Skin burn: symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, classification

August 21, 2017 23:00 | Symptoms Of Disease

Skin diseases, accompanied by such unpleasant manifestations as flaking, redness, tingling, itching and burning of the skin, require increased attention, because these symptoms are not only frequent concomitant characteristics of the disease, but also greatly reduce the quality of life of the patient.And burning of the skin, according to many patients, can be considered one of the most annoying symptoms of many skin lesions.

Since the burning sensation on the skin is considered one of the most frequent phenomena accompanying the lesions of the upper layer of the epidermis, attention should be paid to it even with minor manifestations.After all, any skin disease usually requires long-term therapy to improve the patient's condition and complete elimination of concomitant manifestations, and resorting to a dermatologist-doctor during burning will allow to reveal the current pathological condition and begin its treatment.

What is burning sensation of the skin

According to the medical description, skin

burning is a stimulation caused by external or internal causes of the receptors of the upper layer of the epidermis, which usually has a paroxysmal character. The most frequent burning sensation in the daytime is somewhat weakened, and with the onset of night time intensifies, which prevents full rest, causes increased irritation and can cause deterioration in overall well-being, reduced efficiency and the appearance of the first signs of a depressed state.

Accompanying burning can be itching of varying intensity, rashes or irritations on the surface of the skin.The methods of therapeutic influence in this state allow to reduce burning sensation, eliminate unpleasant consequences and stop the main pathological process in time, which caused burning.

What kind of burning sensation on the skin, we will tell below.


Burning-skin-doctor There is a separation of the types of burning, depending on the nature of this phenomenon.To date, the classification of burning is as follows:

  1. Physiological burning , caused by specific external causes.For example, burning of this nature can occur with insect bites, skin rubbing for a long time, with thermal and sunburn.
  2. Pathological burning sensation .In this case, it is customary to talk about a certain state of the psyche, in which burning is caused by instability in the psychological state or changes in the physiological state, for example, in the old age, when pregnancy occurs.Also burning of this nature can occur with psychological discomfort, stress, depressive state.

This classification is considered conditional, since in practice the incidence of burning with characteristics of both physiological and pathological causes is frequent.How to identify the burning sensation under and on the skin for no apparent reason, and also with them, we will tell below.

Identification of features

Burning sensations are considered to be sufficiently characteristic, therefore, their detection in themselves is not a difficult task.

  • With the initial stages of the pathological process occurring in the skin, there is only minor discomfort, which, with a small effect of external or internal provoking causes, manifests itself in a small localized on a specific area of ​​the skin tingling or tingling.
  • However, with the progression of skin disease there is an increase in the aureole of skin damage, and this process can occur either gradually or rapidly enough.If at the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease with insignificant burning there was not enough attention paid to the skin condition, then the process begins to develop rapidly, capturing all large areas of the skin.

About the causes of burning hands, legs, face, back, head and other localizations, we will tell below.

Possible violations

Skin burning can occur in various areas of the body.In this case, this symptom may be the first manifestation of a certain disease.Indeed, it is the external manifestations that occur on the surface of the skin that are often diagnosed as symptoms of some serious disorders in the slave of internal organs, which then can only be aggravated with insufficient attention.

External causes of

The appearance of skin burning caused by external causes usually appears immediately and can be easily identified the cause of its occurrence.

  • For example, with insect bites, the burning begins to appear immediately after the bite, with the greatest intensity being noted in the first minutes after the bite.
  • With sunlight or thermal burn, the burning sensation also manifests itself quite sharply, painfulness is noted in the near future after the exposure.
  • Also the effect of aggressive substances, for example, household chemicals, when the active substances of drugs affect the skin sensitive to them.Burning in this case should be considered an external manifestation, which reaches the greatest intensity in the first minutes after exposure.

There are also a number of internal pathologies that are the burning of the skin that have one of the earliest symptoms of the current illness.So, the burning of the upper layer of the epidermis can indicate the following internal diseases of the body:

  • of the vascular lesions - with this pathology there is a periodic flow of limbs, their cold state, often there is a burning sensation of the skin in the place of injury.In case of burning, the cause of this condition should be identified in order to determine the root cause of burning and the methods of stabilization of the condition;
  • liver disease - since it is the liver that is the main cleansing organ of our body, the condition of the skin, as well as the general well-being of a person, largely depends on her condition.And such manifestations as sharply dark color of urine, clarification of stool, and also expressed burning sensation in certain areas of the skin can accompany pathology in the work of this organ.The cause of burning with liver lesions is the secretion of bile salts into the blood, which, acting on the skin receptors, irritate them and this leads to a pathological reaction;
  • skin diseases - eczema, psoriasis, allergies, erythema can be accompanied by burning of the skin.With these skin lesions, additional external manifestations are noted, which also attract attention and require urgent help;
  • internal parasites - helminths in some cases cause severe burning of the skin, because regular preventive cleansing of the body will avoid this condition;
  • a decrease in the activity of the thyroid gland - in this pathology the skin is constantly burning, it becomes hot and damp, the activity of certain body systems decreases, which causes increased fatigue and a tendency to depression, because the thyroid gland is responsible for the process of hormone production, andThe hormonal background is largely responsible for the mental and psychological state of a person.

Burning sensation can accompany such serious conditions as the first stage of internal organs cancers, systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, gout, malfunctioning of the gallbladder, liver and kidneys.And diagnosing the cause of burning helps in many ways to eliminate the root cause of this unpleasant condition, rather eliminate all the accompanying symptoms and return to normal.

How to overcome the burning of the skin without external manifestations and with such, we will tell below.

Symptom Control

Manifestations of internal lesions require the fastest possible identification of the reasons for their occurrence.This will help to neutralize unpleasant symptoms rather than eliminate the cause. because it can be quite serious, and the lack of the necessary medication can lead to complications or longer treatment.

Combating burning skin is the following methods of external and internal exposure:

  1. Identify the cause of burning.Complete diagnostics will help to determine for what reason this manifestation arose.After all, the knowledge of the exact cause makes it possible to exert a purposeful influence on the organism and the fastest possible elimination of this unpleasant manifestation.
  2. Impact.This can be drug therapy, which is carried out only under the guidance of a physician to eliminate negative manifestations with sensitivity of the patient's body.
  3. Physiotherapy procedures that stimulate immunity and will also contribute to the prompt elimination of burning sensation.
  4. Vitamin therapy, consisting of regular intake of immunostimulating, mineral and vitamin preparations, which have a positive effect on the healing process.Consultation of the attending physician will make the intake of vitamins the most effective in carrying out a complex impact on the patient's body.

The above-mentioned effects will make the whole treatment complex the most effective, therefore observance of all points under the program of cure will allow to eliminate unpleasant symptoms sooner.Prevention and treatment, based on thorough diagnosis, guarantee the preservation of health and prevent any negative changes in health.