Cytomegalovirus in children and adults: treatment, symptoms, drugs

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Herpes

This disease can remain unnoticed for the infected person.It is useful to know when the defeat of the body by a virus is of great importance and requires close attention.About the symptoms and treatment of the herpes virus cytomegalovirus in children, adult men and women talk today.

Features of the disease

Viral infection is prevalent on a large scale: at an average age of 50% of the population is infected with this virus, and by the age of 50 the number of infected population is approaching 100%.

It is revealed that the disease is dangerous in such cases:

  • When a person's immunity is weakened. For men and women, the situation may create obstacles to procreate.In women, miscarriages are possible, in men - a weakened sperm virus.Under the threat can be important for the life of the body organs.
  • During the gestation of the fetus , there are also serious threats related to the health of the unborn child.If the active period of the virus is in the first trimester of pregnancy, then this is the wors
    t case, it is usually recommended to terminate pregnancy. In other trimesters, there is a hope for maintaining the child's health to a greater or lesser extent.The exacerbation of the virus in the mother's body, the infection of which occurred long ago, is more favorable than the primary infection.In the first case, the mother's antibodies weaken the virus, not allowing it to develop strongly.
  • For infants , infection with cytomegalovirus can create problems:
    • hearing impairment,
    • speech retardation,
    • retardation,
    • muscle atony,
    • cerebral palsy,
    • cerebral palsy,
    • internal organs disease.
There are eight types of herpes viruses( among them common, genital, chickenpox, herpes zoster, Epstein-Barr virusand etc.).Cytomegalovirus refers to herpes simplex type 5.

The manifestation of the disease is possible in such forms:

  • cytomegalovirus disease,
  • cytomegalovirus pancreatitis,
  • congenital cytomegalovirus infection,
  • cytomegalovirus pneumonitis,
  • other diseases associated with the virus;
  • cytomegalovirus hepatitis,
  • disease caused by the virus nonspecific;
  • cytomegalovirus mononucleosis.

Reasons for the occurrence of

Cytomegalovirus-1 Virus infection occurs from a person who:

  • is a carrier of the virus,
  • is in the stage of exacerbation of the manifestation of the virus in the body.

Infection methods:

  • in close contact with an infected person:
    • by airborne droplets,
    • with kisses,
    • if you use household items that were used by a sick person:
      • utensils,
      • handkerchief,
      • washcloth,
      • toothbrush,
      • towel
      • and other personal items;
    • with sexual intimacy;
  • during gestation, there is a possibility of infection from the mother,
  • for organ transplantation.

The person who is the source of the infection can transmit the infection through the body fluids:

  • saliva,
  • blood,
  • sperm,
  • in the nursing mother - breast milk,
  • also contains the virus or its traces in such secretions:
    • is a secret that is found in the cervix;
    • in feces,
    • in the urine.


Many people do not even know that they are carriers of infection.The disease often occurs without pronounced symptoms.

Symptoms of the disease can manifest themselves in different ways.There are three typical embodiment percolation infection active phase:

  • The first case is similar in displays on ARI:
    • malaise,
    • muscle pain,
    • high temperature,
    • headache,
    • rhinitis,
    • possible skin rashes,
    • enlarged lymph nodes in the neck,
    • pain in the joints,
    • chills.
  • Generalized form manifestations of infection is expressed in affected organs:
    • liver,
    • pancreas,
    • eye,
    • kidney,
    • spleen,
    • digestive system,
    • possible disturbance in the brain structures,
    • paralysis.
  • Viral infection can affect the functioning of the genitourinary system.Women have a threat of inflammatory processes:
    • in the tissues of the uterus,
    • of the ovaries,
    • in the vagina.

Men with infection with cytomegalovirus may have health problems in the genitourinary system.


disease is asymptomatic or the symptoms are not striking features by which one can diagnose the infection by their appearance.Therefore, the definition of the problem in the body is carried out using laboratory research.


