Causes of dark brown urine in men, women, children and the elderly

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Symptoms

Urine is the most important indicator of human health.By its color, experts judge the state of health in general and individual bodies in particular.It happens that the urine acquires a brown or tea color, which does not always indicate a pathology.Brown

- what does this mean?

Minor change in the shade of urine is not considered dangerous, because in the morning hours urine is often dark due to the high content of urochrome.And if a person drinks a lot of liquid, then his urine acquires a bright yellow hue.But there are situations where a change in the shade of urine indicates serious health problems.

Causes of darkening of urine can be different - from consumed foods to medications taken.But the picture is much more dangerous for those who observe such changes in connection with renal pathologies.By their own ignorance, they write off them for innocuous reasons.

Reasons for

Causes of brown urine Factors that can cause a change in the color of urine can be many.Starting from the products and ending with a serious pa

thology of the kidneys.

In general, the reason for changing the color of urine to dark brown can be:

  • Deficiency of fluid - because of it the concentration of urochrome in the body increases;
  • Medication administration - Salol, Neftol, some laxatives change the shade of urine;
  • Hyperexpiration caused by climate change or physical stress;
  • Consumption of substandard products containing dyes;
  • Jaundice - the process of excretion of enzymes, which both stain urine;
  • Prostatic pathology;
  • Renal-hepatic pathologies of an inflammatory nature - such changes often arise due to impurities of blood or pus caused by the disease;
  • Genitourinary diseases;
  • Female diseases.


Explanation why urine has become dark brown may be the use of certain products that contain pigmented substances.Brown urine can become after the use of rhubarb or beef, legumes like peas, soybeans or beans, etc. In addition, darken the color of urine and beverages with dyes, for example, Coca-Cola or strong tea, etc. Orange same shade of urine can get ifIn the diet will be a large number of persimmons, carrots or oranges.

Medical preparations

The urine that gives a saturation to the color of urine is water-soluble, so when using a lot of fluid, the urine becomes very light, and in the morning, because of the high concentration of urochrome, it is too dark.If a person takes certain medications, then their urine may also darken.


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