Pustular psoriasis of Barbera: classification, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

August 17, 2017 23:00 | Psoriasis

The disease is expressed in the defeat of the skin with the appearance of blisters or papules, which manifests itself locally - covers individual areas.

Features of the disease

Psoriasis Barbera is one of the varieties of pustular psoriasis( Tsumbusha av.).Like other manifestations of psoriasis, this type of disease has a chronic form, which is characterized by rest and exacerbation phases.In some people, the course of the disease acquires a permanent character, without rest phases, with the progression of the disease.

Barber's psoriasis is considered to be a lighter form than the generalized form.He does not threaten the life of the patient, but only creates complexes and difficulties, for example, while performing duties at work.

Manifestations of psoriasis often increase when the patient does not seek medical help. The disease can have varying degrees of severity, not only relatively in some psoriasis patients with others, but also in one patient, if the symptoms are treated during the rest phas

e and the exacerbation phase.

Statistics show that the disease occurs to the same extent in representatives of both sexes.

  • The defeat of soles and palms is more common in people over 40 years of age.It is also noted that this category of patients is engaged in manual labor, while the surface of the soles or palms is stressed, traumatic.
  • Women with psoriasis are more likely to tolerate the disease than the opposite sex.It is also noted that if a woman carries a child, the condition improves significantly.
  • Children's age in the total number of people who are ill does not exceed a third.Recently, the incidence of childhood illnesses is increasing.Children are more likely to suffer from psoriasis during the adolescent period.

For the types and forms of pustular psoriasis, Barbera read on.

Pustular psoriasis of the palms and soles of Barber( photo)

Psoriasis barber photos

Classification of pustular psoriasis Barber

There is also a classification of the manifestation of the disease in severity.It takes into account such factors:

  • Degree of development:
  • peeling,
  • swelling,
  • pruritus,
  • exudation, which means discharge from the affected areas;
  • thickening of the skin.
  • Area of ​​the lesion - the approximate percentage of the area of ​​the skin that is affected by the disease is determined visually.
  • Is there any indication in the test results that the pathological process is active.
  • Response of the patient's body to medical help, what effect does the disease have on the spheres of human life.
  • Severity of symptoms of pustular psoriasis Barber:
    • degree of puffiness near the pustules,
    • how pronounced their hyperemia.
  • Gravity grades

    The classification provides for three severity levels:

    • is a severe manifestation of the disease,
    • is of medium severity,
    • is an easy manifestation.

    Causes of

    With certainty to indicate the causes of abnormalities in the skin, which is diagnosed as psoriasis, experts are not yet ready.There is a list of alleged causes, but sometimes in practice, not everything is confirmed.

    Factors that contribute to the development of psoriasis:

    • failure in the protection system in the body( immune cells attack skin cells that are unhealthy);
    • if a person has thin skin and is still a dry type,
    • transmission of a propensity to the disease through heredity,
    • bad habits worsen blood circulation in the skin, and, consequently, its nutrition worsens;
    • contact with agents that produce irritating effects;
    • excessive personal hygiene with the use of detergents and cosmetics, which leads to a weakening of the natural protective barrier;
    • Systematic traumatic effect on skin areas,
    • stress situations:
      • moral upheaval,
      • physical stress for the body:
        • overload,
        • overcooling;
    • a sharp change in climatic conditions.


    Psoriasis-barbera Palm psoriasis( another name for Barber's psoriasis) has the character of a local lesion of the skin surface.Blisters or pustules are most often located in the following areas:

    • soles of the feet,
    • of the shin,
    • of the palms of the hands,
    • of the forearm,
    • nails.

    The disease has pronounced symptoms:

    • Visually determined presence of pustules on the skin surface.Pustules are elevations above the skin in the form of blisters.There is liquid inside them.It can be transparent or purulent if there is a secondary infection of the formations.
    • The surface of the skin near the elevations and directly on them has the symptoms of illness, it:
      • edematous,
      • easily exfoliates,
      • surface hot to the touch,
      • thickened,
      • is red,
      • inflamed;
    • The lesions are of a local nature.
    • In case of pustules on the soles or palms, it causes thickening and increased cornification of the surface
    • Possible deterioration of the general condition:
      • lack of strength,
      • temperature increase.


    The disease has a characteristic external manifestation, therefore it is initially determined by its appearance.If the disease has a severe form, then carry out additional studies:

    • The blood test is able to tell what unwanted processes or malfunctions occur in the body.
    • In some cases, a biopsy is performed for the histological examination in the area of ​​the lesion.A small area of ​​skin is separated for study in the laboratory.

    About treatment, which is subject to pustular psoriasis of Barber's palms, shins, soles, etc.Read below.


    Measures to help people with psoriasis are to improve their condition, to prevent the spread of the lesion over a large area.

    Therapeutic method

    To improve the condition, the following procedures are used:

    • physiotherapeutic,
    • baths,
    • therapy sessions,
    • a diet is selected.

    generalized pustular psoriasis( photo)


    medicated method

    For treatment used drugs operating:

    • antiinflammatory,
    • calming( sedative),
    • inhibit activities that go from freeHistamine( antihistamines),
    • is fortifying( vitamins).
    • External use of corticosteroid preparations in the form of ointments for the treatment of pustular psoriasis of this type.

    By popular methods

    The use of folk recipes has a positive effect.But before you start using traditional medicine, you should consult a specialist about the chosen prescription.

    Some examples:

    • Recipe 1: salt bath - 20 min lie in the tub with warm water and dissolved in it( one and a half kilograms) with salt( the procedure is taken at night).
    • Recipe 2: Brew sequence colors( 3/5), valerian root( 1/5), celandine( 1/5), althea root;Crushed herbs( 1 tablespoon) pour a glass of boiling water, insist;Take before meals during the day.
    • Recipe 3: shortly before meals, take propolis tablets( 2-3 pieces) three times a day.

    Prevention of the disease

    There are factors that help provoke an exacerbation, therefore, in order to prevent them, they should be avoided. To be attentive to one's health and preventive maintenance costs people who have cases of psoriasis in their family.


    • Get rid of bad habits, for example, smoking, drinking alcohol.
    • Try to avoid stressful circumstances.It is necessary to develop a positive outlook on the world.
    • A good step is to follow a diet recommended for psoriasis.
    • Do not stay in the sun for long.

    Palmar-plantar pustular psoriasis( photo)

    Psoriasis barber photos


    • If treatment of local manifestations of pustular psoriasis is ineffective, then there is a threat that it will move to a generalized form.
    • Patients often worry about their appearance, as a result of which depression can happen.
    • Itching in the affected area, pains impair quality of life and provoke other disorders:
      • insomnia,
      • social phobia.
    • Over time, patients with psoriasis show such abnormalities in health:
      • psoriatic arthritis,
      • psoriatic onychodystrophy.


    Pustular psoriasis of Barbera is considered to be a lighter form compared to its generalized manifestation.The main thing is that there is no threat to life.

    All kinds of psoriasis are not curable, are chronic diseases.

    This video will describe the treatment of psoriasis of Barber and other forms of the disease: