Valaciclovir: instructions for use, price, reviews, composition, analogs

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Medicinal Products

The ingestion of an infectious agent into the body is a serious cause for concern, since it can cause a lot of negative changes in the human condition and provoke disturbances in the functioning of many organs and organ systems.And drugs designed to stop the pathological processes caused by ingestion of the infection, are offered in pharmacies today in a wide range.However, the choice of a drug that can not only eliminate the most obvious manifestations of the current disease, but also eliminate the underlying cause of this pathological condition is sometimes difficult due to the large assortment of antiviral drugs.And Valaciclovir, which is one of the most popular drugs today with a broad spectrum of antiviral action, has the most pronounced effect and yet has a minimal amount of adverse events.

The therapeutic properties of Valacyclovir are determined by its balanced and thoughtful composition, which makes it possible to be sure of obtaining a quick and long-lasting positive effect.Presented in the for

m of two medicinal varieties, this preparation makes it possible to choose the variant of the used agent - tablets or ointments.In some cases, usually with the advanced stage of the disease development, it is possible for the attending physician to prescribe the complex use of Valactclovira, which further increases the effectiveness of the treatment and gives the most pronounced result.

Features of the preparation

Combining balance of composition, ease of use of both dosage forms and good practical results when used in the treatment of diseases such as herpes and shingles, as well as organ transplantation to prevent the likelihood of various negative consequences in the form ofLesions of the skin, Valacilovir eliminates the possibility of spreading the herpes virus with the preservation of the protective properties of the skin, without causing addiction to the active complexnents. Absence of accumulation of it in the skin makes it possible to use this agent for a long time, and even if it gets on healthy skin areas there is no negative effect.

Many buyers note such an important quality of the drug as a good penetration into the skin: rapid absorption in the upper layer of the epidermis ointment provides both a quick positive effect and an early elimination of the manifestations of the disease, eliminating its further aggravation.Tablets also exhibit a quality such as rapid dissolution in the gastrointestinal tract, which is provided by a special composition covering their shell.This is also important for speeding up the absorption process of the active component of the tablets into the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach.

Photo of Valaciclovir

Pharmaceutical forms

Pharmacies offer two dosage forms of Valaciclovir - tablets and ointments that have a similar composition and have the same effect: inhibiting the pathogenic microflora, both types of preparation quickly and effectively eliminate externalManifestations of the underlying disease, improving the general condition of the skin and giving it a more healthy appearance.The active ingredient in both dosage forms of this agent is valaciclovir hydrochloride, which perfectly copes with external manifestations of the disease and preserves its protective properties.

  • The tablets of Valacyclovir are coated with a rapidly soluble coating, which provides an early exposure to the drug's basic substance.Tablets have a round biconvex shape, have a white color.Are located in a polymer blister or in a bottle of dark transparent glass of 10 pieces each.The blister or bottle is located in a cardboard box, inside which there is also a detailed instruction.
  • Ointment is a topical preparation that has a characteristic light medicinal odor and a light yellow or beige shade.When applied to the affected areas it is quickly absorbed, without disturbing the natural balance of healthy parts of the skin.The ointment is packaged in aluminum tubes of 15 grams, which are in a cardboard package.


The cost index can be considered one of the most important for estimating the level of demand for a medicinal product, and Valaciclovir can be attributed to the most popular drugs for the treatment of skin from the herpes virus, since its cost is relatively affordable with a high degree of effectiveness.

  • The price of Valaciclovir ranges from 450 to 620 rubles per packing of tablets( 10 pieces per pack),
  • ointment costs a little more - from 510 to 700 rubles per tube.

The indicator of the cost of this drug depends on the pricing policy of the seller.

Differences from Acyclovir and Famciclovir

The advantage of valaciclovir in comparison with acyclovir is a reduction in the multiplicity and, as a result, a low possibility of missing the admission.Both the drugs work well with herpes simplex.

Famciclovir has a better bioavailability of 77%, in acyclovir - 30%.Very good when used to fight the virus on the lips, and also more quickly eliminates the effects of genital herpes.

Valaciclovir formulation

Valvciclovir hydrochloride is the active agent of both dosage forms of the drug Valacyclovir.Composition of the accompanying components depends on the dosage form of the drug:

  • additional substances in the ointment are glycerol, purified white wax, perfume, talc, glycerin, distilled purified water, emulsifier;
  • additional components of tablets are microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin, lanolin.

Pharmacological action

By acting on active cells of the herpes virus and shingles, the active substance of Valaciclovir destroys the membranes and stimulates abnormalities in their functioning.Most of the drug acts on the herpes virus, clearing the goju and preventing its spread.

The drug is also active in large areas of damage, which is important in the treatment of advanced stages of the disease.Undergoing a number of modifications, the active substance of the agent acts on the synthesis of the DNA of the herpes virus, stopping its development and disrupting the functioning processes.


The process of medical treatment occurs in two stages, in which the drug first passes from one form to another, more amenable to dissolution in the body and exerts a more pronounced therapeutic effect, stopping the growth and development of the herpes virus cells.Then there is a splitting of the drug into components, and the parts not extracted by the body are gradually withdrawn from it.

The rapidity of the effect is ensured by the balance of the chemical formula of the preparation, which is important for people with weak immunity, in the presence of accompanying organic lesions.


The elimination process of the drug is carried out by the kidneys with urine, and also partly with feces.Accumulation in the body of the active component is not observed, because Valacyclovir in any dosage form can be used for a long time.To increase the degree of effectiveness of the exposure, it is recommended that after a period of use the funds be taken a short break, after which the treatment can be continued.


Valacyclovir is indicated for the following conditions:

  • with herpes simplex skin and mucous membranes;
  • at any stage of development of the herpes zoster;
  • Epstein-Barr virus;
  • Genital Herpes;
  • Cytomegalovirus;
  • with organ transplantation to prevent negative reactions to the skin.

The listed conditions are amenable to curative effects both with the use of a certain dosage form of the preparation and with their complex application.To improve the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect, the dermatologist should prescribe the drug regimen.

Operating Instructions

Valaciclovir is easy to use when using both forms of the drug.Ointment should be applied to the previously cleaned surface of the skin, while getting the drug even on healthy parts of the skin does not cause allergic manifestations on it.Tablets are taken in the dosage prescribed by the doctor, they should be drunk with a considerable amount of water.Tablets are taken after meals.

The dosage of both types of preparation and the duration of application are determined by the severity of the current disease by the age of the patient.


For adults, the frequency of application of the drug for external use is 1-3 times per day, the skin is cleaned before application, rubbing and applying a fixative bandage when using an ointment is not required.The duration of the ointment can be 1.5-2 weeks, after which it is recommended to take a short break.After a break, if necessary, treatment can be continued.

Tablets are taken by adult patients 3 times a day, the duration of their intake is not less than a week.A doctor can make a certain adjustment to the treatment.

For infants, newborns

Valaciclovir is also acceptable in childhood.Ointment can be used from the age of 8-9 years, tablets - from the age of 12 to prevent possible side effects.

Tablets for children are prescribed usually 1-2 pieces per day.Duration of treatment with pills 7 days, after which, with a doctor's test, there is also a break.When allergic manifestations in the form of severe urticaria, with the appearance of edema Quinck drug is canceled.

In pregnancy, lactation

Since there is no penetration of the active ingredient through the placental barrier when using the drug in question, it also cleans up during the gestation period of the child.The absence of negative effects when using any form of Valaciclovir allows you to prescribe it during pregnancy without the risk of having a negative impact on the child.

The active ingredient of the drug penetrates into breast milk, therefore, during lactation, increased attention should be given to prevent the adverse effects on the newborn and lactating women.


  • Contraindications include renal failure, liver failure, and individual intolerance to any component of the drug.
  • Allergic manifestations should also be considered as a necessity to stop taking Valaciclovir.

Side effects of

The following conditions are related to adverse events:

  • digestive disorders;Belching and vomiting;
  • ;
  • rashes on the skin in the form of hives;
  • appearance of severe itching and burning of the skin;
  • dizziness;
  • manifestations of heart failure;
  • tachycardia;
  • occurrence of arrhythmia.

Any of these conditions entail a deterioration in the general condition of the patient, which is the need to cancel the drug or replace it with a similar one by action.

Special instructions

In the elderly, caution should be exercised when using any dosage form of the drug, as the likelihood of negative consequences of its use increases.

Interaction with other drugs and alcohol

  • When complex treatment in the treatment of herpes zoster or herpes of skin or mucous membranes, there is no inhibition of Valaciclovir's therapeutic qualities, therefore other medications can be used with this drug without losing its medicinal properties.
  • In the treatment of this medication, the use of alcohol is not recommended, since it reduces the effectiveness of the treatment, increases the likelihood of negative consequences.


  • Many customers note the possibility of quickly eliminating the most obvious manifestations of such pathological conditions of the skin as herpes, shingles.
  • A relatively small number of adverse events allows the use of the drug even with increased susceptibility of the patient's body to allergic manifestations, during pregnancy and lactation.
  • The presence of two dosage forms makes it easy to choose the type of drug to be affected in each specific case.
  • The availability of cost is also an advantage of the drug in question.


Analogues include the drug for external use of Vivorax, Valtrex, Acyclovir and Geviran, as well as Valcit tablets and Foscarnet medications.

If you compare Valaciclovir and Valtrex, you should note the similarity of their composition and one active substance - valacyclovir hydrochloride.In terms of effectiveness, both drugs are almost identical, but imported Valtrex is more expensive in comparison with Valaciclovir.