How to replace cigarettes when you quit smoking?

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Home Treatment

Smoking is an extremely bad habit, which is never too late to get rid of.Tobacco causes severe psychological and physiological dependence, so just to quit this habit is extremely difficult.How to replace cigarettes when you quit smoking?Many people start not getting the usual ritual, it's much easier to stop smoking if you find a suitable replacement for this process, especially in the early stages.

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The longer the smoking experience, the harder it will be to cope with this habit.Contrary to some misconceptions, smoking is not a simple weakness or a bad habit in the usual sense, it is a full-fledged addiction that can be called narcotic.

In nicotine smokers, other substances ent

ering the resin, begin to participate fully in the metabolic processes of the body, they exert a rather large influence on metabolism.Therefore, if you refuse to smoke, not only the psychological condition of a person suffers.The metabolic processes of the body begin to be rebuilt.

People who decide to give up a bad habit can temporarily get worse.Many people note violations of the rhythm of the heart, increase or decrease in blood pressure, some changes on the part of the nervous system.A person begins to get tired more, there may be increased irritability, sleep disturbances.

In addition, with a sharp cessation of smoking is gaining excess weight, there are problems with appetite.This issue is especially often worried about women, since the female sex is more inclined to a set of extra pounds when refusing a bad habit.

Psychological dependence can seriously affect a person's condition.Many people smoke - a kind of ritual, helping to deal with emotional stress, stress, nervousness.If you abandon a bad habit, the necessary ritual disappears, you need to look for a replacement for him.

It is worth considering what can replace cigarettes in case of rejection of them, which is more effective: various drugs and drugs with nicotine content or vice versa.It is worth knowing what means will help support the body, the metabolic processes in refusing a bad habit, so that the harm from the sudden disappearance of nicotine is not palpable.

Important! To date, many experts believe: a sharp rejection of tobacco is quite harmful.It is desirable to give up cigarettes gradually, so as not to provoke stress in the body.

How to replace smoking?

If the experience of smoking is large enough, you can get rid of the bad habit with the help of special products containing nicotine in small quantities, necessary to avoid exposing your body to stress.It should be noted that these funds are most suitable for relatively healthy adults, with the refusal of cigarettes during pregnancy, it is better not to use them.

  1. Electronic cigarettes.If the length of dependency is small, cigarettes are used as a ritual, you can use electronic cigarettes.In some mixtures, there is no nicotine for them, so they can be used safely, that there will be a dependence.
  2. Tablets with nicotine and its substitutes.Some experts question the effectiveness of such drugs, since dependence on cigarettes can go to tablets.Although in any case, the tablets contain less harmful substances than in the cigarettes themselves.
  3. Nicotine patches.They can be called an analog of nicotine tablets.Their plus: when using you do not need to constantly take an active action, as when taking tablets.Thus, the psychological dependence when using patches is not strengthened.

These are the basic tools that help to gently move from cigarettes to pure nicotine, entering the body without forming a psychological dependence, so that later it would be easier to abandon them.They can not help everyone, but if there are no contraindications, they should be tried.

How to replace cigarettes in order not to get better?

Many people, refusing cigarettes, begin to eat more.Therefore, sometimes worried about the question, what can replace them without harm to the figure.Instead of constantly eating a rather fatty junk food, to replace the peculiar "emptiness" that formed after a refusal, you can choose other options, for example, to go in for sports.

  1. Chewing gum.Many people start chewing gum, it helps to overcome psychological dependence.For some, this method really works.However, it is worth remembering that you can chew only after eating, so that the chewing gum does not adversely affect the digestive tract.
  2. Lollipops, caramel.You can use small sweets instead of chewing gum.The main thing is not to use them too often, otherwise they will start to hurt the figure.
  3. Fresh fruits or vegetables.Apples, chopped fresh carrots, celery, cucumbers, pears, these products contain few calories, and they can be chewed quite often.Nuts, dried fruits.
  4. .They should be more careful, in nuts and dried fruits, other similar products contain a lot of calories, but they quickly enough cause saturation.

Important! When using chewing gum you need to choose one that does not contain sugar substitutes.In large quantities, they can negatively affect the digestive tract, can provoke a loose stool.

These are the basic methods that help replace cigarettes.In addition, some experts advise to find a hobby, an occupation that will help to distract and take time.You can start drawing, knitting, embroidering, such things help to take your hands and for some people have an easy relaxing effect.

When you quit smoking during pregnancy: how to replace?

In pregnancy, all of the above methods work, you can not use various drugs based on nicotine.Tablets and patches are usually contraindicated to pregnant women, since nicotine is a stimulant, in this form it can provoke miscarriage, other disorders.

Therefore, women who carry a child can use any means that do not contain nicotine and its analogs.In addition, if you quit smoking during pregnancy, it is desirable to maintain the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, immune system.For this advise decoctions and infusions on the basis of medicinal herbs, for example, chamomile, linden, sage, motherwort, dog rose, green tea.