Epidemic pemphigus: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

August 22, 2017 23:00 | Bullous

Epidemic pemphigus( newborns) is represented by a very acute pathology.At the same time it develops quite quickly.

Features of the disease

This dermal lesion is considered a disease characterized by a very high degree of infectiousness.The pathology begins with the appearance of vesicles( small), inside of them there is pus.After the bubble bursts, the wound remains.The defeat is very quickly spreading through the dermis of the baby.Defeat can even affect the mucous membranes.

The diagnosis is carried out taking into account the age of the patient.The liquid that is obtained from the bladder, as well as the erosion to be separated, is examined.Due to the high infectiousness of this lesion of the dermis, it is necessary to carry out quarantine measures, disinfection.

The disease occurs in a newborn who is infected by the mother, medical personnel( even if they have pyoderma, these people remain carriers of the infection).Staphylococcus aureus acts as a causative agent.

Most often the infection affects such categories of babies:

  • premature;
  • newborns, whose mothers had been able to tolerate severe toxicosis of pregnant women;
  • suffered a trauma.

Symptoms of epidemic pancreas are described below.