Urtical formations( rash, rashes): classification, treatment, symptoms

August 19, 2017 23:00 | Symptoms Of Disease

Often the body responds to external influences or internal processes with a skin rash.Urtical formations are a symptom of certain abnormalities.The task is to determine what problems caused this phenomenon and eliminate them.

What are the urticarium formations

The term "urticary formations" refers to the characteristic skin rash. The tubercles are a consequence of a local edema that occurs in the papillae of the skin. The element of this development on the skin has the following symptoms:

  • formation on the skin that rises above its surface;
  • structure does not have a cavity,
  • elevations are characterized by clear boundaries,
  • they protrude above the surface at different heights: from the thickness of the palm to a couple of millimeters;
  • the color of the tubercle is reddish, and closer to the middle may be white;
  • formation gives a burning sensation and itching.

Their classification

Urtic-rash Eruptions have in their nature different causes that can be classified.The appearance of urticar formation i

s caused by diseases:

  • urticaria - initiate the disease for a variety of reasons:
    • autoimmune reaction of the body,
    • causes the taking of certain drugs,
    • allergic reaction to certain products,
    • from insect bite,
    • from contact with chemicals,
    • physical urticaria:
      • blisters appearing on the change of temperature( cold, warm),
      • rashes caused by vibration;
      • rash due to ordinary water;
      • the problem initiates a physical effect on the skin( rubbing by parts of clothing),
    • hereditary factors,
    • the disease is provoked by psychogenic causes,
  • Urticary vasculitis is a problem that resembles hives, but the primary factor is the disease of small vessels;The main cause of the disorder is an allergic reaction.

Urticaria has the following varieties:

  • acute course of the disease,
  • chronic urticaria.

How to identify a symptom in yourself

You can say that a person has appeared urticarious formations, if on the skin areas there are reddish-colored elevations having all the features described above( about urticaria formations).In this case, if the rash occurred due to the presence of urticaria, general symptoms may also appear:

  • fever,
  • malaise,
  • heartbeat,
  • diarrhea,
  • headache,
  • intestinal colic,
  • bronchospasm,
  • nausea, possibly vomiting;
  • retrosternal pain.

What the urtic rashes on the skin say, find out later.

What kind of infringements can the

indicate? Urticarial rashes may be a signal of such violations:

  • incorrect metabolism,
  • tendency to allergy,
  • small vessel disease,
  • autoimmune reaction, when the protective system mistakenly attacks healthy cells;
  • malignancies,
  • malfunction of the endocrine system:
    • failures functioning ovaries,
    • diabetes,
    • autoimmune thyroiditis,
    • hypothyroidism;
  • disorders in the gastrointestinal tract:
    • cholecystitis,
    • gastritis,
    • fermentopathy,
    • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • failures in the functioning of the lymphatic system,
  • disease of an infectious nature:
    • infection in the urinary tract region,
    • helicobacter infection,
    • inflammation infectious nature in the gynecological field,
    • inflammation due to infection in the nasopharynx,
    • presence of herpetic infection,
  • presence in the body of parasites and fungal lesions.

The treatment for urticaria rash is further considered.

urticarial rash( rash) on the photo


How to deal with it

First of all, it is necessary to carry out diagnostic procedures to determine the cause, the initiating problem. After this, it is necessary to remove this cause( which causes a rash), for example:

  • if it is an allergy to contact with substances, then you should exclude them from your environment;
  • if the diagnosis revealed a negative reaction of the body to food or medicine, then it is necessary to perform such actions: to revise the diet or replace medicines with those that the body takes without consequences;
  • if a rash occurs after vibration, then it is necessary for a person to avoid such exposure;
  • diagnosis can reveal deeper causes of urticaria formations - diseases associated with disruption of systems or organs.These dysfunctions require medical supervision and treatment.From how realistic it is to liquidate the root cause of rashes on the skin and the possibility of their disappearance will depend.

To provoke deterioration in the period when present rashes, comply with:

  • avoid a situation of being under direct sunlight,
  • only use warm water for the water treatment, except the hot and cold as not to cause additional irritation;
  • use accessories: soap with softening effect, towel with a soft structure;
  • should not take aspirin,
  • normalize the regime of the day, try to find peace of mind, take calming herbal infusions or tablets from plant material;
  • wear clothes made from natural fabrics.