Syphilitic pemphigus( congenital syphilis): causes, symptoms, treatment

August 17, 2017 23:00 | Bullous

Today you will not be surprised with a bubble.Seborrheic, epidemic, leafy, true - these pathologies are found everywhere.But not only these kinds of ailment, alas, are so popular.In medical practice, cases of the birth of children with syphilis were more often recorded.This pathology affects newborns, infants.

Properties disease

Infection of a fetus carried by placental-hematogenically. Pathology affects the placenta.At the same time, fetoplacental insufficiency develops.Infection affects the fetal development of the fetus.If a pregnant woman suffers from syphilis late in the period, an acute process remains in her genitals, possibly intranatal infection.

Sometimes the disease in pregnant women ends very badly:

  • miscarriage;
  • by the birth of a sick kid;
  • stillbirth.

syphilitic pemphigus( photo)


Experts identify four forms from the disease in question:

  1. Symptomatic. Serology is positive, the polymorphic pattern is clearly visible.
  2. Wiped. It has a monosymptomatic ma
    nifestation.Serology is positive.
  3. Hidden. No symptoms, serology is positive.
  4. Seronegative. Symptoms are moderate, serology is negative.

The causes and pathways of infection of the fetus with congenital syphilis are described below.

This video will talk about this illness as congenital syphilis:


fetal infection occurs:

  • from the mother infected with syphilis which occurred during pregnancy.At the same time she did not know about her illness, she did not pass the course of necessary therapy;
  • from a mother who had a history of syphilis.Infection penetrates the fetus in the case when the treatment was not completed completely.

Read more about the signs and symptoms of early and late congenital syphilis.

Symptoms of

The first manifestations of infection can be detected as early as 22 to 23 weeks of development in the womb.In many respects, the symptomatology depends on such indicators:

  • term of infection;
  • the course of the disease in a future mother.

First signs of pathology doctors can notice already at the birth of the baby.Symptoms of the disease can also appear in 2 - 3 weeks after the appearance of the baby.This is when the mother is sick before giving birth.

If a child manifest forms of congenital syphilis, it will manifest itself in:

  • pallor;
  • specific rhinitis;
  • affection of bones( tubular);
  • of the dermis of the dermis.

infection has distinctive features:

  • osteochondritis;
  • rhinitis;
  • increase in ESR.

On dermis syphilitic pemphigus newborns manifests:

  • papules, spots;
  • with syphilitic pemphigus;
  • infiltration of the dermis.

Syphilitic pemphigus is represented by flaccid vesicles.The sizes of blisters can reach 0,3 - 1,5 cm. They can be formed at birth, also such blisters can form in the first days of life outside the womb of the mother.

Inside the blisters there is a serous fluid, which eventually becomes turbid, becomes purulent, hemorrhagic.Around the bladder, an inflammatory bezel( dark) may appear.Formed bubbles can burst, merge.After disruption of the integrity of the bladder, there is erosion.In some cases, the bubbles wither, they do not burst.

Feature of the considered pathology is its localization:

  • soles;
  • the palm of your hand.

Sometimes the rash affects the following areas:

  • chest;
  • of the leg;
  • back;
  • person( sometimes);
  • forearm.

The vesicle fluid contains a lot of pale treponema.Bubbles have a hard top, their base is infiltrated, hyperemic.

Diagnosis of congenital syphilis

To accurately diagnose a serological response is necessary.The result will be positive for early congenital syphilis.All patients will have a positive reaction to immobilization pale treponem.

Of particular importance are such inspection methods:

  • X-ray of the osteoarticular apparatus;
  • examination by ENT, pediatrician;
  • investigation of cerebrospinal fluid.

Serological reaction is recommended to be performed only 10 days after the birth of the baby.In some cases, an early procedure is negative, even with syphilis.

Congenital syphilis in children( photo)


Pale treponema has a rather high sensitivity to penicillin, its derivatives. The main method of treating rash is the systematic use of penicillin derivatives. If the patient has an allergy to this medication, he is prescribed:

  • erythromycin;
  • cephalosporins;
  • derivatives of tetracycline.

Therapeutic method

In the treatment of neurosyphilis, antibacterial medications and pyrotherapy should be combined, which increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier for antibiotics.

How the treatment of syphilis in children and pregnant women, will tell the expert in this video:


Aminoglycosides are used to suppress the reproduction of the virus.But these medicines have a toxic effect on the human body.Given this, experts do not recommend the use of aminoglycosides.Sometimes the treatment of congenital syphilis with antibiotics is supplemented with derivatives of bismuth, arsenic.

Prevention of the disease

So, prevention of congenital syphilis.Much depends on the services of the population.Specialists should:

  • to register all patients with syphilis;
  • establishment, cure of sources of infection;
  • conducting professional examinations of pregnant women;
  • implementation of high-quality treatment.

These activities helped to significantly reduce cases of disease registration in the late 80's.

  • Now all pregnant women should undergo two examinations, directions for which specialists give in the first, second half of pregnancy.
  • If a woman once had had syphilis, she underwent proper therapy, during the period of bearing a child, she is recommended a special preventive treatment.This ensures the birth of a completely healthy baby.
  • Sometimes false positive serological reactions appear before childbirth( in a couple of weeks).Future mother treatment is not required.She will be given a second examination 2 weeks after the birth.The baby is also subject to inspection.If the diagnosis is confirmed by diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe a special therapy.
  • If the woman in labor has been ill before, did not pass the necessary therapy in due time, after delivery her child will be examined in order to establish the form, the localization of the lesion.After this, a specialist will be prescribed treatment.
  • If the woman in labor has been ill in the past, she has performed the necessary treatment( before, during the gestation period), the baby should be carefully examined.Then, the child is supervised up to 15 years.

Congenital syphilis( scheme)


Among the complications of the infection under consideration are:

  • CNS lesion;
  • peculiar deformation of the skull;
  • lag in such plans as: mental, mental, physical.


With this diagnosis, like congenital syphilis, the prognosis is affected by the correctness of the mother's therapy, the severity of the illness in the child.To achieve favorable results, you need:

  • the proper care of the child;
  • timely treatment;
  • breast-feeding;
  • high-grade food.

With proper therapy, the results of repeated serological reactions will be negative in about a year.If the baby is diagnosed with late congenital syphilis, such a result after the reaction will manifest later.A RIBT, RIF, can remain positive for a long time.

Even more useful information about syphilis in children and pregnant women is contained in this video: