Carbamazepine and alcohol: compatibility, consequences, whether it is possible to combine and reviews

Carbamazepine is a drug designed to treat diseases of the psyche, manifested by mania, depression.The drug refers to normotimikam - mood stabilizers, has anticonvulsant, analgesic, antiepileptic effect.

Carbamazepine -

Synonyms of Carbamazepine - Finlepsin, Carbaleptic, Zeptol, Timonil, Tegretol CR.Carbamazepine is treated with:

  • inflammation of the trigeminal nerve;
  • psychogenic, neurogenic pain;
  • psychosis with disorganization of behavior;
  • mania with mental agitation;
  • is depressed;
  • increased urination in diabetes insipidus;
  • alcohol abstinence for the prevention of psychosis.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of the drug Carbamazepine Carbamazepine is a blocker of sodium channels in excited neurons.Blocking the transmission of a nerve impulse, reduces the speed of the signal.

Carbamazepine inhibits the activity of amino acids involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, stimulates the activity of inhibitory GABA receptors, reduces the rate of synthesis of dopamine, noradrenaline - hormones involved in neurotransmission.


The half-life of carbamazepine in a single dose is 36 hours on average, but can last up to 65 hours.

If the patient is treated for a long time with this medicine, the elimination rate is reduced to 24 hours.This decrease in the half-life is caused by the stimulation of the monooxygenase system of the liver, an additional pathway of metabolism in the liver that occurs when the carbamazepine is continuously introduced into the body.

Carbamazepine is prohibited during pregnancy, lactation due to the ability to penetrate the placenta into amniotic fluid, enter the breast milk.

Side effects of

Treatment with this drug is likely to affect:

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  • on hearing and sight - cause clouding of the lens, doubling, blurry, reduce the ability to perceive high frequency sounds;
  • on the heart and blood vessels - lead to a decrease in heart rate, arrhythmia, ischemia, heart failure, thromboembolism;
  • on the digestive system - provoke stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting;
  • on the nervous system - cause peripheral neuritis, dizziness, nystagmus, muscle weakness;
  • on the excretory system - lead to kidney failure, edema, delay, or, on the contrary, increased frequency of urination.

Side effects of the drug may be allergic reactions, of which the most dangerous is anaphylactic shock.Serious side effects occur when taking medicine in the psychic sphere.

For long-term treatment, it is possible to:

  • depression;
  • formation of psychosis with aggressive behavior;
  • movement consistency disorder;
  • hallucinations.

Interaction with alcohol

Although carbamazepine is used to treat withdrawal symptoms, alcohol is not permitted when taking this drug.Treatment of alcohol abstinence Carbamazepine is carried out in the narcological center, under the control of an expert in narcology.With a breakdown, the drug is canceled.

In the case of concomitant administration of carbamazepine and alcohol, the drug increases alcohol intoxication, worsening the tolerability of alcohol.

Alcohol, in turn, increases the likelihood of side effects.It is caused by the fact that both ethanol and carbamazepine are metabolized in the liver.The intake of alcohol additionally uses the resources of the liver, increasing its load, which disrupts the cleavage of the medicine, increases the time of its half-elimination from the body.

Consequences of the combination

Consequences of combining carbazepine with alcohol Compatibility of carbamazepine and alcohol is unpredictable.Alcohol, depending on the dose, the state of human health, can cause the appearance of any side effect, increase the intensity of the already existing health consequences of treatment.

With the combination of carbamazepine and ethyl alcohol, the rate of transmission of nerve impulses may decrease, the inhibition of the nervous system may increase, with the appearance of hallucinations, delusions, gait disturbance, weakness.

And, on the contrary, the interaction of the drug and ethanol can provoke arousal, increased aggression, the appearance of psychosis.

Taking medication and alcohol at the same time is capable of provoking:

  • hormonal disorder;
  • destruction of the pancreas, liver;
  • decreased potency.

Strengthening of side effects caused by ethyl alcohol can cause pulmonary edema, a sharp rise or, conversely, a drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrest.


With continuous treatment, at least one day between use of the drug and alcohol should pass.If Kabamazepine was taken once, then alcohol can be consumed after 2.5 days.

Carbamazepine and alcohol are not compatible.According to doctors, after consumption of ethanol should pass at least a day, if you drank 0.5 liters of vodka.With a lower dose of alcohol, the time interval, when it is possible to start treatment with carbamazepine, can be calculated using an alcohol calculator.

So, if 100 ml of dry wine was drunk, then a woman weighing 65 kg can start treatment after 2 hours.If a man weighing 75 kg drank 250 ml of beer( 4.5%), then he can take the medicine after 3.6 hours.

Doctors note that the main condition for the effectiveness of treatment with carbamazepine is persistence.Do not interrupt the prescribed treatment, even if the symptoms of the disease have receded, and the person feels well.And even more so, you can not interrupt treatment, using alcohol, combining psychotropic drugs.