Symptoms and treatment of headache in sinusitis in children and adults

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Headache

1 Types of pain in the case of

For the initial stage of the development of the disease, aching pains in the nape usually appear in the morning and last for three to five hours.The cause of these pains is mucus, accumulating over night in the sinuses of the nose and creating pressure and tension.As the pus accumulates, the pain attacks become prolonged.With the progression of the disease, a aching headache can be troubling around the clock.

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Detail: Pain in the frontal part of the head - causes and remedies

During head turns or inclines, the pain turns into a deep and pulsating.It is localized in the eyes, near the base of the nose, in the root of the teeth or over the eyebrows, and in some cases can cover the entire head.The pain can recede when the person sits or lies, as the pus begins to

be evenly distributed in the paranasal sinuses.Usually it intensifies toward evening.

In advanced form of the disease, severe pulsating pain in the face can not stop even with the use of strong pain medications.It is accompanied by puffiness under the eyes, which is more pronounced on the part of the lesion.

2 How to distinguish sinusitis from other diseases?

At the initial stage, when the nasal congestion is not too noticeable, the headache caused by sinusitis is difficult to distinguish from migraine or vasomotor rhinitis.Symptoms are almost identical, because one venous system is involved.With migraine, the pain intensifies when exposed to external stimuli, such as bright light or loud noises and is accompanied by nausea or vomiting.

In sinusitis, the pain is localized in the face, while with vasomotor rhinitis and migraine pain is stronger in the occiput and temples.

If symptoms of maxillary sinusitis appear, you should always consult a doctor, since maxillary sinusitis is a very dangerous disease.The inflammatory process can spread to the nearest organs, cause meningitis or myocarditis.A special threat of sinusitis is borne by pregnant women, since pus with the help of blood flow can get to the fetus.

3 Childhood ailment

Children are most susceptible to this disease, since their immune system is weaker than in adults.The cause of this disease in most cases is a prolonged runny nose.Signs of sinusitis are the same as in adults.Treatment of children should appoint a doctor.

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4 Treatment measures

To get rid of a headache with sinusitis, you must first of all eliminate its cause, namely the inflammatory process.

For the treatment of sinusitis, prescribe antibiotics of the cephalosporin or penicillin group, such as Ceftriaxone, Ceftazidime, Cefumag, Flemoxin.Pregnant women are prescribed drugs that do not adversely affect the fetus, such as Augmentin or Amoxiclav.Children are selected the appropriate dosage.

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The complex treatment includes vasoconstrictive drops: Phenylephrine, Otryvin, Vibrocil, Nazivin.They remove the swelling of the mucous membrane.Pregnant women should be used with caution no more than twice a day.

Also effective in sinusitis is the herbal preparation Sinupret, or homeopathic medicines: Cinnabsin, Euphorbium compositum, they have a minimum of side effects.

For relief of headache, prescribe drugs from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Ketanov, Nimesil, Imet, Nimid.

The treatment complex also includes rinsing of the maxillary sinuses.For this, the patient lays down horizontally, while the head should be slightly below the trunk.In the process, the fluid pours into one nasal aperture and is sucked off from the other by a special device.This makes it possible to clear the nasal sinuses from the pus.If the genyantritis is in neglected form, surgery may be required.

At home, the sinuses are washed with a saline solution, gently pouring 1-2 to 3 ml of solution into each nostril, and it is necessary that the liquid comes out of the other nostril.The patient at the same time leans over the sink, alternately turning his head to the right and left, depending on which sinus is washed.


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Recipes for the treatment of sinusitis folk methods:

1. Dark economic soap, milk, olive oil, juice of onion, aloe, honey.All these components should be taken in the same quantity and kept on low heat until the soap does not melt.After the product has cooled, the cotton swab should be dipped into it and kept in each nostril for fifteen minutes.The procedure should be performed three times a day, the course of treatment is three weeks.During this time, the nasal sinuses will be cleared.

2. Three large bay leaves should be put in a saucepan and poured with a small amount of water( 200ml).After it boils, remove from heat and soak in this broth linen napkin.It should be applied to the bridge of the nose, and on top covered with a warm towel, so that the napkin stayed warm longer.The procedure should be performed before bedtime for six days.

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