Herpes in pregnant women: methods of diagnosis, treatment methods, prognosis

August 17, 2017 23:00 | Herpes

During pregnancy, sometimes there is such a violation in the body, which manifests itself as pronounced rashes.Externally, the elements of the rash are similar to herpes rashes, which gave the name of the disease.About that, whether herpes for pregnant women is dangerous, that it is possible to accept thus how to cure it, we will tell below.

Features of the disease

Illness occurs during pregnancy, and sometimes after delivery. During pregnancy, the disease manifests itself after 12 weeks.

The disease has other names:

  • gestational herpes,
  • pemphigoid pregnancy,
  • autoimmune dermatitis in pregnant women.

There is a very rare disease, according to statistics on 1000000 women bearing a child - 1 case of pathology.It is noted that in women belonging to the race "negros", the disease is less common than in women with white skin.There is also an observation that the problem is more common in older women( during pregnancy).

Why herpes is dangerous during pregnancy, this video will tell:

Causes of the occurrence of

Why there is a violation in the body of a pregnant woman, which manifests itself in the form of a rash on the body, there is no full understanding among specialists.It is clear only that there is a conflict, the body mistakenly produces antibodies that resist the body's own tissues.

The disease is of an autoimmune nature.Often, women who have had herpes of pregnant women already have other autoimmune disorders: