Skin abscess: symptoms, causes, treatment, prognosis, diagnosis

August 22, 2017 23:00 | Pyoderma

Modern medicine provides the most effective treatments for many diseases of the skin, and in the event of a skin abscess, which manifests itself as a purulent lesion of the upper layer of the epidermis, it is possible to quickly eliminate the manifestations of the disease.The symptomatology of the abscess is very characteristic, its manifestations make it possible to detect the onset of a purulent process at the earliest stages, which allows us to begin the therapeutic effect.

There are several methods of affecting the affected skin, which cause minimal damage to the skin and provide early healing of the wound surface.Understanding the cause of skin abscess and ways that will minimize the negative impact of this condition on human health allow us to take timely measures to eliminate the likely consequences of the abscess.

Properties disease

Manifestations skin abscess can be considered typical: the skin surface occurs due to the ingress of formation of pyogenic infections, which is a capsule filled

with purulent content.The abscess pulls into itself the adjacent hair follicle, sweat glands.Gradually increasing in volume, the capsule with the contents protrudes above the surface of the skin, an inflammatory process can occur on the adjacent areas of healthy skin.In this case, the capsule has a clearly limited area, its contents are enclosed in a sufficiently dense film.

Skin abscess manifestations are similar in men and women, but due to the greater sensitivity of the skin in women and children, this condition is more painful for them. Redness of the adjacent skin, increased sensitivity of the entire area of ​​the lesion are the most characteristic manifestations of an abscess.

In childhood, the incidence of skin abscess is slightly lower than in an adult.This can be explained by the low activity of both the hormonal system of the child, and the inconclusive development of sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin.The highest frequency of this process is observed in adolescence, when hormonal changes in the body begin and there is an increased susceptibility to all types of infections that enter the body in any damage to the skin.

Classification of abscesses

classify skin abscess can be the place of its location and degree of development.


Thus, depending on the location of the source of inflammation which becomes purulent abscess, it can occur at such portions of the human body as:

  • neck,
  • face region and the front part of the head,
  • inThe area of ​​sweat glands,
  • is less frequent - in the area of ​​the lower limbs and back.

On abscesses of the skin will tell the doctor in this video:


By steps of the pathological process of developing an abscess is divided:

  1. first stage , when there is a penetration of the skin infection or a foreign object.The cause of the onset of abscess development can also be ingrown hair, increased sweating and insufficiency of hygiene procedures.At the same time there is an increase in skin temperature, in the area of ​​which penetration has occurred, its sensitivity is increased.
  2. The second stage of development of an abscess is characterized by the formation of purulent contents.The capsule, in which pus begins to accumulate, acquires certain outlines, its volume gradually increases due to the activity of the pathogenic process.In this case, the color changes: from white on the stage of the onset of pus formation, which is the production of sebaceous glands with the products of tissue decay, to yellowish, when the ripening of the abscess is finally marked.
  3. In the third step abscess in the absence of the necessary treatment spontaneously opened, the purulent contents poured onto the adjacent tissue.And although such an outcome can be considered favorable, it is precisely when pus is poured onto healthy skin that the most frequent occurrence of negative consequences of this condition is noted.Therefore, physicians are advised to initiate a therapeutic effect on the site of the lesion already at the initial stages of its development.

Stages of development of the abscess of the skin can determine which treatment will be most effective.And as with the therapeutic effect of any skin disease, the abscess is better cured if it is detected at the earliest stage of development.

Reasons for the occurrence of

The most common reasons for the development of such an unpleasant condition as skin abscess include:

  • excessive sweating with insufficient hygiene procedures;
  • is a restructuring of the hormonal system with a predominance of male sex hormones in the blood;
  • foreign matter penetration under the skin;Ingrown hair, which most often occurs during epilation.

Combining these causes can also trigger the formation of an abscess that causes serious damage to the skin and can cause negative consequences.

Abscess skin( photo)


The most characteristic manifestations of the disease process in the early stages of development of abscess should include:

  • occurrence of hypersensitivity of the affected skin,
  • reddening it,
  • swelling of the tissues, causing the affected surface to slightly rise above the healthy skin.

With further development, the appearance of the head is noted: filled with purulent contents of the capsule, which grows in size as it grows, but it has quite distinct outlines.Usually, the sebaceous and sweat glands are attracted to the process, which are located next to the lesion site, as well as the hair follicle.


Diagnosis is performed by analyzing external manifestations and subjective sensations of a person.

With the development of this process, the temperature of the skin also increases in the area of ​​its lesion, then, with the development of an abscess, the overall body temperature begins to rise, the general condition worsens: lethargy, fatigue appears.This is explained by the penetration of purulent contents into adjacent tissues and the spread of it throughout the body through the lymphatic system.


The treatment of skin abscess depends both on the stage of the current process and on the susceptibility of the patient to the selected therapeutic effect.The initial stages usually do not cause serious negative manifestations in the patient's health.And during this period, the therapeutic effect is usually used.

With further activation and growth of the abscess, medicinal or surgical treatment is used, which prevents the possibility of penetration of pyogenic contents into neighboring healthy tissues through the lymphatic system.


Therapeutic treatment when an abscess occurs is the application of warming compresses, which allows to speed up the process of maturation of the abscess.The purulent content rather comes out, releasing deeper layers of the skin and preventing inflammation inside the epidemic.


The methods of drug treatment include the use of antibacterial agents in the form of external application: compresses, applying a layer on the affected skin.

For example, medications such as Dimexide and Penicillin, which are applied as a compress to the affected skin.Due to their effect, the abscess does not increase in size, the inflammatory processes in it do not become active, with a favorable outcome damped.


Surgery should also be considered as an effective treatment.It allows you to remove the existing purulent contents, completely clean the cavity with pus to prevent further inflammation.

Usually, surgical intervention is indicated in the late stages of abscess development, as well as in extensive skin lesions.The operation is performed in conditions of hospitalization of a patient under local anesthesia.

An abscess dissection on the back is shown in this video:

Prevention of the disease

  • The preventive measures include mandatory disinfection of places of mechanical damage to the skin, which allows to exclude the possibility of an inflammatory process in the epidermis.Processing is also made of adjacent tissues.
  • Also as a prophylaxis of this disease can be called stimulation of the immune system of the body to prevent the spread of inflammatory processes.


In the late stage of the abscess of the skin, purulent contents are discharged to healthy adjacent tissues.This can cause negative consequences, which are also provoked by the separation of pus by the lymphatic system.


Usually, skin abscess is completely cured by one of the three overpowered methods or a combination thereof. Survival in this case is about 85-98%. In the most neglected cases, with a general weakness of the body and in the absence of treatment, there is a possibility of a lethal outcome.

Abscess of the skin, boils and carbuncles are unpleasant problems, but with timely treatment you can get rid of them with minimal losses.

For folk methods of treatment of abscesses, the video below will be described: