Lentigo: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, folk remedies

August 16, 2017 23:00 | Pigmentation

Having found brown spots on the skin, people are frightened, knowing how many different diseases of the dermis exist.It is not necessary to be afraid.All that is required of you is to seek the help of a specialist.He will provide you with answers to all sorts of exciting questions.Due to his extensive experience of work, medical practice, he will appoint the treatment that suits you.Pigmented spots that refer to a benign are called lentigo.They arise due to the concentration of melanin( pigment) in the basal layer of the epidermis, chromatophores of the dermis.

Features of the disease

Lentigo specialists are usually referred to nevi( skin tumor, which can be congenital, acquired).On the skin, the disease manifests itself in the form of spots of brown color.These spots have clear boundaries, their shape is round. The danger of the disease lies in the fact that it can develop into cancer.

  • Specialists conducted studies, according to which it was found that the main group of risk are women, and more s
    pecifically, fair-skinned representatives of the fair sex.
  • The disease is observed in the elderly, most often over 60 years.
  • In men, this pathology is considered very rare, but it is more severe.

Lentigo on the face( photo)



Specialists have created a classification of lentigo.According to this classification, the main varieties are distinguished:

  1. Youth lentigo .The researchers did not establish the exact cause of the occurrence.The only thing that experts are sure of is that the sun has nothing to do with the formation of such pigmentation.The spots are not very large( diameter 3-15 mm).Most often affected by mucous membranes, skin.Spots appear on the dermis at birth, in childhood.
  2. Starter .Lentigo arises with prolonged exposure to sunlight, age-related changes in the human body.With age, the amount, the size of the spots increases noticeably, and their color becomes darker.Often this form is manifested after menopause, which is characterized by hormonal restructuring.Pathology often occurs in such areas: hands, face.The boundaries of such formations are blurred, the spots are very large( diameter reaches 1 cm).Spots differ in multiple characters.
  3. Solar .This form is the most common.The reason for its occurrence is the prolonged exposure to the sun's rays.Localized defeat mainly on such areas: palms, hands, neck, legs, face, d├ęcolletage, upper back.Pigmentation spots with this form of the disease are small( their diameter reaches 5 mm).The color of the spots varies from dark brown to black.

The following 2 types of diseases are more rare: they are inherited:

  1. Lentiginosis Turena central .There is a defeat of the center of the face: the rim of the lips, nose, cheeks( occasionally).Sometimes the disease affects the shoulders.The resulting spots are similar to nodules, moles.The disease occurs with a delay in development, incontinence of urine, attacks of epilepsy.There is a pathology in young children.
  2. Periodic Lentiginosis .Diseases are characterized by the appearance of dark brown spots in the mouth area, the edges of the lips.Sometimes the lesion spreads to the oral mucosa, the mucous eye.With age( period 5 - 30 years), the patient's body is depleted due to the presence of numerous polyps in the stomach, intestines, abdominal pain.

Why the pigmentation spots of Lentigo appear, you will learn from this video:

Causes of

Brown spots formed in people of different ages and sexes are called lentigo.In this disease, spots can also have a blue color( very rarely).These pigmented spots are considered benign.It looks like the disease is not aesthetic, but there is no threat of malignant education.Most often, the cause of the manifestation of pigmentation is the prolonged action of the sun's rays.

The appearance of lentigo is provoked by the following factors:

  1. Weak immunity.
  2. Uncontrolled division of melanocytes.
  3. The presence of HIV infection.
  4. Hypersensitivity of the dermis to UV rays.
  5. Specific age( under 10, over 60).
  6. Presence of burns from sun rays.
  7. The presence of the human papillomavirus in the body.
  8. Transplanted organs.
  9. Failures in the hormonal background, provoked by menopause, puberty, postpartum period.

Symptoms lentigo

  • Such diseases as lentigo, characterized by the appearance of pigment spots, ranging in color from pale yellow to black.The shape of the spots is often rounded, elongated.The sizes of the spots are different( 3 mm - 1 cm).In some cases, the spots become denser, they can become convex.
  • disease affects more frequently exposed areas of the body( face, neck, hands, neck, feet, back), but can also occur in closed( genitalia, oral mucosa).
  • The youth lentigo is shown in the form of many spots, dark color.With senile form, the spots can be light yellow, dark brown.

Lentigos melanoma, initial stage( photo)



  • Pigmented spots are easily detected by the conventional inspection.Noticing the characteristic pigmentation we are considering, we should visit a dermatologist, a therapist.They will make an accurate diagnosis.
  • In very rare cases, a specialist may need a biopsy.He takes a piece of tissue for a survey.Such an extreme is required if a malignant form of the disease is suspected.Biopsy is considered the main instrumental method of research.
  • To study the contours in detail, the stain surface structure is performed by dermatoscopy.Neoplasm is photographed in high-quality lighting, in high resolution.

may need to exclude malignancy:

  • blood donation on the protein tumor markers;
  • analysis of venous blood;
  • KLSM( confocal laser scanning microscopy).

For a more accurate diagnosis will require differential diagnosis with a number of tumors such as lentigines:

  1. Freckles.
  2. Senic keratosis.Birthmarks of the
  3. .
  4. Chloazmy.
  5. Birthmarks, nevi.

Treatment of solar, senile, age, simple lentigo is discussed further.


Usually, experts recommend a treatment similar to that used in the fight against freckles.The patient with lentigo is prescribed whitening, exfoliating agents.So, as the disease does not cause painful sensations, special discomfort, it is treated in rare cases.Most often, the painful seek to eliminate an unpleasant cosmetic defect.

Therapeutic Methods

to whiten dark spots formed people use the following methods:

  1. retinoic peeling.This procedure is very effective in the presence of spots, light color.
  2. X-ray therapy.Her appointment with hereditary form of the disease.
  3. Photoprotection.The procedure is aimed at destroying the pigment layer, which is carried out by means of a flash of light with a high temperature.
  4. Mesotherapy.The spot is clarified with fruit acids.
  5. Dermabrasion.It removes single spots.
  6. Laser grinding.Diathermocoagulation of Lentigo elements.
  7. .The tissues of the patient are heated pointwise to 800C.
  8. Photorejuvenation.The procedure consists in affecting the affected area with waves that are 515-560 Nm in length.
  9. Chemical peeling.Helps to eliminate spots that are characterized by a shallow occurrence, a slight condensation.

Folk methods

Lentigo-kod To treat this epidermal disease can be folk methods.A good effect had such recipes:

  1. Shavings from white soap( 1 tsp) + hydrogen peroxide solution( 3%) + ammonia( 2 - 3 drops).So we get a foamy mass that needs to be applied to the spots for 15-20 minutes. After this period, the mass is washed off the skin, the epithelium is softened with cream.
  2. Glycerin( 2 tsp) + hydrogen peroxide( 1 tsp) + boric alcohol( 2 tsp) + water( 1 tbsp.).The resulting mixture is used to lubricate stains throughout the day.
  3. Calendula juice extracted from leaves, flowers.They process the areas of pigmentation three times a day.
  4. White clay( 0.5 tbsp.) + Lemon juice.We need to get pasty mass.After it is applied to the skin, let it stand for 20 minutes.
  5. The elderberry( dry inflorescence) should be poured with boiling water( 1 item).Let's cool down, brew.After percolation, add water( 0.5 tbsp.).Used to apply lotions 4 times a day.

Prevention of the disease

Preventive actions that could save you 100% of the onset of the disease, no.You can only minimize the risk of pigmentation spots.To do this, it is sufficient to comply with the following rules:

  1. Properly eat.
  2. Visit periodically with a dermatologist.
  3. Avoid frequent visits to the solarium.
  4. Provide skin protection with ointments, creams with SPF.
  5. Less common in the sun.
  6. Forget about bad habits.

With any change in the tape( itch appears, the color changes, the shape, the size of the spots increases), you should visit the dermatologist immediately.

This video shows how the lentigine stain is removed:


These pigmentation spots do not cause complications.They are just a cosmetic defect.Cases of skin cancer are very rare.


Treatment is aimed at removing, significantly brightening pigment spots.

  • If to start the therapy in time, such a cosmetic defect as lentigo will be eliminated almost completely.
  • In rare cases, the formation may develop into a malignant one.