Vidal's Milk: instructions for use, reviews, price, composition, recipe

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Dermatology

A rash on the skin is a serious aesthetic and dermatological defect.For the treatment of skin it is recommended to consult with gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists and venereologists.But the means for topical application allow to speed up the process of therapy, providing both symptomatic and actual treatment.

Features of the drug

Vidal's milk is one of the oldest methods of treating skin diseases, especially acne. composition was developed by Professor dermatologist Rakcheevym A. P.

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tool is available as a liquid lotion - milk, which is easily absorbed into the skin without leavingTrace.Vidal's Milk is packed in a special apothecary from the darkened glass.

composition of the milk Vidal

The drug consists of components that complement each other and allow you to restore fat balance of the skin, eliminating acne and inflammation:

  • ethanol - dries and disinfects the skin rash;
  • camphor - has a bactericidal action;
  • boric acid - cleans pores, preventing the formation of acne;
  • salicylic acid is a bactericidal agent;
  • Glycerin is a substance that softens the skin and neutralizes the negative effects of alcohol;
  • precipitated sulfur - the neutralizer of the sebaceous glands.

There is a formula of proportions, recommended in most cases.But the most effective is the drug, when the proportions of all components are calculated in each individual case.Then Vidal's milk shows the therapeutic effect faster, and allows you to keep the result longer.

For preparation of the preparation, the skin condition, the extent of the lesion with inflammation, skin type are studied.The dermatologist, having conducted the inspection, writes out the prescription that the patient gives to the pharmacist, and then takes the bottle with the finished product.Also Vidal's milk can be bought in ready-made form.


vial cost is in Russia an average of 200 rubles.

Pharmacological action

Milk Vidal works by two targeted actions: degreasing the upper layer of skin and providing an antibacterial effect.This does not eliminate the cause of rashes on the skin in all cases, but it makes it possible to minimize the manifestations of dermatological pathology.


  • Vidal's milk works on the surface layer of the skin, penetrating insignificantly due to the presence of ethyl alcohol in the composition, which is the "Explorer" of the active components into the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  • Boric acid, camphor and precipitated sulfur purify and narrow pores, salicylic acid prevents inflammation, and glycerin softens and moisturizes the skin.

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Components of the drug for external use of Vidal milk do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, so data and pharmacokinetics, that is, excretion of the drug fromOrganism does not exist.


  • The main indication for the application of Vidal milk is acne - acne and acne on the skin.
  • Also, the drug is used in such dermatological pathologies as subcutaneous mites, pink lichen and ringworm.
  • Used jelly Vidal and demodicosis - the defeat of the epidermis-specific mite, which penetrates into the sebaceous glands clog them and cause a rash, identifiable as acne.

Dermatologists recommend the use of the composition for any inflammatory processes on the skin, if there are no contraindications.

Photos "before" and "after" the use of milk Vidal

Preparation of the drug at home

If desired, Vidal's milk can be prepared on its own.Similar preparations in the people are called "boltushka" - several active ingredients are mixed with one container, which is shaken carefully before use.

The composition for the treatment of the skin, created at home, has a lightweight composition, rather than one that can be bought at the pharmacy.For preparation it is necessary to take the following components:

  • sulfur( 3 grams);
  • distilled water( 4 teaspoons);
  • boric acid( 4 teaspoons);
  • Levomycetin - 0,05 grams.

Home "boltushka" does not have glycerin in its composition.If you want, you can buy a vial of a drug from the pharmacy and add it to the drug.But most effectively apply it to the skin in a "clean" form, and after it absorbs into the skin, apply a moisturizer. It is desirable that the cream is not comedogenic, that is, its composition should not have components that clog the lumen of the pores.In this case, the effect of Vidal's milk will be leveled.

Instruction for use

It is very easy to apply Vidal's milk.Before applying the milk, you need to perform the procedure for make-up, cleanse the skin.Use the drug is recommended in the afternoon.


A small amount of milk is applied to a cotton swab that rubs the skin on which there are traces of a rash.Most often, the drug is applied to the skin of the face, but if necessary, it can be applied on the décolleté, back and other parts of the body.

It is not necessary to wash off the milk, it is completely absorbed into the skin without leaving traces and oily film.After 20-40 minutes, depending on the fat content of the skin and, accordingly, the ability to absorb the drug quickly, you can apply a moisturizer to your skin.

For infants, newborns

Children under the age of 7 years are not recommended to use Vidal's milk.After the child reaches 7 years old, you can use the drug, but only locally, applying it with a cotton swab to acne.

In pregnancy and lactation

There is no evidence that the components of the drug adversely affect the fetus during pregnancy or lactation.Theoretically, none of the components can penetrate the epidermis so deep as to get into the bloodstream.Nevertheless, as long as there is no research data suggesting that Vidal's milk is absolutely safe for future and lactating mothers, it should not be used.


General contraindications for the use of Vidal's milk:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age under 7 years;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • intolerance of the components that make up the product.

There are also local contraindications, that is, the drug should not be applied to the areas in which the following are located:

  • birthmarks;
  • scratches;
  • bleeding wounds;
  • warts.

Conditional contraindication is dry skin, as ethyl and salicylic alcohol exacerbate the problem.In order to restore the water balance, the skin begins to produce more sebum, so acne and acne become even more pronounced.

Side effects of

After application on the skin, itching and burning are possible.This is not dangerous, since alcohol, getting on micro-inflammations in the skin, is able to cause the effect of local irritation.But if the discomfort after the application is palpable, there is reason to suspect the presence of an allergic reaction.For allergies, the drug should not be used.

Special instructions

  • During the treatment of the skin with Vidal milk, bathing, sauna bathing should be avoided, and no decorative cosmetics or masks for care should be applied to the skin.
  • It is also important to know that the product has a specific unpleasant odor.
  • Both the self-prepared compound, and purchased from pharmacists, must be disposed of the contents of the vial.

Interaction with other medications

During treatment, any medication for internal use can be used.In order to use ointments and medical creams, you must first consult with your doctor.

If a dermatologist appoints a combination of topical products for treatment, Vidal's milk should be used after dinner, and other remedies in the morning.


Vidal's milk is a very popular drug.First, this tool has a loyal value for any person and a high level of efficiency.Second, the milk is universal, it is suitable for both the face and the body.And, finally, it's easy to cook by yourself.


Other drugs for the treatment of acne can be purchased at the pharmacy, but their price is usually much higher:

  • Skinoren( Germany) - cost 150 mg 670 rubles;
  • Baziron AS( France) - the cost for 40 grams 750 rubles.

These drugs have a high degree of efficiency, but they contain different fragrances, therefore dermatologists advise patients with sensitive skin to give preference to the tested drug - Vidal's milk.

About different drugs for acne will tell Elena Malysheva in this video: