to cope with local methods, the immunity is too much reduced.

    Home Treatment

    This disease at the initial stage can be cured with ointments, some of them have an additional immunomodulatory effect, important for a quick recovery.Especially effective are ointments against single, pointed genital warts.In some cases, the use of local remedies is advised to be combined with laser or cold disposal procedures.

    The most common anti-genital warts include the following drugs, they differ slightly in the mode of action and cost on sale:

    • Panavir, a drug based on natural ingredients;
    • Viferon ointment that improves and accelerates the regeneration process in this disease;
    • oxolin ointment, it has the most mild effect and antiviral effect;
    • salicylic ointment, the most affordable remedy, depending on the severity of the disease, you can choose a drug with different concentrations.

    Treatment of condylomatosis at home

    Important! Salicylic ointment can cause burning, in most cases this is a normal reaction.

    The use of ointment is recommended to combine with therapy that improves immunity.Depending on the level of the body's resistance, various means can be prescribed: from special immunomodulating drugs to vitamin-mineral complexes.

    Treatment with folk remedies

    Folk remedies are not as effective in combating condylomas, some of them are on the contrary dangerous, they can provoke strong irritation and damage to tumors, scarring.Therefore, mainly folk remedies for this disease should be used to improve immunity.

    As a local remedy, you can use tea tree oil, which has properties useful for many skin diseases.It kills bacteria, soothes irritation, has a cooling effect.It can be gently applied to the surface of the warts, trying not to touch the healthy skin.

    Tea tree oil from condylomas

    To combat the disease, it is advised to drink potato juice inside.Raw potatoes should be thoroughly washed, cleaned, removed all eyes and other defects, then grated, squeezed with double gauze.To use advise red potatoes, to drink juice it is necessary in the morning and in the evening half a cup.

    Do not fully rely on self-medication for condylomata.It is best to combine folk and home methods with the methods of conservative medicine.Also advised to move to a healthier lifestyle, it will contribute to a speedy recovery.