Best cough syrups for children and adults

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Medications

Cough syrups for adults Cough is one of the typical symptoms of ARVI in children and adults, but this is not a complication, but a defensive reaction to an advanced infection.

It is an auxiliary tool that allows during the cold to remove from the body harmful sputum and germs, thereby facilitating the breathing process.Hence the conclusion that cough should not be treated, but try to make it productive.

When choosing an effective and inexpensive cough syrup, you first need to focus on the symptomatology.

With a dry cough, syrups that dilute sputum or suppress cough( antitussive) are recommended.To get rid of a damp( productive cough), many expectorants help well.


Syrup is the best cough remedy.It has a number of advantages: the dosage form is suitable for infants, convenient for dosage, pleasant to taste.Cough syrups are of three types: expectorant, mucolytic, antitussive..

    1. , as well as combination preparations - are indicated for dry, unproductive cough, disturbing sleep and appetite( see article antit
      ussives for dry cough)
    2. Expectorant - shown with productive cough, when sputum is not thick, notViscous.
    3. Mucolytic - shown with productive cough, but with thick, hard to separate, viscous sputum.

    Antitussives can not be used for treatment with mucolytic drugs, but there are combination drugs that have a weak antitussive and expectorant effect.

    How the expectorant syrups act

    Expectorant drugs( mucolytic) dilute sputum, which helps to clear the throat.Many experts believe that the most effective way to dilute sputum is to drink more water.

    However, it is also possible to use an expectorant cough syrup containing agents such as guaifenesin, which facilitates liquefaction and excretion of sputum.Clearing the airways ultimately leads to getting rid of the cough.The most common side effect of mucolytic drugs is nausea and vomiting.

    Cough syrups

    Cough syrups for children up to the year

    Small babies do not have sufficiently developed bronchi to independently expectorate sputum, so the risk of standing up in the airways and the inability of normal breathing is great.

    Therefore, all cough syrups for children under the age of the year contain substances that actively contribute to the removal of sputum, softer in effect and usually palatable.Syrups for the youngest suppress the cough reflex and gently soften the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

    • Gedelix - dilutes sputum and has spasmolytic effect.A preparation of vegetable origin.Its main component is the extract of ivy.Price 356.00 rubles.
    • Propane - is used to get rid of both dry and wet cough. It is made on the basis of a dry extract of ivy.Price 550.00 rub

    All cough syrups for children under one year are administered under the supervision and with the permission of the pediatrician.

    Cough syrup for children from 1 to 2 years

    Starting from one year, the list of permitted medicines is expanding significantly.

    1. Herbion - get it from an extract of mallow flowers and plantain leaves.It can be prescribed for children up to the age of two years with a dry cough caused by an infection of the upper respiratory tract.The price is 256.00 rubles.
    2. Doctor Tais - syrup contains extracts of mint and plantain.Gently affects the irritated mucosa of the child's bronchi, effectively removes viscous sputum.The price is 200.00 rub.
    3. Travisil is a herbal preparation with spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action.It is recommended for tonsillitis, pharyngitis or bronchitis.Price 226.00 rubles.
    4. Ambrobene is a mucolytic and expectorant drug.Has a secreto-motor, secretolitic and expectorant action.It is a benzylamine - a metabolite of bromhexine.Price 124.00 rubles.

    The above facilities are suitable for children aged 1 to 2 years.

    Cough syrups for children

    For children from 2 years

    Children from two years can be given:

    1. Herbion;
    2. Pertussin.

    The first is already mentioned above.The second drug has antitussive and expectorant effect.However, it can not be taken concomitantly with medicines to get rid of dry cough.

    For children from 3 years

    In addition to the above syrups, from 3 years you can use:

    1. Dr. Mom is a combined herbal preparation;Has bronchodilator, mucolytic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.The price of 164.00 rub.
    2. Synecod - the active substance of this drug is butamate.Apply it with non-stop dry cough( like that that occurs with whooping cough).The price is 213.00 rub.

    Syrup with mother-and-stepmother and plantain can be used to treat older children.This drug effectively removes inflammation, spasm, edema of the bronchial mucosa.

    Best adult cough syrup

    Many specialists prescribe cough drugs are the same, because they have proved their effectiveness and are in demand among buyers.Among the inexpensive and effective syrups for coughing can be identified:

    1. Mucolytic ( expectorant) drugs - Syrup Althea, Ambrobene, Herbion, Ascoril, Pertussin, Ambroxol.
    2. Means for cough suppression - Glycodine, Sinekod.
    3. Combined medications - Kodelak neo, Broncholitin.

    About which drug is most effective to say can not, because all drugs have a different composition and have different effects on each organism.

    Cough syrup Dr. Mom

    Syrup Doctor Mom is used to treat pregnant women and small children if it is a dry cough with bronchitis.Difficult viscous sputum begins to cough more easily, the inflammation decreases.

    There are no ingredients in the preparation that can harm a baby in the womb, so do not question the safety of the product.The effectiveness of treatment is achieved through the following plants in the medicine: ginger, turmeric, elecampane, licorice, basil, aloe.

    Cough syrup Dr. Mom

    Gedelix syrup

    Quality natural preparation.The action is fast and very effective.It does not contain sugar and alcohol, so it is suitable for people with diabetes and people with small children.Virtually no contraindications.It is used for dry cough, facilitates its flow, helping to stand out sputum.Due to the content of the extract, ivy has an anti-inflammatory effect.Has a noticeable effect on the first three days of use.

    Another undoubted advantage of Gedelix syrup is the spasmolytic effect.That is, the drug reduces the excessive stress of the bronchial wall and leads to a normal tone of its muscles.This effect of the syrup manifests itself in the first ten hours.

    Gedelix cough syrup


    The action of the eraspel cough syrup is based on the blocking of receptors and the effect on smooth muscle.It is believed that coughing occurs as follows.During inflammation in the body are formed substances that lead to spasms of bronchial tubes and cough.

    Syrup reduces discomfort, facilitates respiratory function and displays phlegm.Erespal is used in the treatment of dry and wet cough.



    A good medicine for cough.In just a few days, he is able to make even the strongest dry cough wet.Due to the effect on the cough receptors, it gradually dilutes sputum and promotes its excretion.

    If sputum accumulates in the respiratory tract, then after taking the drug, a person will begin to cough more, thereby removing it from the body.

    Cough syrup Stopoutsin

    Dr. Theiss

    A syrup containing a plantain extract of lanceolate, has a viscous consistency and a specific odor.Helps sputum expectoration and has anti-inflammatory effect.

    Syrup, which also includes chamomile, chamomile, lemon balm, thyme and ascorbic acid is suitable for overnight use, for a more restful sleep.Do not recommend children under one year.Pregnant and lactating only after consulting a doctor.

    Cough syrups Dr. Theiss


    Antitussive with butamarate as an active substance.It is released in the form of drops( prescribed from the age of two months) and syrup - it is prescribed only to children of three years and older. It is indicated in the case of a painful dry, non-stopping cough( as in whooping cough).

    Has strong cough suppressant properties, so it should be used until sputum begins to go away( but not more than 7 days), after which it is possible to continue treatment with expectorants.In the absence of clinical studies is not recommended for pregnancy and lactation.

    Syrups from cough sinekod


    Lazolvan is prescribed for children and adults with a dry cough.Ambroxol - the most popular remedy in the fight against cough, is an active active substance of this syrup.

    Contraindications: The drug is universal, it is prescribed even to people with allergies and diabetics, because it does not contain sugar and alcohol.In rare cases, the drug is prohibited for individual intolerance and pregnant in the first trimester.

    Cough syrups Lazolvan

    Syrup Prospan

    Easily liquefies phlegm, calms cough, promotes rapid mucus removal.Suspension is recommended for children of three months old.The active substance of the drug is an extract of ivy.

    Sinecod is also effectively used for the treatment of an insect-free( that is, dry) cough.Its main component is butamyrate, which actively affects the cough centers, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

    Cough syrup Prospan

    Licorice root syrup

    Old proven herbal preparation of mild action.It works, but not always its capabilities are enough for effective counteraction as a mono remedy, but it is an excellent supplementary and background assistant for lesions of the bronchi and lungs.

    Take as much fluid as possible to prolong and improve the healing effect.