Flikten on the skin: photo, treatment, symptoms, diagnosis

August 20, 2017 23:00 | Symptoms Of Disease

Flicken is called a pustule on the surface of the skin.The bubble is surrounded by a patch of reddened skin, and inside it contains a serous discharge.If you do not treat the disease, then its deepening can cause even an abscess.What to do to cure the rash and how to determine it?

What is foldyen on the skin

This type of rash is very contagious, it accompanies the impetigo most often. Under the influence of bacterial inflammation, the upper parts of the skin become inflamed.Children usually get infected, especially those who go to kindergarten.For adults, a secondary flicten is more typical, ie, it develops against a backdrop of some pathology.

Provoke a symptom of staphylococci and streptococci - Gram-positive bacteria.Normally, they are always on the skin, and inside the human body, but with weakened health, immunity is not able to suppress their spread.

People with the following problems are especially vulnerable to conflicts:

  1. Non-compliance with hygiene.
  2. Skin diseases.
  3. Problems with metabolic processes.
  4. Microtrauma.


is classified by the causative agent that caused the rash:

  • mixed form;
  • streptococci;
  • of staphylococci.

How to identify

The defeat spreads over the hands and face, with the area initially acquiring a reddish hue. Then there will be flicks.Vesicles are usually assembled into groups, but they themselves do not exceed 1 mm in size.In the next stage, it is much easier to identify a violation, since they are opened and crusts are formed.Gradually, to these manifestations will be added peeling, itching.

For a month or two, the skin on which the fiction has appeared will remain red, but after that it will restore its normal shade.If there is a rash in children, then the picture of the disease is more vivid, as the symptoms of infection are added:

  • lymph node enlargement,
  • apathy,
  • temperature,
  • weakness,
  • refusal to eat,
  • headache.

Diseases and disorders

A flictain indicates usually some form of impetigo, but it also develops against the backdrop of dermatological problems, diabetes mellitus. Indicate rashes on hypovitaminosis, anemia, chicken pox, or pediculosis.Sometimes a similar reaction occurs after insect bites.

Secondary infection occurs also against the background of such diseases as:

  • ulcers and pressure ulcers;
  • pyoderma gangrenous;
  • burn;
  • cutaneous porphyria;
  • pemphigus;
  • pemphigoid bullous;
  • Ringworm;
  • of lymphedema.

On whether it is possible to treat cryptenics, we will tell below.

How to deal with the symptom

Fliktena-at-impetigo Flickr is just a symptom of impetigo, so it is important not to treat this symptom, but to affect the disease in a complex manner.Even children need to use antibiotics, since the rashes are very contagious.

Only a physician can select a suitable category of medication, otherwise self-medication will greatly aggravate the condition.This type of drugs with long admission depresses immunity, so it is desirable to limit the course and drink funds for no more than 14 days.Effective therapy will only be provided that the right drug is selected, but it is impossible to do it yourself.In severe forms of lesion, it is better to use injections.

  • Local treatment is also performed.Processing flicten should be conducted at least 2-3 times per day by any antibacterial means, at least green or alcohol solution.You can give up antibiotics and do only local treatment if the areas with rashes are limited.In such cases, it is advisable to choose different medications with the doctor, including lotions, creams and ointments with antibacterial effect.Especially good drugs are based on erythromycin, mupirocin.
  • Treatment is necessarily complemented by therapy aimed at the underlying disease, if it is it triggered the emergence of the phlykenae.For example, in diabetes it is important to control the pathology, with chronic eczema - to prevent its re-education, etc.
  • An infected child should not visit public places( kindergarten too!) Throughout the treatment phase.Care is required to monitor hygiene, and even adults.Combing the skin can spread the disease throughout the body, so it is advisable not to allow her injury during this period.
  • When the healing process has already begun, you can connect folk remedies to therapy.Process the skin can be broths of calendula, sage, comfrey, chamomile, string, sage.