Is it possible to quit smoking?

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Home Treatment

Sharply giving up smoking is the least evil possible.You can give up, with joy, but without the temptation and desire to get only the most motivated person.

Important! No horrible consequences can be mentioned, the risk of complication is minimal and only for some.

You do not need to listen to stories about the white fever and breaking - this is not to be.Learn to see common sense in everything, want to - throw.The main thing is to strive for the goal, motivation is the key to success.For example, sportsmen, politicians, soldiers, businessmen - all of them are united by motivation.

Sharp quitting during pregnancy

Can I quit smoking suddenly during pregnancy?Women with a long history, a day, smoking more than 10 cigarettes - do not throw it sharply.Pregnancy is already stress for the body, another change in the rhythm of life will strengthen feelings.With a sharp refusal, the heart rate will decrease, the possibility of muscle contraction increases, a threat of miscarriage is created.

If you decide to quit, be prepared for the fact that the condition can last from a week to a month, pull yourself together.You are not only responsible for your life.If you feel unwell, go to the hospital and ask the doctors about what's going on.

If a woman's first trimester, you need to consume a maximum of vitamins, vegetables.Products that eliminate toxins - broccoli, celery, have a positive effect on the body.You can fool a bad habit with sweets, a glass of water, seeds, a desirable rubber band.

Smoking during pregnancy

Adverse effects from sudden failure

People who are experiencing their own willpower reserve need to know the following negative points:

  1. Psychological fatigue.Quitting smoking for a person is like a lack of air.The effect can not be experienced with the right motivation and desire, no unpleasant sensations will not be experienced.Motivate yourself right!
  2. Cough.The cough is familiar to all smokers, they do not start the morning with coffee, but with a terrible cough.For throwers - it's still worse, as a result of the adaptation of the body, coughing will intensify, the lungs will get rid of toxins, tar, and other substances that poison the body.
  3. Sluggish condition.People who have already given up bad habit describe their condition equally badly.Fatigue, weakness, some felt reserve of strength and cheerfulness.Absence of nicotine in the blood can affect care and absent-mindedness.
  4. For years, smoking has disrupted the normal state of the body.Bad state of health after failure is normal.Dizziness, nausea, insomnia, lack of air, increased sweating, everything will pass, the main thing endure 21 days is the time for which a person gets used to anything.You will get used to living without cigarettes.

Do not be afraid of change, do not listen to anyone, fear of superficiality, stop justifying yourself with a bunch of diseases.There is no reasonable reason to continue smoking: problems with the lungs, cancer, often leading to death, heart problems, heart attacks, cardiac arrest at the age of 30-40 years become frequent.Throw an addiction, be reasonable.Fight with addiction and stay healthy!