Redness on the skin of a child or adult: types, allergies, itching, peeling

August 20, 2017 23:00 | Symptoms Of Disease

  • Radiation sickness - the problem occurs as a result of damage to the body by radioactive irradiation.Among the common symptoms - itching of the skin in places of redness.
  • Mouse fever - infection occurs from rodents.Exercises of the mouse voles, which is the carrier of the virus, are dangerous to humans.The onset of the disease is similar to acute respiratory disease, with reddening of the face and neck.
  • Bursitis is an inflammatory process in the periarticular bag.Usually around the joint appears swelling and redness.
  • Hyperemia is redness of the skin, it can be accompanied by swelling.The phenomenon itself indicates the influx of blood to the tissues and is manifested in many diseases.
  • Agoraphobia is a disorder lying in the zone of anxiety-phobic disorders.A person experiences fear in connection with being in the open space, in places of large concentrations of people.Among the symptoms that indicate a changed condition of a person during an attack, there is also a reddening of the skin.
  • Allergy to the sun - one of the varieties of actinic dermatitis.Dermatitis initiates the sun's rays.
  • Phlebitis - flows against the background of varicose veins, is expressed in the disease of the walls of veins.There is a disease of the vessels in the limbs, in the brain area.The inflammatory process may encompass the tissues adjacent to the diseased tissue wall.
  • Arthritis is a joint disease.The problem gets a push from a variety of reasons.Defeat can cover the joints of the fingers, knees, hips.With the development of the process, reddening of the skin around the affected joint is possible.
  • Human papilloma virus - on the skin formed condylomas, warts.The disease causes the virus, at the site of the rash, irritation and redness are formed.
  • Demodex is a problem caused by a tick, whose habitat, the hair follicle.It appears on the skin with eruptions with marked irritation and redness.
  • Lymphostasis is a violation of the movement of lymph that can lead to disability.In some places, the fluid accumulates, it is noticeable by puffiness.Around the joints, swelling and redness may also appear.
  • Malaria - the source of infection is the malarial mosquito.His bite provokes the disease in one of the forms( four are known).When the disease develops and the temperature rises, the skin becomes red.
  • Allergic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that occurs as a result of the influence of an irritating factor, namely, in contact with an allergen.
  • Borreliosis - a disease that initiates the bite of a mite infected with a Borrelia bacterium.The same effect can happen as a result of crushing such a tick.The site of the lesion acquires reddening of the ring-shaped species.
  • Lishay - skin lesions with rashes due to infection with fungi.The places where the problem was manifested are reddish.
  • Neurosis of the heart - in people with a weak nervous system, the worsening of the functioning of the heart may occur as a result of the experiences.In numerous symptoms of this disorder, redness of the skin is also possible.
  • Rubella is a viral disease, one of the manifestations of which is the redness of the skin and the rash in these areas.
  • Dermatomyositis - the problem is the damage to the muscles, which affects the ability to move.It is accompanied by the appearance of redness and swelling on the skin.
  • Allergy to low temperature - redness of the skin occurs as a result of exposure to cold.Occurs with organisms weakened by other disorders.The problem, like many other listed diseases, needs treatment.
  • Actinic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by radiation exposure not of it.Often happens in people who have professions associated with radiation exposure, for example: welders, workers in smelting shops, doctors X-ray rooms.
  • Hemorrhagic fever - inflammation of blood vessels as a result of the action of viruses.When the symptom develops, tissue hypoxia occurs.On the skin there is redness and a rash.
  • Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve - nerve damage as a result of a number of reasons.It causes pain, complicates the management of facial muscles, it is difficult to be treated.In the course of nerve disease, redness or blanching of the skin can be observed.
  • Paragonimosis - in the lungs a parasite is introduced, which is also called the flukes.Symptoms of the disease are manifested in the form of abdominal pain, difficulty breathing.Itching and redness are felt on the skin.
  • Filariasis - the disease causes worms - filaria, which are introduced into the human body and cause an increase in the area of ​​the body where they settled.On the skin there are redness, as well as warts and ulcers.The disease is typical for tropical countries.
  • Endocarditis is caused by an infection that initiated an inflammatory process in the inner shell of the heart.The disease provokes a negative process in the vascular walls.On the skin there is redness and a small rash.
  • Mastitis - the problem occurs as a result of the inflammatory process in the mammary gland.In the place of pathology, pain appears.On the chest usually there is redness.
  • Tinea causes one of the varieties of herpes.The large area is affected by rashes, the patient experiences itching and discomfort.Painful areas have a reddish color.
  • Eczema is a dermatological disease that is mostly allergenic.Pathology manifests itself in a variety of types and types, the causes of its appearance are not known to the end.
  • Pityriasis lichen - on the skin appear red spots caused by fungal lesions of the upper layer of the skin.
  • Erythema is an increased redness of the skin caused by an excessive influx of blood into the capillaries.It can be a temporary phenomenon or a signal about dangerous violations in the body.
  • Urticaria - the reaction of the skin to various effects in the form of the appearance of blisters.Formations have a reddish color.More often hives occur as an allergic reaction.
  • Herpes - this virus lives in nerve cells.Once infected, a person has an infection in the active phase or during a rest period.At the time of exacerbation the virus manifests itself as a rash, while the reddening of the affected area is observed.
  • Perianal dermatitis - inflammation occurs in the anus.The skin becomes red, itching and discomfort are felt.The problem is bacteria, fungi.

Any reaction of the body to external stimuli, food or, at first it is unclear what factors, is the information that with the received signal it is necessary to understand.It is worth to be attentive to new symptoms, perhaps this is a chance to determine the disease at an early stage.

So, is it worth worrying if you feel reddening of the skin around the nose, eyes and other parts of the body?

What is redness on the skin

Skin can show redness in the form of large or small spots.This phenomenon is combined with inflammatory processes or is capable of indicating a temporary reaction of the skin to the effect on it.After cessation of influence on the skin of these factors, redness can pass without a trace.

The same cases, when skin color changes are caused by the inflammatory process, the consequence of some diseases, the defeat of the body by viruses, bacteria, fungi, require attentive attitude. Redness on the skin is a signal that gives the body that something is happening with it, it is important not to miss the onset of a disorder that could become a prerequisite for a serious illness.

The following are the types of redness on the skin.

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Reaction of the skin in the form of redness can have a variety of reasons.There are skin redness caused by:

  • by allergic reactions, which in turn can be initiated:
    • by the use of some types of products,
    • by reaction to temperature changes, including overcooling and overheating;
    • increased vascular reactivity;
    • as side effects when taking medications,
    • is the body's response when in contact with certain chemicals;
  • the flow in the body of infectious and viral processes that can be accompanied by various kinds of inflammation;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system.

How redness of the skin manifests itself with peeling, itching, irritation and dry skin, read below.

Redness on the skin and itching in the elbow( photo)


How to identify the symptom in yourself

Redness of the skin is easily determined by visual inspection of your skin.Often this phenomenon is accompanied by itching, so it can not be overlooked.

If an incomprehensible reddening on the skin is detected, it will be correct to look at the next day for the presence of this phenomenon.It should also be determined whether redness or symptom is progressing.

What are the symptoms of the

symptom? Redness in the skin can signal a variety of phenomena: from small temporary disorders in the body to serious diseases requiring specialist help.Diseases that can be the cause of skin reddening:

Skin redness in the form of spots( photo)


How to deal with such a symptom

If the skin has reddening, you should first observeSeveral days and analyze what could have caused them.If this is a reaction to the taking of tablets or a new kind of food, to contact with chemicals or other understandable reason, then this influence should be removed and whether redness will be seen in the coming days.You can also try a cream for the skin prone to redness.

At the slightest suspicion of deterioration, it is necessary to immediately call a specialist. If redness is accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms and creates discomfort, then it is necessary to treat what is happening as a signal of the body about the malfunctions and to undergo diagnostics.

Timely and correct understanding of the processes occurring in the body will enable specialists to provide competent assistance.

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