  • in the blood produced search immune response system to the action of the virus.As soon as the infection enters the body, its protective reaction is activated - immunoglobulins are produced.This method is carried out by carrying out an enzyme immunoassay.In individuals with significantly reduced immunity, antibodies may not be detected.There are two types of antibodies in the blood.
    • If a variety of IgM antibodies is detected, specialists are informed that in the body at the moment there is a fight either with a primary infection or with an exacerbation of an already recorded virus.
    • In the case where the analysis shows antibodies that are designated IgG, it indicates that the virus is in a latent state and the person has transferred the infection some time ago.
  • Running search for the virus in its active manifestations in biological media( this method is not appropriate at a time when the virus becomes inactive):
    • semen,
    • saliva,
    • vaginal discharge,
    • amniotic fluid( If a pregnant woman is examined).
  • Sowing - the method involves creating conditions for the test material when microorganisms in it are able to develop well.The blood and the same biological media are used for analysis as in the previous methods. The method takes a sufficient time interval: more than a week.Provides a diagnostic accuracy of up to 100%.

DNA Diagnostic Method

Cytomegalovirus-2 The cytomegalovirus is a DNA-containing.Therefore, it is possible to use the DNA-diagnostic method, which refers to the exact methods. In biological isolations, the DNA of the virus is searched.This method includes, among other things, the polymerase chain reaction method.

The PCR method has an increased sensitivity.He can identify the infection of the patient in the early stages.The disadvantage of the method is that it is not possible to understand the disease in the active stage or at rest.

material of the study are:

  • urine,
  • allocation of organs:
    • vagina,
    • urinary canal,
    • cervical
    • .

How to treat cytomegalovirus in children, men and women during pregnancy, we will tell below.

Treatment of cytomegalovirus

Special methods of treatment of cytomegalovirus, able to overcome it, currently does not exist.The virus after the passage of the active phase continues to be in the body in a dormant state.The immune system produces antibodies as soon as it detects an infection.

It is these antibodies that are involved in reducing the activity of the virus, until exacerbation is extinguished.Therefore, no special treatment is often required.

Elena Malysheva in her video report will talk about how to treat cytomegalovirus:


The main way to help with a viral disease is to reduce the strength of the virus and maintain the immune system of the patient.


  • forming a healthy diet,
  • walking,
  • positive attitude.

The scheme of treatment of cytomegalovirus with preparations will be further considered.


No special preparations are used if the virus manifests itself in a mononucleoside-like form of the disease.But with a severe form of the disease, support is provided to the patient with the help of medicines.

Specialists say that some effect can have an anti-cytomegalovirus hyperimmune human immunoglobulin.Many drugs that are used for viral diseases do not give the expected result.Medicamental help can weaken the life of the virus.Therapy is also aimed at strengthening the body's own strengths.

  • Ganciclovir is used for infants infected in the womb and for severe forms of the disease.The drug has side effects and requires an attentive approach.It is able to interrupt the cycle of reproduction of the virus.
  • Women with gynecological problems can be recommended immunomodulators:
    • t-actinin,
    • levamisole.
  • Some specialists practice the use of antiviral drugs with interferon.This combination enhances the effect of antiviral agents and reduces their toxicity( example: a-interferon and acyclovir).
  • Also used are agents that weaken the effect of viruses of different types of herpes:
    • valaciclovir,
    • valganciclovir,
    • foscarnet.

Do not treat cytomegalovirus with folk remedies, even if they have positive reviews! It can cost you health.

Prevention of the disease

Cytomegalovirus-11 Measures that will help avoid infection by the virus are related to hygiene:

  • avoid unprotected contact with infected persons,
  • after public places to wash your hands,
  • use a condom when you are sexually intimidated.

A good recommendation is to strengthen the immunity:

  • healthy food,
  • correct mode,
  • to abandon bad habits,
  • do dousing with cold water.

Such measures will prevent the acute manifestation of the virus( in case of a virus).


The consequences of the acute phase of the course of the disease can be different:

  • encephalitis,
  • pleurisy,
  • arthritis,
  • myocarditis.

For some time, a patient with an acute phase of the disease may experience a breakdown in the vegetative-vascular system.


If a person has a strong immune system, then he has the likelihood of being infected with the virus, not even knowing about it and having a healthy health.People with very weakened internal forces may suffer from various severe lesions, and in rare cases a fatal outcome is possible.

On the prevention of cytomegalovirus will tell this video: