Diet with eczema: recommendations, a list of products, a menu for the week

August 23, 2017 23:00 | Eczema

In eczema( dry, wetting, tylotic, seborrheic, varicose, mycotic, idiopathic, professional, microbial, pediatric), the doctor always chooses the appropriate diet, because it is an integral part of successful treatment and long-term remission.The diet should be changed completely, and during the exacerbation the food is subjected to even more severe correction.With constant implementation of the recommendations, it is possible to attenuate symptoms, since the body begins to function normally.

Which products with eczema will have to be abandoned?What menu assumes a diet for eczema in adults and children on the hands, feet and other parts of the body?

Hypoallergenic diet for eczema on the hands and feet

There is eczema that develops after eating any products.Such an allergic reaction is not the most rare phenomenon in sensitive people, so it is better to reveal beforehand what food intolerance manifests.

It is convenient to do several tests to scientifically confirm or refute the allergy to a particula

r food. This recommendation is also useful because a hypoallergenic diet should always be individualized, adjusting to the characteristics of your illness and your own organism.

A well-known physician in this video will tell you about the peculiarities of a diet with eczema:

Selection of products

It is necessary to exclude food from the ration that is related to allergens and is capable of provoking an outbreak of the disease.These include:

  • fatty meat;
  • coffee;
  • spicy food;
  • tomatoes;
  • garlic;
  • sweets;
  • nuts;
  • baking;
  • smoked meat;
  • citrus fruits;
  • whole milk;
  • is any fried food;
  • strawberry;
  • grenades;
  • melon;
  • wheat;
  • beets;
  • honey.

It is desirable to eat hypoallergenic foods, but the diet can be supplemented and products that have a moderate allergenicity.Exclude only those names that cause a worsening of the symptoms of eczema.For convenience, use the diet table for eczema below.

average allergenicity

Full hypoallergenic







rabbit meat














green pepper



Fermented foods







Oily fish

Lean fish

substitutes harmful products

Substitutes-harmful products

Important features

The total duration of the diet is determined by the doctor, but the standard period during which it is maintained is 3 weeks. The ban on certain types of products does not mean that the patient must starve.On the contrary, an inferior diet will also aggravate the manifestations of eczema.Therefore, you should adhere to a reasonable framework, without cutting down the amount of nutrients and trace elements.

  • To avoid relapses of the disease, it is desirable to consume as little as possible food consumed in the category of allergens.However, a small amount of them can still be eaten, but only every 3 days.
  • When eczema of the feet and hands should be enough of greenery, carrots, rutabaga, cucumber and other vegetables.
  • It is necessary to choose other suitable dishes that increase hemoglobin and make up for the deficiency of the level of vitamins PP and group B.
  • In the most difficult cases, under the guidance of a doctor, gradually refuse products with an average and low degree of allergenicity.
  • It is useful to keep a food diary in order to understand with the doctor what should be completely excluded.Control of a professional with such a strict diet is very important, otherwise the risk of harm to health is great.

Next we have selected for you advice on nutrition( diet) in the treatment of various forms of the specimen, which, according to reviews, are the most effective.

Features of nutrition for various forms of the disease

With the microbial

With microbial eczema, the basis of diet( nutrition) is vegetable and dairy products.The doctor determines everything that needs to be excluded.Almost always are banned:

  • alcohol,
  • chocolate,
  • salinity,
  • cheese,
  • spices,
  • coffee,
  • soda.

Build your menu better on steam and boiled food.

  • Lean cutlets, fish and meatballs, dairy products, vegetarian soups and porridges on the water are allowed.
  • All sorts of spices and salt will also need to be excluded, if the food seems fresh, then you can use different greens.
  • Water is replaced with mineral water, but only without gas.Support for water balance is very important, which means that you have to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

For allergic

Diet-at-eczema-on-arms-in-adult-types The main provisions have already been given in the section on hypoallergenic diet.However, food is not always the allergen, because eczema is equally often triggered by dust, wool, cosmetics, pollen. Minimizing contact with the pathogen - this is the most important, and it does not matter whether it is a category of food or not.

Therapeutic diet does not overload the body with other products that aggravate the symptoms of the disease, so at the stage of exacerbation, you should immediately switch to a diet.During the remission, it is recommended to repeat it periodically for 1-2 weeks, which allows achieving a stable positive effect for a long period.

Recommendations for allergic eczema are as follows:

  1. The menu should include sour-milk products, grain loaves, greens, fruits( only light!).It is allowed to include in it refined oil, lean meat, porridge on the water.
  2. Do not eat seafood, fatty foods, sweets, mushrooms, red berries, grapes, nuts, sausages during an exacerbation.
  3. Fat milk and all kinds of products from it, mango and pasta are used, but in very small quantities.

On what diet involves dry dishydrotic eczema, find out later.

The vegetative diet as a method to overcome eczema will be described by specialists in the video below:

When dry

  • It is highly recommended to study the principles of vegetarian nutrition with a dry type of eczema, since it is desirable that the main dishes on the menu are of plant origin.
  • When remission is allowed to supplement it with protein dishes.Together with low-fat meat eat weak broths, casseroles, soups.
  • In a daily diet, porridges should be present, as they have a beneficial effect on the general condition and support the activity of the stomach.
  • Reduce the consumption of potatoes and seafood.But the river fish is very recommended, but, of course, not fried.
  • Every day, prepare vegetable juices.Particularly well on health affects the carrot.For a change, you can combine several vegetables or add allowed sweet fruit.It is in the juice contains a concentrated amount of vitamin substances, and most of all the body lacks vitamins of group B, so it is desirable to choose the vegetables that have them in the composition.

Dry eczema sometimes accompanies hypertension.Moderate food does not overload the heart, but still about this phenomenon should be reported to the doctor to prevent its progression.

With chronic

Any eczema is an exclusively chronic disease, only in some people it recurs more often under the influence of various stimuli.It is required to adhere to the principles of hypoallergenic nutrition in order to exclude constant exacerbations.About what products should be completely excluded, we described above.

It is best to avoid drinking alcohol throughout the diet.If the body is weakened by a prolonged course of the disease, the doctor not only advises a certain diet, but also prescribes vitamin preparations.

Let's find out further what kind of diet is required when wet eczema.

When the is soaked

Diet-at-eczeme-on-arms-in-adults This type of eczema is considered to be one of the most unpleasant, since the wetting areas need constant treatment.In the constantly emerging cracks and abrasions, bacteria can always enter, which means that the disease will be complicated by a purulent inflammation. Because of this diet with soaking eczema is very strict, assuming a categorical rejection of any food that can provoke an attack. And indeed, even a small fraction of the banned eaten product can cause a strong surge of symptoms.

  • Fruits and vegetables are almost always welcome in the diet, but in this case it is very important to exclude all sour: kiwi, citrus, apples.Watermelons and melons can not be eaten either.
  • Food should be natural, preferably, and it was cooked by yourself, so dinner options from semi-finished or instant food products are strictly excluded.
  • Protein deficiency is better for replenishing with vegetable components, curd.Meat is lean too, it is allowed, but you can not eat it more than 200 g daily. Supplement the diet with river fish, porridges, light soups.
  • You can prepare recipes from vegetarian cuisine, but do not forget that the use of spices is reduced to a minimum.

With any type of eczema, you can vary your diet, there is not necessarily only fresh food.Look for suitable recipes, upgrade them, use a variety of herbs instead of salt and the usual spices.Thus, your menu will be delicious, and the symptoms of the disease will gradually be eliminated.

On the features of treatment and diet for face eczema will tell the video below: