Bifonazole: instructions for use, indications, price, analogues

August 13, 2017 23:00 | Dermatology

Modern means, actively fighting with the manifestations of fungal diseases on the skin, ensure both the purity of the skin and the rapid elimination of the most characteristic symptoms of these diseases: itching, burning of the skin, rashes of various localization, the appearance of places with diaper rash, deterioration of the hair conditionThe scalp).And among the most effective drugs with antifungal effect, which have proved themselves well at the initial stages of the disease, and on the more neglected ones, it is necessary to allocate Bifonazole, since its balanced composition, minimal amount of side effects and rapid manifestation of the first results can be considered one of the most importantAdvantages in comparison with the analogues presented on the market today.

With the help of this preparation, many patients with a fungus of various types quickly and permanently cleared the skin, eliminating discomfort in the form of peeling, itching of the skin, and the long-term result is an important indi

cator of the efficacy of Bifonazole, which is important in the choice of a medicament for fighting all kinds of fungalDefeats.The agent in question can be used both in mono-exposure to obtain a pronounced positive dynamics in the treatment of fungal skin lesions, and in complex therapeutic effects.

Features of the drug

Modern and effective in combating fungi of any kind, the preparation Bifonazol, offered on sale in the form of several dosage forms, can be called one of the most popular among the analogues: a large number of positive reviews about its use, pronounced therapeutic effect, The ability to conduct more effective treatment through the use of similar agents - these qualities are decisive in choosing when buying antifungal agents.

An important advantage of the agent in question is the possibility of obtaining a significant number of different types of fungal lesions when treated with it.Indications for its use should be considered onycomycosis, diaper rash between the fingers and toes, cutaneous candidiasis, as well as candidiasis lesions of the nail plates and the genital area.

Dosage forms

Preparation Bifonazol is available in several formulations, which allows you to select the most convenient form for use, which will allow you to obtain better treatment results.In the city pharmacies Bifonazol is sold as 6

  • ointment,
  • cream,
  • powdered form
  • and as a solution.

Composition of Bifonazole

Due to its thoughtful composition, the drug has the most obvious positive effects that persist for a long time. Active substance is bifonazol, which quickly penetrates deep into the affected tissue, eliminating the appearance of the fungus, stimulating the prompt elimination of the most obvious symptoms and the regeneration of damaged cells.An additional substance that enhances the action of bifonazole is urea.


The cost indicator is considered one of the most important when choosing a tool with which many buyers are determined when buying.And Bifonazole, having a relatively low price( about 80-150 rubles per package, attracts attention, many positive reviews can be considered additional benefits when using the antifungal drug in question.)

Pharmacological action

Bifonazole has a high degree of activity:Already after a relatively short time since the beginning of its use, many have noted a marked improvement in the condition of damaged skin areas, its peeling has decreased,Redness and other manifestations of fungal infection are eliminated

By penetrating the membranes of fungal cells, the active substance disrupts the processes of their vital activity and prevents active reproduction.This allows us to deprive the fungus of the opportunity to negatively affect the skin,In the skin and nails.


Having a pronounced fungicidal action, the drug under consideration disrupts the integrity of the fungal membranes and penetrates into their cells.The modern approach to the creation of this antifungal agent provides a good result even at the initial stages of the therapeutic effect, and also improves the general condition of the skin.

The perception of the active substance by skin receptors is provided to a high degree, which can be considered an important indicator of the speed of the drug.The absence of negative effects on healthy skin areas allows the use of Bifonazole even when such places are located on the healthy skin area.


To obtain the longest and most pronounced result when using the drug, a certain concentration of the drug should be used, which will provide the most rapid impact on the pathogenic microflora.For different indications, the doctor may vary the recommended concentration of the substance used.


Indications for use Bifonazole should be considered any kind of fungal lesions that occur both on the skin and on the nail plate.Diseases that are well treatable with Bifnazol are:

  • candidiasis of skin and nails;
  • dermatitis of various types;
  • hyperhidrosis of the skin of the feet;
  • trichophytosis of the scalp;
  • eczema caused by active reproduction of fungi on the scalp;
  • favus;
  • mycosis of the hands;
  • multicolored lichen.

Bifonazole can also be used in a complex treatment for rubrofitia, microsporia, smooth skin, erythrasis.An integrated approach for these lesions with fungal diseases gives a more pronounced result.

Instruction for use

Depending on the diagnosis diagnosed by the doctor-dermatologist during the examination of the affected areas of the skin, a treatment regimen is drawn up which allows the most obvious manifestations of the disease to be eliminated in the shortest possible time, restore normal skin conditions and prevent recurrence of the disease.

For adults and children, the scheme and dosage of the application may be somewhat different.


Adults with a diagnosis of almost any type of lesion prescribed treatment in the form of regular application to the affected areas of ointment or cream Bifonazol, which is not rubbed and left for absorption.One-time application involves the use of one strip of cream or ointment, as well as no more than three drops of the drug solution.

If the nail is damaged by a fungus, carefully clean the affected nail plate, then apply the selected form of the preparation to it and fix the bandage on top.After several hours of wearing a bandage, the nail is cleaned, dried and another layer of medicinal agent is applied to completely destroy the pathogenic microflora.

Duration of use depends on the impact of the exposure, for adults it is usually 2-5 weeks.

For children

Due to the sensitivity of the baby's skin, the use of Bifonazole should be restricted and carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist.Duration of use depends on treatment parameters, it is 2-3 weeks, after which it is necessary to take a break.

In pregnancy and lactation

Because the active substance is not capable of penetrating the blood and the placenta, care should be taken when treating Bifonazole.Dosage and duration of use of the drug is determined by a gynecologist.


Contraindications include the presence of individual intolerance to the constituent components of the remedy, the occurrence of an allergic reaction.Also, it should be especially acute when prescribing this drug to pregnant women and to conduct a course of treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

Side effects of

In addition to a possible allergic reaction with increased sensitivity of the skin with Bifonazal, rashes on the skin, an increase in its dryness and tightness, a manifestation of itching and burning.

Special instructions

  • Pregnancy, lactation and age of up to six months require increased caution when using Bifonazole.Control over treatment in these cases should be performed by the attending physician.
  • For lesions of fungal diseases of the scalp, a solution of the drug is recommended, which is applied until the characteristic symptomatology disappears completely on the previously shaved area of ​​the skin.

Interaction with other drugs

Bifonazole in any of its dosage forms increases its effectiveness in complex treatment.Similar drugs used in parallel, enhance the effectiveness of the impact.


According to reviews of those who have already used the substance in the treatment of fungal diseases, Bifonazole is one of the most effective modern means.Many noted the ease of application, the rapid absorption of the drug, the minimum amount of adverse events and good tolerability of the active components of the drug.

The availability of cost is also an important indicator of the level of demand for a drug.Bifonazole has a low cost, which is also its important advantage.And the durability of the result obtained made this tool the most popular among analogues.


To similar preparations that quickly and effectively fight with fungal skin lesions, include:

  • Bifosin,
  • Bifosam,
  • Mycospores.