Can I smoke before taking a blood test?

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Home Treatment

Often, adults need to be screened in clinics, a blood test is part of the process.Take it responsibly, the result will be useful to you, not an outsider.Looking at the state of the blood can determine pathology, disease and abnormalities, if they do not have pronounced symptoms.Can I smoke before taking a blood test?How big is the influence of nicotine?

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Influence cigarettes

Each specialist is aware of the situation with tobacco - smoking before blood collection is prohibited.Can I smoke before giving blood on an empty stomach?When smoking on an empty stomach, the result of the analysis will be useless.The smoker has elevated levels

of catecholamines and other substances in the plasma, and cortisol in the serum.

How does participation of these hormones affect the analysis?Often this leads to a decrease in eosinophils and an increase in monocytes in its composition.Harmful dependence increases the number of erythrocytes and lowers the level of leukocytes.When smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day, the activity of substances that play a role in verification is greatly increased.

General requirements of

The following are the rules before donating blood from the vein or finger:

  1. Blood is taken on an empty stomach, food is prohibited for 8-10 hours, it is allowed to drink purified water.
  2. Do not stress yourself with sports, do not experience stress.
  3. The reception of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.Beer is one of them.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to smoke before testing.The next reason is the contraction of blood vessels to a state where blood sampling is difficult.

If the analysis is not scheduled for the morning, do not for a long time limit yourself to eating.In this case, you can easily have breakfast 3 hours before the procedure.

Important! The ban on smoking acts in the same way as usual analysis, conducted in the morning.

When donating blood for donation, you should stop smoking within a few hours.About the use of tea and coffee, in preparation for delivery, they must be excluded.With this, according to most of the doctors surveyed, even if the consumption of beverages goes without sugar, they activate the same processes in the body as food intake.When indicating the delivery of blood on an empty stomach, tea and coffee must be excluded.

A number of doctors advise against taking liquids in the morning, and most of them argue that this leads to a violation of the fluid balance, there will be difficulties in deciphering the indicators, so most specialists are allowed to drink water.

Before conducting an HIV test, the recommendations do not differ from the general blood test.8 hours before the test do not eat, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol.

24 hours before the test is done, the body is relieved.You should give up fatty or heavy food.Remove sweets, if the habit of drinking coffee with sugar, suffer a couple of days without it.Excessive consumption of sweet can show an elevated glucose level.The increase in the indicator will be due to frequent use, and not pathology of the body.

Before donating blood from the vein, stop smoking the day before the procedure.Experts assure, these components will have a detrimental effect on the result of the tests.Before donating blood, you need to rest for a couple of minutes, because physical stress also affects the whole list of indicators.

How soon can I start eating?After the procedure, you can have a snack, do not smoke for 2 hours.Especially, when collecting blood from a vein in considerable quantities.Snack, you can dilute the snack with a cup of tea with sugar or coffee, this will help restore strength.

Important! In the first day after the delivery of blood is strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol and cigarettes.

Biochemical analysis

The results directly depend on the preparation for them.Before analyzing biochemistry, you need to refrain from sports and emotional upheavals.During the day, alcohol and especially tobacco are banned.You can not suck lollipops, chew gum.An analysis is given after 12 hours of fasting - this is the main requirement.Dinner the day before it will have no later than 18:00.If there is an urgent need to take an analysis, the fasting time is reduced to 4 hours.

Before donating blood, smoking is prohibited.

Analysis for sugar

Features of the assay:

  1. When giving an analysis for sugar, it takes an 8-hour break from meals, drinking only water, alcohol and sweet water is prohibited.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to smoke before passing the sugar analysis.In diabetics, it is better not to smoke at all.
  3. In the morning, you can not brush your teeth with a sugar-containing paste.
  4. Be careful with taking medications.If there are exacerbations of chronic diseases, report the problem to the doctor or adjust the results of the tests, taking into account the effect of the drugs.
  5. The results of the analysis may be false in the period of transfer of colds.
  6. A few days before the event, there is no need to arrange big parties, to abuse smoking or alcohol, it is long withdrawn from the body, this will have a bad effect on the results.
  7. After serious procedures: ultrasound, x-rays, physiotherapy - you can not take the analysis for sugar.
  8. Sports will have to be postponed for several days.

Important! Smoking negatively affects the delivery of absolutely any blood test, the substances that make up the cigarettes, violate the natural processes of the body.

Most people, know the problems of their own organism, are afraid and try to hide them, deceiving the laboratory technicians and technicians.If you set yourself such a goal, do not starve, it is better not to take the analysis at all.Try not to smoke before giving the test at least a day, it's better to quit this business altogether, nothing good will not bother smoking.Take care of yourself and be well!