Varicella in children and adults: symptoms, treatment, prevention

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Herpes

There are some diseases, to avoid which, few people succeed.These include chickenpox, which replenishes the list of childhood diseases.It will be useful to learn that there is already a way to prevent the problem.Chicken pox in children and adults, its treatment and symptoms, prevention and photos of patients will be examined by us today.

Features of the disease

The disease initiates the third type of herpes virus( not to be confused with conventional and genital herpes, cytomegalovirus and the Epstein-Barr virus).Usually, infection occurs in childhood.

The virus passes through the body of a cycle of exacerbation, called chicken pox.After recovery, the herpes virus does not die, but is in an inactive state in the nerve cells in the spinal ganglia.

Secondarily, the virus can manifest itself in the adult period in the form of a disease of herpes zoster.Rarely, in the case of a weak immune system, the herpes virus of this type can again cause chickenpox.

For the female body, infection with chickenpo

x during pregnancy is unacceptable. This situation can cause severe damage to the fetus.

About what a chickenpox is dangerous, this video will tell:

Stages and forms of

Periods through which the disease progresses:

  • Incubation - this period indicates the time when the sick personThe person is the spreader of the infection.It is about two weeks, if the patient is over 30, then this period can last up to three weeks.
  • The prodromal period is greater in the adult population.The beginning of the period falls on two days before the appearance of skin rashes.Its signs:
    • fever,
    • headache,
    • sensation of painful discomfort in the lumbar region and sacrum.
    • is the beginning of the process without deterioration of health, and when there is a wave of mass appearance of the vesicles, a fever may occur.The period lasts 2 ÷ 8 days.

    The appearance of crusts occurs parallel to the rash process.The vesicles burst, healing, they become crusted, which also fall off.A new rash appears near the stage of the rash.

    Reasons for the occurrence of

    Chicken pox-1 The factor that can cause disease is contact with a person infected with chickenpox.Since the spread of the virus happens by airborne droplets, infection can occur during a conversation with a sick person or even simply, staying with him in a small area.

    There is a possibility that a sick person may not know that he is infected, because rashes appear two days after he becomes an object of infection, dangerous to others.This period ends approximately two weeks after the appearance of the rash.

    Symptoms of

    The following are the symptoms of the disease:

    • Febrile state - the temperature can rise to 390 ÷ 400.
    • The general condition is complicated by a headache.
    • Appears characteristic skin rashes.This factor is a vivid expression of the disease.The process takes place in several stages:
      • on the skin and mucous membranes, small bubbles are found with liquid inside,
      • pimples cause itching;They are short-lived, burst, and on the skin appear sores;
      • the last stage shows that the recovery is coming: the sores are covered with crusts, which gradually disappear.


    The disease has characteristics that immediately distinguish it from other health problems.The need to conduct research usually does not appear.It is possible to carry out the analysis: in the tissue culture, the determination of the location of the virus.

    Treatment of

    Methods for treating chickenpox have not been developed.This is due to the fact that the virus can not be influenced, and ways to stop it or destroy it inside the body have not yet been found.

    Symptoms of the disease go away after 7 ÷ 10 days.Help with chicken pox is symptomatic.

    Therapeutic method

    The following actions are aimed at the result:

    • decrease in heat,
    • care for pimples, in order to prevent inflammation of the skin.

    During the disease, hygiene procedures are shown, namely bathing.It is good to make a bath with a composition that disinfects and helps the wound healing on the skin, for example, in a solution of potassium permanganate of a weak consistency.Do not forget about proper nutrition.

    Drug medication

    Chickenpox-species If it is necessary to temper the temperature( the patient has a temperature above 380), the antipyretic agents are prescribed:

    • ibuprofen
    • or paracetamol.

    When a patient experiences severe discomfort from skin itching, the doctor selects an antiallergic agent.

    For the treatment of bubbles use:

    • solution of fucocine,
    • green,
    • solution of potassium permanganate.

    On prevention, incl.Vaccinations against chickenpox for children and adults, the next section will tell you about its price.

    Doctor Komarovsky will describe the treatment of chickenpox in children in this video:

    Prevention of the disease

    General recommendations

    Precautions include avoiding the situation of contact with a sick person.The disease spreads by airborne droplets, so an infected person presents an acute danger to others.In the environment, the virus is not stored for a long time.

    Chickenpox is usually sick in childhood and this is facilitated by being in groups:

    • in kindergarten,
    • school.


    To date, there is a modern means of preventing the disease - vaccination.It is recommended to be carried out at any age for people who did not suffer from chickenpox.In childhood, vaccination is possible from 12 months.

    Experience shows that the procedure protects the body from infection for at least 10 years.The vaccine is administered subcutaneously.


    • Children age 13 and older are to be vaccinated twice per day at intervals of 6 to 10 weeks,
    • Children under 13 years of age are given a one-time vaccination.

    Procedure is not performed:

    • to people who are allergic to vaccination( if already conducted and identified inadequate response of the body);
    • for immunocompromised patients( HIV infection);
    • if an exacerbation of chronic diseases occurs, or a person is currently infected with an acute infectious disease;In this case, they expect stabilization of the state.

    It is compulsory to vaccinate such categories of people:

    • for patients who need to undergo radiotherapy,
    • with acute leukemia;
    • in that they are preparing for organ transplantation;
    • people suffering from chronic diseases,
    • patients who are forced to take immunosuppressants.

    The cost of the vaccine Varilrix is ​​5000 rubles.

    Complications of chickenpox in a child and an adult

    Chicken pox-doctor One of the consequences of a disease can occur if the blisters are rinsed incorrectly.Because their presence causes itching, the patient has the prerequisites for combing them.

    This can lead to the fact that after them there will be traces - scars.Recommendation regarding the elements of the rash - do not touch them, and the itching is removed with the help of medications.

    In rare cases, chickenpox can occur in severe form with consequences in the form of lesions:

    • of internal organs,
    • of the brain.

    Such complications occur in patients with very weak immunity.


    The outlook for a disease with chickenpox infection is positive.Usually the virus passes through all stages during the illness and becomes inactive, continuing to be in the body.

    In very rare cases, there are severe complications.Very rarely there can be a lethal outcome.Negative manifestations occur when the patient has very weakened immunity.

    This video provides useful advice to parents in the fight against chickenpox: