Ephelids( freckles): causes, symptoms, treatment, diagnosis

August 20, 2017 23:00 | Pigmentation

Efelids are quite common.Usually we call them freckles.These pigmented spots are characterized by a small size, clear boundaries.Their color can be brown, light yellow.

We will tell you about what to do with them and how to clean freckles at home, today.

Features of the spots

Efelids are benign spots that cover mainly the hands, face.Most often, education data are observed in red-haired people, blondes, brown-haired people.Their appearance occurs in early childhood.Over time, the number of spots decreases.They occur in the same amount on the epidermis of children of different sexes( boys, girls).

The peculiarity of such spots is that with direct exposure to sun rays they darken, which is explained by the accelerated production of melanin( pigment) by melanocytes. If the action of the sun stops, the spots turn pale again.In summer, the size of such freckles increases noticeably, in winter, their number decreases.

This video tells you about freckles and how to remove them:

Reasons for the emer
gence of epheldids

According to the research of scientists, it is established that this pathology is genetically determined( determined).Insolation( irradiation with sunlight) provokes an increase in the synthesis of melanin by large melanosomes.

The manifestation of ephelides may be due to such factors:

  • heredity;
  • hormonal changes.

The main reasons for the appearance of freckles are:

  • the presence of physical activity, stress.These factors can cause hormonal changes within the body;
  • puberty.During this period, hormonal changes always occur;
  • wrong power supply.Fatty food plays a special role in the appearance of ephelids;
  • is a disorder of melanin production.This pathology is peculiar to fair-skinned people.

Pigmentation in the face area can also occur with the frequent carrying out of such cosmetic procedures as peeling.

About the signs of freckles read below.

Children with freckles( photo)



Efelids to learn very simply.They are spotted, the color of which varies from light to dark brown.The diameter of such formations can reach several millimeters( 1 - 5).They occur on the dermis, which is more often under the sun:

  • cheeks;
  • nose;
  • brushes;
  • chest;
  • shoulders;
  • upper back;
  • forearm.

Diagnosis of freckles

The diagnosis of ephelids is based on clinical data.From Lentigo, the spots formed differ in that they are located only in areas that are exposed to the sun, turn pale with time.

A histological examination is also performed which shows an increased amount of melanin in some of the melanocytes found in the basal layer of the epidermis.

To remove laser freckles, masks and other remedies for them, see below.

How to remove freckles with a bodyguard will tell you the video below:


It is impossible to cure completely the efelids, because these spots appear every time under the influence of sun rays. But you can achieve a certain degree of their clarification.For this purpose, they use a wide range of means, which have different strength of action, composition.Let's consider basic means of clarification of ephelin:

  1. Most often, creams from freckles that contain hydroquinone( 2 - 4%) are used to lighten the stains.It is applied twice a day.This method of clarification will show its results if the cream against freckles will be applied regularly for 3-6 months.
  2. Retinoids.
  3. Cryotherapy.
  4. Chemical peeling.It can slightly lighten the stains.Typically, peelings are carried out with glycolic acid( 35-70%).They need to be carried out in 2 - 3 weeks.Spots lighten after 4 - 6 such procedures.But it is very important to avoid the sun.Also apply Jessner's peeling.It is performed by means of such components: salicylic acid, resorcinol, lactic acid.Repeat the procedure should be performed after 6 to 8 weeks.

Prevention of disease

Ephelds are considered a protective reaction of the epidermis from the effects of sun rays.Therefore, it is recommended to limit the stay under direct sunlight.If possible, stressful situations should be avoided, increased physical exertion.

Freckles on the nose( photo)



There are no specific medical indications for elimination of epheldids, because they do not cause any complications.And whitening freckles does not affect negatively on your health.


It is not possible to completely remove pigmented spots. They can be clarified by the above methods.Ephelids with time will darken again( due to the influence of solar radiation).

The video below tells how to get rid of freckles at home: