The tooth of wisdom grows and the gum hurts

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Home Treatment

Teething wisdom teeth - a painful phenomenon for almost every adult.This process causes inflammation of the gums, thereby interfering with the comfortable state of the oral cavity.What if the wisdom tooth grows and the gum hurts?There are many ways that will help ease the state in this difficult period.

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Symptoms of the appearance of wisdom teeth

In dentistry, these teeth are also called eight.This indicates their serial number in the dentition.When the tooth of wisdom is cut, this process can be accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms:

  • painful sensations that spread throughout the oral cavity;
  • sore gums and throat;
  • puffiness of the gums, where the tooth should appear;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • change the color of th
    e gums.

There may also be an increase in body temperature.In the event of such ailments, you need to seek the help of a specialist.This will prevent possible complications.After all, when a wisdom tooth climbs, a lot of nuances of this process can appear.They can be eliminated only by a qualified dentist.

Why does the gum hurt during the eruption of eight?This is due to the development of the inflammatory process, because the dentition has already been formed, the new tooth simply does not have room for growth.

Problems in teething

If a person has painful symptoms when a wisdom tooth appears, then in no case should it be affected by heat to the affected area.This contributes to the active development of the inflammatory process and the appearance of pus.Dentist assistance is required in such cases:

  1. Purulent formations.In order to eliminate the inflammatory process, the dentist makes an incision of the gum.After that, the fluid is removed, and the patient is prescribed antibacterial and anesthetic medications.If there is a relapse, then the figure-eight is best removed.
  2. Caries of wisdom tooth.It occurs as a result of insufficient washing of the figure-eight.This is due to its inaccessible location.The problem is that the affected tooth undergoes caries on adjacent teeth.
  3. Malocclusion.It is observed because of insufficient space for the appearance of the figure-eight.After all, during this period the dentition is already fully formed.Erection of the figure eight helps to shift the remaining teeth.

With the appearance of the above problems, the issue of removing the figure eight is acute.

It's important to remember! Only a qualified expert can correctly evaluate: delete the figure eight or not!

When the wisdom tooth grows

At what age does the eight usually go out?Most often the eight erupts already in adulthood.Usually this process takes about 17-23 years.But in some cases, eruption is observed in 30-40 years.In some people, they may not manifest themselves during the entire life cycle.

It's important to know! Eights can grow for years and do not make themselves felt for a long period of time!

Anesthesia with the appearance of wisdom tooth

How to numb an eight at a painful appearance?To facilitate the condition during this period, experts recommend taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Nimesulide, Paracetamol, as well as funds with a similar effect on the body.He also normalizes the elevated body temperature if such a symptom is present.

If the gum hurts without any other signs, you need to use pain medications.The most common drugs that can easily cope with this goal are No-shpa and Analgin.

It's important to remember! If the pain is a concern for a sufficiently long period, you should consult a specialist!He will appreciate the wisdom of preserving the wisdom tooth in each individual case.

Eight during pregnancy

What should I do if I am concerned about the eruption of eight in pregnant women?After all, during this period, the use of medications is contraindicated, since it can adversely affect the development of the fetus.In order to eliminate the pain, a pregnant woman is required to perform mouth rinsing procedures by resorting to alternative medicine.The most effective solutions for anesthesia are:

  1. Chamomile, sage, calendula and St. John's wort are taken in equal amounts.All the dried herbs are gently mixed.1 tbsp.L.Formed mixture should be filled with 1 glass of boiling water.Leave to infuse for 30 minutes.After this, rinse the mouth cavity every hour.
  2. You need to impregnate the cotton swab with refined sunflower oil and add a little bit of "Asterisk" balm.Apply to the inflamed gum until the pain disappears completely.
  3. 0.5 tsp.Soda and salt and 1 clove of pressed garlic should be mixed thoroughly.Using a toothbrush, treat the diseased tooth with ointment.After that, it is better to rinse the mouth with warm milk.

The advantage of using alternative medicine in pregnancy is the complete absence of side effects and contraindications.The only thing to consider is individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to certain ingredients.

If non-traditional drugs do not give the desired effect, then, as a last resort, it is required to take painkillers.After all, the pain that the expectant mother experiences also negatively affects the baby.

It's important to remember! Use of medicines to a pregnant woman should be agreed with your doctor!He will choose the most effective and safe dosage.

Folk remedies against toothache

What if there are painful sensations in the eruption of the tooth, at home?To improve the condition with inflammation of the gums, you can use the prescriptions of alternative medicine.Such medications are easily prepared on their own and are highly effective, as they have been tested for many generations.

Wine vinegar

To prepare the solution, wine vinegar of 0.5 liters is required.Add fresh raspberry and mint leaves to it.Leave to stand for 3 days.After the time has elapsed, strain the medication and use it as a mouth rinse.Store the resulting liquid in a refrigerator.Be sure to heat up to room temperature before use.


It should take 2 tbsp.L.Dried sage, add 0.5 liters of boiling water.Infuse for 1 hour.After the time has elapsed, rinse the mouth with the product.For greater effectiveness, you can take this medicine inside by 1 tbsp.L.3 times a day.

St. John's wort

The finely chopped leaves of this medicinal plant are required to be filled with 1 glass of boiling water.Infuse for 1 hour.Then to conduct the procedure of rinsing the mouth every hour until the pain disappears completely.

Oak bark

It will take 6 tbsp.L.Oak bark, which should be filled with 0.5 liters of water.Put on the fire cook for 5 minutes.After the time has expired, add 4 tbsp.L.Sage.Wait until completely cooled and rinse the mouth 5-6 times a day.


This root should be grated, add 1 glass of water to it and cook for 15 minutes.Then wait for the complete cooling of the broth and carefully strain.With a prepared medicine, rinse the affected gum every hour.


This is one of the most simple and popular ways to eliminate toothache.Especially if it concerns the wisdom tooth.To prepare enough 1 tsp.Baking soda in 1 cup of water and mix thoroughly.The solution obtained is followed by mouth rinsing.


1 tsp.Salt pour 1 glass of warm water.You can add a small amount of soda.Rinse the mouth with the product.

It's important not to forget that these remedies can only relieve the pain.The inflammatory process will not disappear anywhere, the pain in the gums will periodically bother.Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, you need to seek the help of a qualified specialist.After a detailed examination, he must decide whether to remove the wisdom tooth or keep it.