Demalan: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, composition

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Medicinal Products

Demodecosis is an ailment that occurs when a parasite is hit on the skin.During ailment the patient experiences the expressed discomfort therefore it is necessary to pick up a qualitative medicine, capable quickly to cope with a problem.

Features of the preparation

Demalanum( Demalanum) is a drug successfully used in the field of dermatology.The composition of the topical agent effectively copes with demodicosis, as well as the symptoms that provoke this pathology: it destroys the pathogenic flora, removes the inflammatory process and promotes rapid healing of the epidermis.

Dosage form

Demalan is available in the form of a cream( sometimes called ointment) in a 10 gram package packed in a cardboard box.There is also a drug in the form of lotion and gel, but in pharmacies they are not always there.

Composition of Demalan

The main active ingredient is methonidazole( Metronidazolum), an antiprotozoal agent, that is, a substance that struggles with microorganisms. Metronidazole is also used

for local, for internal use, it quickly destroys pathogenic microorganisms, restoring health and well-being of a person.

Therapeutic properties of Demalan are also produced by adding to the cream components:

  • glycogen - a substance for rapid regeneration of the skin by activating metabolic processes in the deep layers of the epidermis;
  • olive oil is a component for softening the epidermis;
  • chamomile extract - a component for reducing itching and other manifestations of physical discomfort;
  • Lanolin is a nutrient.

Demalan contains various emulsifiers, which are necessary for giving the necessary consistency and preserving the qualities of the drug.


The cost of Demalan in pharmacies is 280-400 rubles.For packing.

Pharmacological action

Demalan is effective in the following directions of exposure:

  • antimicrobial;
  • is an anti-inflammatory;
  • is regenerating.


After application on the dermis, Demalan quickly destroys microorganisms living in the epidermis of the skin of the face and eyelids.Anti-inflammatory effect is manifested by the removal of puffiness, rash and itching, as well as any other manifestations of demodectic disease.Acceleration of the healing process of the skin is carried out due to the action of metronidazole on metabolic processes.


No data indicating the time to remove the components of Demalan from the body has been provided to date.


Demalan is used in demodicosis and demodectic blepharitis.

Instruction for Use

The drug should be used exclusively under the supervision of the attending physician. The cream is applied to the skin of the face according to two schemes: twice a day or once a day before bedtime.

If the cream is applied overnight, the patient needs to clean the face with warm soapy water.In case of double application of Demalan, the skin should be wiped with a wadded disk moistened with eucalyptus or calendula tincture.These tinctures allow you to clean the surface of the skin before applying the healing cream, and the alcohol in the base of the tincture acts as a conductor giving the ingredients of the therapeutic agent to penetrate deeply into the epidermis.


The course of therapy with Demalan is 45 days.Usually demodicosis symptoms disappear earlier, but you need to continue applying the cream for at least one and a half months to prevent relapse of the disease.