Signs of alcoholism in men

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Home Treatment

Signs of alcoholism in men

Many people ask themselves, what is alcoholism?Alcoholism is a disease that is difficult to get rid of.Male alcoholism now suffers most of the stronger sex.This dependence grows with each passing day, and it becomes difficult to refuse from alcoholic beverages.This ailment requires immediate treatment at an early stage.There are certain signs of alcoholism in a man that everyone should know about.

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Symptoms of alcoholism

The symptoms of alcoholism are quite diverse, only some of them can manifest themselves.At the very beginning of the disease, at the first signs, immediately seek help.

  1. Bad memory.The more a person drinks, the more he remembers any events.
  2. Aggression.It arises on the slightest occasion and without it.Appeared inclinations to assault, use
    obscene vocabulary, inability to control themselves.
  3. Mental retardation.The man becomes on the development a campaign on the schoolboy.
  4. Frequent diseases.Weak immunity, regular poisoning of organs leads to deterioration of well-being.
  5. Tremor of the hands.Often gives himself an alcoholic trembling hands.
  6. Exterior features.Puffy and red face.

Symptoms of alcoholism in men

A man has frequent offers to celebrate a holiday, purchase, arrival of relatives, a successfully completed business or any other minor event.Absence of a vomiting reflex, after drinking a lot of alcohol, having an abstinence syndrome( hangover) and a desire to drink non-stop, without a sense of proportion, should start to bother you.This is the beginning of the disease.Soon you will not need a company.Unwillingness to communicate, be in society, solitude will remove you from civilization.

Stages of alcoholism and their symptoms

In medicine, it is common to divide alcohol dependence into three stages.

The first signs at the initial stage - it's craving for alcohol and without it, uncontrolled use of it, lack of sense of proportion, addiction to large doses of alcohol.

Attention! This stage can last from one year to ten years.

Getting pleasure, a sense of satisfaction from being drunk makes a person do it again and again.In the case of remarks of relatives, there is an inadequate reaction, indignation and denial of the fact of addiction to alcohol.

For a man it becomes unclear how you can spend a holiday or a day off without another bottle.The mood and interest in life is now closely related to alcoholic beverages.

The second stage makes you aware of yourself in the form of diseases, affects the appearance and psyche of a person.There are changes in behavior: there is constant irritation, quick temper and sudden aggression.Alcohol begins to affect mental abilities, attention.The man starts drinking every day, starting from the morning.In this regard, there is tremor of hands, hallucinations, sometimes there is an epileptic syndrome.

Stages of alcoholism and their symptoms

At the third stage, irreversible processes occur.Without medical assistance, a man can not get out of drinking-bout.The hangover goes only after the newly drunk wine.Mental activity is quickly weakened, memory loss occurs.On the face there are swelling, swelling under the eyes.

Please note! The organism of the alcoholic is completely poisoned with alcoholic beverages, resulting in intoxication immediately, from small doses.

Chronic alcoholism causes diseases such as: liver disease( cirrhosis), atherosclerosis, stomach ulcer, impotence, malfunction of the heart and kidneys.Often there is a stroke with alcoholism.

What people are prone to alcoholism

There are certain categories of men who can be exposed to this disease.Predisposing factors are:

  1. Heredity.If a family has already suffered from this disease, then it is likely that alcoholism will be inherited.
  2. Smoking or addiction.If a man is addicted to drugs or smoking, then alcohol can be addicted the more.
  3. Frequent use of alcohol( on holidays, corporate parties, meetings, etc.).
  4. Regular stressful situations, failures at work or at home.With the help of spirits, a man tries to solve his problems, forget himself or make his life easier.
  5. Depressive state.During alcoholic intoxication, a man feels freedom and lightness.

What people are prone to alcoholism

Beer alcoholism

If you drink beer daily and think that it's not alcohol, you are deeply mistaken about it.Beer is a drink that also causes addiction, and there is such a term as "Beer Alcoholism".Beer lovers and in their thoughts do not have that their precious drink harms health.

Signs of

Signs of beer alcoholism:

  • saggy breasts, loose body and weight gain;
  • large abdomen( a mirror disease in which it becomes impossible to see your genitals);
  • decreased interest in women, impotence;
  • consumption of beer, in quantities of 1.5 liters or more per day;
  • headaches, poor sleep at night and drowsiness during the day;
  • aggressive behavior and depressive state without beer;
  • hand tremor;
  • occurrence of various diseases( liver disease, pancreas, heart, hormonal imbalance).

Soon it becomes impossible to use a dose less than usual and for intoxication it should be increased all the time.There is soreness in the lumbar region, shortness of breath and the smell of acetone from the mouth.Change in complexion and excessive sweating will give out an alcoholic in society.

Signs of beer alcoholism

Remember! In beer alcoholism, organ and system poisoning occurs two times faster than with vodka.

The psyche is broken and the appearance changes significantly.Signs of alcoholism on the face can be seen from afar.Not necessarily the presence of all symptoms.

Treatment of alcoholism

To make sure of the absence or presence of the disease, you can make a test for alcohol dependence.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment should be started immediately.In this case, you must completely abandon alcoholic beverages.Treatment may be inpatient or outpatient.The treatment of chronic alcoholism is delayed for a long time, you must be ready for this.

For inpatient treatment, doctors will work on eliminating the binge, will use detoxification methods, make coding and then you will be rehabilitated.When inpatient, the alcoholic appears more likely to come to a quick recovery.Psychological work, which is conducted in clinics, helps a man understand the whole essence of the problem and take the right path.Drug therapy complements and completes the entire chain.

If you treat alcoholism on an outpatient basis, that is at home, you must strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations.Do not skip the intake of medications, drink more liquid( mineral water, natural juices, fruit drinks, compotes, teas), drink vitamins( they should come in fruits and vegetables, and additionally in multivitamins, ascorbic acid), you can drink a course of medicinal herbs.

Please note! The use of medicinal herbs is a very effective addition to the treatment of this disease.

Therapeutic herbs

The herbs treated with alcoholism include:

  • barrel;
  • St. John's wort;
  • wormwood;
  • thyme;
  • centroid;
  • rosemary;
  • bear ears;
  • yarrow;
  • lovage;
  • lemon balm.

Sometimes also used laurel noble, motherwort, duckweed, juniper, immortelle and calendula.

Herbs for the treatment of alcoholism

All these herbs in the complex give good results.

For example:

  1. A crimson or thyme with thyme will cause vomiting with simultaneous intake with alcohol.
  2. Kopyten or wormwood with a gold-throat causes aversion to alcohol.
  3. Bearberry helps with beer alcoholism.
  4. The bay leaf with alcohol causes diarrhea and vomiting.
  5. The following herbal preparations are treated for alcoholism: thyme creeping, wormwood and a thousand-centaur or a thousand-leaved, lovage and lemon balm.As well as rosemary, bear ears, yarrow, etc.

Not only herbal medicines are treated by alcoholics, birch smoke, sour apples, walnut earrings, roots of curled sorrel, pepper tincture, honey, shells of crayfish andOther ingredients.

There are a lot of recipes, it would seem that dependence on alcohol is not so terrible a disease that you need to treat under the supervision of a doctor.But this is far from the case.All families, who are overtaken by this trouble, know that you can not let things go by themselves and only this specialist should treat this ailment.In advanced cases, of course, without drugs and coding is indispensable.