What causes warts?

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Home Treatment

What causes warts

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Warts are small neoplasms that appear on the skin.This problem is quite widespread, they can arise on different parts of the body.It is worth to find out from what warts appear, how to get rid of them if the problem has already arisen.

Warts are a contagious disease, it is believed that it is caused by human papillomavirus, some of its strains lead to the appearance of tumors on the skin of a person.They are not only an unpleasant cosmetic defect, they indicate the presence of a virus in the human body and a decrease in the body's defenses.

Upon entering the body, after the incubation period, the virus begins to multiply actively in the skin tissues, leading to the appearance of tumors that are of different types.Often it is impossible to establish the e

xact source and time of infection, since the incubation period, when the virus does not manifest itself in any way, can last up to six months.

If you have any lesions on the skin, growths and spots, you should immediately contact a dermatologist.Warts are small dense tumors resembling pea, often accompanied by light reddening and unexpressed pain.Similar symptoms can be in other dermatological diseases, so it is absolutely necessary to undergo a full diagnosis from a specialist.

Important! In case of finding a wart in any case, you should not try to hamper it or get rid of it by any other mechanical means.

What causes warts on the body

The cause of this disease is the defeat of the human papillomavirus, this infection is fairly common among the modern population.This virus is quite contagious, it can be obtained in two ways:

  • direct, with direct contact with a person suffering from warts;
  • by the household way, by contact with personal care items, clothes, shoes, other things that a sick wart man uses.

These are the main ways of spreading the virus.The most likely to become infected is in children and adolescents, as they come into contact with the largest number of people every day in kindergartens, schools and other institutions.At the child - kindergarten warts often arise because of the fact that in a group someone walks with a virus in an active form.

However, it is worth remembering that infection is often not enough to develop a full-fledged disease.In many people, the virus is activated against a background of decreased immunity.Immunity may decrease for various reasons, usually it is affected by recently transferred colds, hypothermia, systemic disorders, lack of necessary elements of the body, vitamins and minerals.The defenses of the body are also affected by malnutrition, seasonal deterioration of immunity is observed in the cold season - in winter and in autumn.

Why do warts appear on the body?

Warts on the fingers

Similar viral neoplasms on the hands - the most common form of the disease, because it is with the hands of other people have to contact the most.The virus can be transmitted through handshakes, dirty handrails in various public places, wherever people touch with their hands.

An additional factor leading to the formation of warts on the hands are various injuries and damages to the skin of the hands, scratches, cracks on the fingers.Damage opens the way for infection.

Warts on the feet

On the legs also often occur neoplasms, and it is on the feet usually emits a lot at once.The reason is the same - infection with the human papillomavirus, but an additional factor provoking abundant lesions of the neoplasms is sweating of the feet, constant wearing of uncomfortable, tight, too warm or light shoes, not suitable for the season.

The virus feels good in a humid environment, which is often present in shoes.Inconvenient unsuitable footwear usually leads to the appearance of calluses, rubbing, other mechanical damages, which can become a provoking factor of virus activation.

Warts on the legs

Important! Infection with foot warts often occurs in the pool, public showers, sauna and other similar places.

Warts on the head

Often this disease affects the scalp, especially warts often appear on the face.Usually this happens when transferring the virus from hands to face: when you touch your face with dirty hands.It is for this reason that it is extremely undesirable to touch a person on the street.You can also get infected with other people's hygiene supplies.

An additional factor affecting the activity of the virus in this case is the presence of any facial skin diseases, acne, cracks in the skin.Also, the likelihood of developing a lesion is increased by using unsuitable and substandard means for skin hygiene.

Warts on intimate places

In this case, the human papillomavirus could be transmitted sexually.Such a symptom should be seriously alarmed, it is advisable immediately to see a doctor - a venereologist, a urologist for men or a gynecologist for women.It is also extremely important to distinguish warts from the symptoms of other sexually transmitted diseases.

To protect yourself from the transmission of sexual transmission, you always need to use barrier contraception - condoms.

Warts in intimate places

Warts often appear

If even after a full course of treatment the neoplasms reappear, there are a lot of them, completely getting rid of them is almost impossible, you need to worry about the state of immunity.Warts will continue to affect again if there is severe immunodeficiency, any systemic diseases that affect the defenses of the body.

How to get rid of them?

There are several ways to treat them.It is advised to undergo conservative treatment, under the supervision of a doctor.Usually, various physiotherapeutic methods are used, surgical scraping of warts is practically not applied.The most effective laser treatment, exposure to liquid nitrogen.After such treatment, there are no scars and other traces left from the warts.

Various pharmacy products can also be used, for example, sprays with chladgen, which help to "freeze" the tumor and remove it, an example of such a tool is the Cryopharm preparation.You can also use a variety of ointments based on lactic, acetic, salicylic acid.Such local remedies are advised to be applied on single small neoplasms.If the rashes are extensive, grouped, it is best to treat them solely with the doctor.