Information on migraine according to ICD 10

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Migraine

1 Features of the disease

Often from psychologists you can hear that this type of disease most of all overtakes people special.Long since the migraine suffered great musicians, scientists, poets.Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are most prone to a depressive condition, which often causes headaches.One of the clinical features of this disease is considered to be that it is a symptom of neurological diseases.But this is not an indication that migraine is a mental illness.

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Most often, the pain with migraines extends only to one part of the head.It can be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, intolerance of sharp light and noise.Such painful conditions can be associated with:

  • suffered head injuries;
  • by blood pressure changes;
  • malignant neoplasms.

Migraine can be of two types: classical( with aura) - the code of microgram G43.1, ordinary( without aura) -

G43.0.Aura in migraines is called preventive symptoms before the onset of an attack.Not everyone is exposed to this state.But those people in whom she is present, before the onset of migraines experience changes in their general condition.Many people feel changes in taste perception, smell and touch.Symptoms of classical migraine can also be called:

  1. Ophthalmoplegic migraine - code ubb G43.8, at which pain begins around the eyes: eyelids sag, and in the eyes of two.This is a very rare type of symptomatology.
  2. Basilar migraine, accompanied by dizziness, vomiting reflex, ringing in the ears, pain in the occipital part of the head.This kind of ailment often worries women with hormonal disorders.
  3. Migraine status is considered a very rare type of migraine, but much more painful.Pain may not pass for several days.There are times when pain can cause hospitalization.
  4. Migraine hemiplegic demonstrates muscle weakness and short limb paralysis.This may be a harbinger of a stroke.
  5. Retinal migraine is manifested by pain in one part of the head.Pain can cause partial loss of vision in one eye.

Migraine without aura affects a huge number of people.Most often they are followed by symptoms such as throbbing paroxysmal pain, which can last up to 3 days.Sometimes this pain can be localized only in one part of the head and strengthened during walking or physical exertion.Severe pain can provoke attacks of nausea and cause vomiting.

Each type of migraine provokes a disorder in the state of the vessels.Sudden pain can occur as a result of stress, weather changes and other factors.A large number of eaten chocolate and alcohol can also cause pain in the head.Pain in the head can also cause smoking.With frequent headaches, it is necessary to diagnose your state of health with a specialist neurologist.

2 Children's Migraines

Many children today suffer from this disease.A feature of headaches in children is that they often suffer from migraine without an aura.In addition, most cases show abdominal migraine, characterized by bouts of pain in the abdominal region.Sometimes accompanied by a strong vomiting in addition, such manifestations can be diagnosed by physicians as an attack of appendicitis.In children, migraine attacks can be short-lived.


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Headache in a child can be caused by colds, allergic reactions, intoxication of the body due to poisoning or a side effect during the intake of medicines.Some foods, low blood glucose, high school loads, stuffy rooms can also cause migraines in children.

This condition is inherently a very dangerous disease, especially for the child's body.Its consequences can be severe and unpredictable.Sometimes parents in a migraine child are regarded as an attempt to stage a painful condition in order not to go to school or a kindergarten.As a result, the moment is lost when it is urgent to begin therapy.

If the headache is accompanied by paralysis or weakness in the hands, the patient gets confused speech, coordination of movements is violated, there is a fever or double vision, it is urgent to call an ambulance.Such symptoms can speak of the development of a dangerous disease - meningitis, brain tumors, etc. With new symptoms accompanying periodic migraine attacks in children, it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis.If necessary, the doctor may prescribe a therapy.

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It is impossible to give painkillers alone more than 1 time without the child's doctor's recommendation.If he is in great pain, you can give a tablet of Paracetamol or Citramon, and then show the child to the doctor.

3 General treatment

Migraine is a disease that does not have a specific treatment regimen.In some cases, anesthetics are used to cope with it. Ibuprofen, Paracetamol.If the pain is not accompanied by a fever, doctors can prescribe antiemetics for a gag reflex.

If the cause of migraine is high or low blood pressure, doctors prescribe a course of treatment to normalize it.Sometimes yoga attacks, acupressure, acupuncture therapy help to remove seizures.It is advisable to massage your head every hour in case of severe migraine attacks, massaging from the forehead to the occiput.

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In case of frequent stressful situations causing migraine attacks, doctors can prescribe sedative preparations on a plant basis - Persen, Novo-Passit, drops of valerian or motherwort and other means.

Good help in the treatment of migraines are phyto-drugs, which are completely harmless to the body even with prolonged use.Thus, migraine associated with decreased blood pressure can be eliminated by drinking strong coffee in the amount of 2-3 cups a day.Perfectly helps infusion or decoction of medicinal plants.These include melissa, valerian, chamomile.

Contrasting foot baths help to get rid of migraine attacks.They can be done with decoction broths.The alternating lowering of the legs in cold and hot water improves blood circulation in the limbs, which gradually improves blood flow to the brain, saturating blood vessels and blood with oxygen.This helps to relieve the patient's condition.

Dehydration can also cause migraines, so broths and infusions of herbs, fruit teas, fruit drinks, vitamin drinks will be a great help in replenishing the body's lost fluid.

To facilitate the state of migraine helps the inhalation of vapors of camphor and ammonia, combined in equal proportions.

To the area of ​​the temples and forehead with headaches, you can apply napkins moistened in a special composition: for 1 liter of water 4 drops of eucalyptus oil.

A special pillow filled with mixed herbs with a sedative effect helps to get rid of migraines.It is put at the head of the bed, and during seizures they use it as a pillow for sleeping, lying on it with the sick side of the head.

To prevent frequent migraine attacks, doctors recommend that they completely reconsider their lifestyle.Perhaps the reason lies in the wrong diet, frequent stress, inadequate rest and sleep.Correcting these components, in the future you can significantly improve your health.