Shingles: treatment, symptoms, causes, photo

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Herpes

The disease provokes a variety of herpes - the third type.Specialists, for today, define eight types of herpes( among them usual, genital herpes, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, etc.), which bring a person a health hazard.The type of virus described is called varicella zoster.And today we will tell you with useful photos about whether the shingles are contagious or not, what are its symptoms, the causes and treatment of folk remedies in children and adults.

Features of the disease

The virus affects the majority of the population in childhood and initiates the disease - chickenpox.In this there is a noticeable difference in the manifestation of its action during primary infection. If the adult is sick for the first time, then he will also have chickenpox, but usually in older age the disease is more severe than in children.

The adult population in the majority, as a rule, already had chickenpox and in their organisms the virus is dormant( inactive), stored in nerve cells.The awakening of the vi

rus provokes the disease of the person with shingles.

About this shingler, this video will tell:


The virus manifests itself in different forms:

  • The course of the disease causes a negative process in the autonomic ganglia.
  • The ocular form of the manifestation leads to the disease of the trigeminal node.In this case, there is a danger to eye health.
  • Disseminated form of manifestation, it is also called widespread.The disease develops with the appearance of rashes on the entire surface of the skin.
  • Ganglion-affected skin is the most common form.It has typical manifestations.
  • Meningoencephalitic form - the exacerbation of the virus proceeds in severe form.Variety of the manifestation of the virus initiates meningoencephalitis.The most dangerous manifestation of infection, fraught with serious consequences.
  • The ear form manifests itself as a rash in the ear canal, hearing may be lost.
  • Gangrenous manifestation of the virus - with this type of damage to the body, tissue necrosis is observed.This form of the disease is more common in patients with diabetes mellitus and in older people.

The disease can have atypical forms:

  • hemorrhagic is a manifestation of a viral infection that differs in that the liquid has a bloody composition in the vesicles;When the virus passes into the inactive phase - there are scars on the skin at the site of the rash;
  • abortive - with this form there are no eruptions;There are also no painful manifestations;
  • generalized - rashes on the entire surface of the skin, the rash has a vesicular type;
  • bubble - bubbles have uneven edges and are large in size.

Reasons for the occurrence of


Shingles usually occur in people who have suffered a disease - chickenpox.We can say that these are two different manifestations of exacerbation of a single virus: herpes simplex of the third type.

When it enters the body for the first time, the sick person struggles with chickenpox.After the active phase ends, the virus is in a sleeping state in the nerve tissue.

If a person falls into circumstances favorable for activating the virus, then he becomes ill with shingles.Factors contributing to the awakening of the virus:

  • supercooling,
  • reduction of body defenses:
    • when bone marrow replacement,
    • if a person is forced to take funds that lead to a decrease in immunity:
      • immunosuppressant,
      • antibiotics,
      • corticosteroid hormones
      • and others;
  • the pregnancy may become a trigger for the virus,
  • the presence of diseases that cause immunodeficiency, for example, AIDS;
  • radiotherapy can cause such a side effect;
  • long exposure to the open sun - related specifically to the production of a large amount of ultraviolet radiation through the skin,
  • cancer disease weakens the body and can activate the virus,
  • systematic overwork, especially mental;
  • is one of the factors predisposing to the manifestation of the virus in the form of herpes zoster - the elderly;
  • frequent exposure to stress.

A person who suffers from shingles can infect others at a time when the body has a rash.The contents of the vesicles have a composition that is a spreader of the virus.

Next we will talk about the first symptoms that has shingles.


The disease manifests itself through such signs:

  • first the person feels symptoms similar to the flu:
    • chills,
    • headache,
    • weak general condition,
    • may be a digestive disorder
    • temperature increase,
    • on some parts of the skin uncomfortable sensations:
      • tingling,
      • pain signals,
      • itching,
      • sometimes the sick feel on the skin like a burn;
  • a few days after the appearance of such symptoms in areas where there were sensations described earlier, rashes occur.They are a group of bubbles containing a transparent liquid inside the liquid.

The following stages of the disease:

  • When the rash appears, the period of activation of this process begins, and the number of bubbles increases;
  • in the bubbles there is a process that leads to their disappearance:
    • the liquid inside the bubbles becomes turbid,
    • formation dries up, a peculiar plaque forms on the surface;
    • after the time it disappears, leaving a trail( scar or spot, which is highlighted by a lighter shade);
  • When the period of the active phase passes, there may be a pain of a neuralgic nature in the places where there were bubbles for a long time.

Diagnosis of shingles

Shingles-lichen-type Usually people seek help when there are rashes.The dermatologist in appearance can determine the diagnosis.More accurately, this will help to describe the symptoms that were on the eve of the appearance of vesicles and laboratory studies.

The following methods are used:

  • Serological method - provides for the presence in the serum of blood produced by the body of antibodies to the virus.The study can provide information about whether the active process or the virus is in a calm sleeping state.
  • Immunofluorescence study of - the method also searches for antibodies, but its special feature is that special additives make the substances that are sought luminous in the event that a material hits the ultraviolet ray.
  • On tissue cultures, acts to isolate the virus.This method of diagnosis involves actions when the animals being examined are populated with the biological material taken from the patient.Observe if the animal is infected.
  • PCR analysis - the method examines the substance of the vesicle and by DNA of the virus has the ability to determine its type.

Next, we'll talk about how to treat shingles.


If the virus in the body is in an unmanifested state, then the patient does not need the help of doctors.With the active phase, you need to contact specialists, although the body is usually able to cope with the disease.

Medical care can facilitate the process.If the disease occurs in severe form, the patient is taken to a hospital.It is important to determine the type of the virus, because it depends on which specificity to choose for treatment.

About the treatment of herpes zoster tells Elena Malysheva in this video:

therapeutic method

To strengthen the power of the body, a person must be adjusted in a positive way.If it is impossible to exclude stressful situations, it is desirable to reconsider the attitude towards them.Useful vitamin nutrition will support a cheerful mood and will add strength to immunity.


The main types of care are reduced to drug treatment.Drugs may be prescribed only by a specialist.

Apply means:

  • antiviral:
    • valacyclovir,
    • famciclovir,
    • acyclovir,
  • antidepressants,
  • vitamins,
  • anticonvulsants:
    • pregabalin,
    • gabapentin.
  • Corticosteroids - in rare cases.

For treatment of symptoms of herpes zoster at home read below.

Folk methods

Shingles-1 If the disease manifests itself in an uncomplicated form, it is possible to resort to the methods of traditional medicine.It's good to do this after the specialist gives his advice.

known methods:

  • care eruptions:
      • wormwood,
      • celandine,
      • mint,
      • walnut shells,
      • Helichrysum,
      • elecampane,
      • burdock,
      • tansy;
    • affected area wetted cloth soaked herb tea:
      • lubricated portions:
      • hydrogen peroxide,
      • sea brine,
      • sage tincture on alcohol,
      • zelenkoj;
  • reception inside tinctures of tansy and wormwood.

About the treatment of herpes zoster in the home tell the viderolik:

Disease prevention

Among the activities that can prevent the aggravation of the virus include:

  • Creating habits, leading to the recovery of the body and increase the level of its security forces:
    • Avoiding stressful situations, creating a peace-loving attitude to the world;
    • quenching procedures,
    • should treat the current inflammatory processes to the end, exclude chronicles;
    • feasible to give the body the load,
    • healthy diet,
    • properly distribute in the bottom of the active work, mental stress and rest to avoid fatigue.
  • A modern method of prevention offers vaccinations.The procedure is shown at any age.The method protects against infection for the first time, and also promotes that the slumbering virus in the body is not activated.


Viral disease can initiate diseases that can leave irreparable consequences:

  • if the ear form develops - this phenomenon can cause facial paralysis,
  • in people with very weak immunity can develop encephalitis,
  • possible internal organ damage,
  • when developing an infection in the form of an eye form there is a danger of eye disease,
  • ifThe infection passed along the nerves of the motor branches, then there may be disturbances in the ability to move - paralysis;
  • if the integrity of the vesicles is disturbed, and bacteria get into this place, then suppuration is possible.


Cytomegalovirus-3 In most cases, the prognosis for the development of the disease is positive. The active phase of the virus becomes latent.A person can feel completely healthy.From the negative consequences - for a long time disturb the pain of neurological nature.

They are associated with the fact that the virus during exacerbation traverses the nerve axon, where it was stored before reaching the skin surface - the site of the rash, this part of the nerve gets some damage.And then the phenomenon signals itself with pains in this nerve.The encephalitic form is the most dangerous and carries severe consequences.