Wood's lamp: the cost of diagnosis, reviews, indications, contraindications

August 23, 2017 23:00 | Methods Of Diagnosis

Skin diseases require the most attentive attitude to themselves, and all the diagnostic methods that are used at the present time allow to identify them with great accuracy, to attribute them to a specific species.Diagnosis is a key point in the process of skin regeneration, because it makes it possible to compile an effective treatment regimen.

The use of the Wood bulb is now widely used, since this diagnostic tool allows us to reveal even the initial stages of many pathological processes that occur on the surface of the skin.This device is familiar to almost every owner of pets: it is also used in veterinary clinics with suspicion of some skin lesions in animals.

What is Wood's lamp

Having a very small external dimensions and low weight, this diagnostic tool can be used for examination of the skin almost anywhere in the body.Identifying even the initial stages of fungal lesions, the Wood lamp is easy to use and provides the most complete information about both the location of the infection and its


Features of the use and operation of the lamp require certain conditions for its operation, and the information obtained during the research makes it possible to make the most effective treatment for the detection of fungal skin disease.

as light zoster under Wood's lamp( photo)

This prescribed diagnosis

  • Since this device allows to identify the current fungal process on the skin surface used it can suspected lesion fungus at demodicosis,Inflammatory processes of any kind.
  • Such an examination of the skin can be applied to both humans and animals with abnormalities in the skin or coat condition, as well as after contact with patients with any skin diseases.


Using Wood's lamp due to the need to identify many skin diseases that can be transmitted to healthy people and a number of dangerous complications.Such a procedure may also be recommended after contact with an animal in whose health condition there are doubts.

The frequency of performing the diagnostic procedure with the help of the Wood lamp is not limited, but due to the fact that it involves certain irradiation, minimize the effect of the lamp on pregnant women and children under 1 year of age.

Types and methods

Using Wood lamp for identifying many of cutaneous lesions does not pose any difficulties in view of ease of its operation mechanism.The action of the lamp is manifested in complete darkness, goggles protecting the eyes from the negative effects of irradiation should be worn during operation.

the light bulb skin healthy is blue, with different types of lesions of skin diseases glow hue changes that become visible even to the naked eye:

  • with herpes glow color changes from blue to yellow;
  • with fungal lesions, the current inflammatory process the skin becomes white;
  • when the infection is activated on the affected skin - the glow turns green.

Due to the ease of operation, the Wood lamp can be used only in medical rooms, but also at home. There are no varieties of use of the Wood lamp, it can be used in the form of skin highlighting in a completely dark room.

Indications for

its high sensitivity to the sites of skin lesions and various dermatological diseases character Wood lamp is indispensable for detection of such diseases which may be invisible to the naked eye.

The following conditions are relevant for the examination of skin:

  • mycosis;
  • skin dermatoses of various types;
  • dermatitis;
  • candidiasis;
  • Lupus Erythematosus;
  • microsporia;
  • Hyperpigmentation.

The listed states can have any stage of development;Even with the initial stages, when external manifestations have not yet become visible externally, they are easily identified by using a Wood lamp.

Contraindications to the use of

In pregnancy and childhood, the use of a Wood lamp as a diagnostic tool should be severely limited in order to avoid possible negative effects on the health of the future baby and child.

There are no other contraindications to the use of this diagnostic method.

Shingles under the Wood lamp is shown in this video:

Safety procedures

The complete safety of this type of skin condition diagnostics makes it possible to apply it as widely as possible.In such areas as medicine, cosmetology, dermatology - everywhere this lamp becomes an indispensable assistant, which will allow to reveal in time the initial stage of skin lesion, which in this period gives in to a greater degree to complete cure.

A doctor may prescribe this examination if any skin lesion is suspected or for the purpose of prevention.

Preparing for it

No special preparation is required before examining the skin with Wood's lamp.

  • It will be enough to remove the make-up from the skin of the face, as well as remove cosmetic means to eliminate the possibility of distortion of the survey data obtained.
  • Also before starting the procedure, it is recommended to remove clothes, fluff and hairs from the surface to be examined, in order to obtain a complete picture of the skin being examined.
  • Do not wash or use special cleansers to avoid altering the microflora of the skin.

How is the fluorescent diagnosis of the Wood lamp, we will discuss below.

Features of the

The patient does not feel any sensations during the use of the Wood lamp.Compliance with the basic requirement - complete darkness in the room allows you to get the most reliable result, which will help to make the correct diagnosis, and then make the most effective treatment regimen.

Decryption of results

The results obtained are already visible in the process of investigation, and they are deciphered by a dermatologist.

Wood lamp in dermatology( color chart of glow)


The price of the inspection carried out with the help of the Wood lamp is not high and can vary slightly in different medical offices. The price of the research is from 850 to 1,250 rubles per one session depending on the price policy of the medical center.

This video will tell you how to make a Wood lamp: