Psilo-balm: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, indications

August 24, 2017 23:00 | Medicinal Products

Psilo-balm is a popular modern external remedy for emerging problems in dermatology of various genesis.This article will consider such issues as instructions for use and the price of gel( ointment) Psilo-balm, its analogs and reviews about it.

Features of the preparation

Composition of Psilo-balm

The main active substance in Psilo-balsam is the amine derivative - diphenhydramine hydrochloride in the amount of 0.01 g. Balsam Aids facilitate the penetration of the active substance into epidermal and dermal cellsAnd maintain the consistency of the substance in the tube:

  • purified water - 0.8048 g;
  • polycarboxyethylene( thickener) - 0.012 g;
  • trometamol( recovery of acid-base balance of the skin) - 0,0222 g;
  • cetylpyridinium chloride( an antiseptic that easily penetrates the skin barrier) - 0.001 g;
  • derivative of polyethylene glycol - macrogol glycerol prilocaprate( softigrade 767) - thickening agent and solvent for active substance - 0.15 g.

Now let's find out how much is Psylo-balm.

Dosage forms

The active ingredient content in Psilo-balsam is 1%.The balsam is presented in the form of gel mass, which has no color, is transparent.In the gel consistency, fragments of a different density are not found.The gel is packed in tubes of different weight packaging and volume: 20 and 50 g. Tubes of aluminum are packed in packs of cardboard.

Psilo-balm is found in pharmacies and online pharmacies at different prices, the lower limit of which is determined at 175 rubles, the upper limit - 230 rubles( 20-gram tubes).In Moscow, the average cost of the drug is 258 rubles.Tubes of 50 grams are equivalent to 20 grams( the proportionality of the average cost is maintained).

Pharmacological and consumer properties of psilo-balsam we will consider below.

Pharmacological action


Psilo-balm has a pronounced antiallergic effect, forming a blockade for receptor endings of the H1-histamine type. Reduces the level of histamine in the skin, which is the cause of allergic reactions.

Systematic application Psilo-balsam inhibits the conduct of chemicals through single-layer capillaries.The effect of the drug is associated with a decrease in receptor sensitivity, which allows the use of balsam as a local anesthetic.Puffiness and hyperemia after applying the gel disappears in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

Itching and sensation of heat in affected areas after exposure to diphenhydramine are stopped.


Data on excretion and half-life, metabolic processes of diphenhydramine and excipients of balsam as an external agent are under study, so at present there are no data.


As a local remedy Psilo-balm is used in the following cases:

  • thermal and sunburns in the form of redness;
  • increased allergic reaction in the form of skin irritation;
  • itching of numerous skin, with the exception of the itching that occurs when the secretion of bile into the duodenum is reduced;
  • insect bites;
  • dermographism, thermal and cold urticaria;
  • reclamation;
  • anthroponous varicella( smallpox chickenpox);
  • dermatitis due to contact with poisonous plants( nettle, cow, etc.);
  • urticaria( urticaria);
  • eczema, accompanied by pruritus.

Instructions for use The psilo balm for adults and children is given below.

Operating Instructions

Psilo-balm is applied in the form of an application on the skin areas with the indicated symptoms of a thin layer.During the absorption of Psilo-balsam substances, it is recommended to rub the gel into the skin with light circular movements of the fingers.Complete absorption of the drug is carried out for several minutes.Traces of application on the skin and clothing in contact with her do not remain.

Psilo-balm is used from the age of two in children.Patients of any age can be applied 4 times a day to the affected area.The therapeutic course of gel continues depending on the severity of the manifested signs of skin damage or disease.The effectiveness of treatment is determined by the dynamics of endangered symptoms.In case of detection of side effects, the use of the drug is suspended.


  • Gel Psylo-balm is excluded from use if individual intolerance to diphenhydroamine and excipients in the patient is detected.
  • During the period of local treatment, the patient should refrain from taking alcoholic beverages or alcohol-based preparations.
  • It is forbidden to take sun baths for 24 hours after applying the gel.

Side effects of

In compliance with the instructions for the use of psilo-balsam in some patients, reactions of increased allergic action caused by individual sensitivity to gel substances are not excluded.In this case, the treatment with balsam is canceled.

Exceeding the number of procedures for applying gel over 4 or applying excessive amounts of Psylo-balsam to a separate site( more than 3 ml) can trigger various symptoms indicating an increase in blood pressure and intoxication( dry oral mucosa, hyperexcitability, clouded consciousness, disordersRespiratory movements).Treatment with an overdose has a therapeutic nature with the elimination of symptoms.

Special instructions

  • No data on the effect of active ingredients and excipients on the ability to drive and concentrate attention.However, working with mechanisms will require careful application of the gel.Psilo-balm contains a light fatty basis, so it can be applied as a cream for the skin.
  • Store cardboard packets with tubes for 36 months at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees in places inaccessible to children.From the pharmacy counter, Psilo-Balsam is released without a prescription.
  • No data on possible adverse interactions between Psylo-balsam and other drugs.

Reviews about psilo-balsam for allergies, chicken pox, herpes and other ailments are given below.


Most patients leave positive feedback after applying Psilo-balsam.

  • Many families have an external remedy in a home medicine chest to treat mosquito bites.
  • Patients after chemotherapeutic procedures find salvation in Psilo-balsam, which removes skin itching.
  • Single contradictory reviews have no explanation, as a result of what skin problems Psylo-balsam was powerless.
  • Some patients complained of increased allergic reactions after applying Psilo-balsam.
  • There is a negative feedback about the product after a thermal burn, the recall refers to the lack of the ability of the gel to quickly regenerate the skin.

For expensive and cheap analogues of psilo-balsam read below.


According to the therapeutic effect of external agents, several analogs are singled out in Psilobalm: Solcoseryl, Panthenol, Zincteral, Ichthyolum ointment, Balsamic liniment, Klobaz, Chlorophyllipt, Fukortsin, etc.

The debate also raises the question of whatBetter: Psylo-balm or Fenistil-gel.

About Psilo-balm will tell a specialist in this video: